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Lams with 13, but wohoo

Howdy there, Anon! We’ve got a lot of kissing Lams lately but HEY I’m sure as heck not complaining about that! ;) I do wanna angst this one up a lil, though, so buckle those angst seat belts, kiddos!!  (Want me to write you a lil fic, too? Choose a prompt from the old list or new one and just let me know which list you used!)

“Kiss me.” 

John Laurens was sitting on the floor of his room crying. Another dinner with his family had just ended. Another awful dinner. Another awful dinner of hearing his father talk about the bill he was trying to push through the state legislature that would “protect religious freedom,” but was really just an excuse to discriminate against LGBTQ people.

If his father knew Laurens was gay, well, he didn’t like to think about that, He just knew it wouldn’t be pretty. No, it would be very ugly, in fact. 

Just then, his phone buzzed. He wiped away the tears blurring his vision and grabbed for it.

Alexander: in a fight between herc and jefferson who do you think would win??

Laurens couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t even want to know why his boyfriend was asking him this.

Laurens: um def Herc

Alexander: that’s what I thought too… great minds think alike ;) how’s my adorable Laurens doing today?

Laurens smiled at the screen, but then his heart began to sink. He wanted to tell Alexander the truth, but he didn’t want to burden him. He decided on a middle ground that was still honest, but put a positive spin on the situation.

Laurens: Okay; just recovering from my dad being a jerk.

Alexander: Babe, you sure you’re okay? :(

Laurens: No… sorry, Alex 

Alexander: why are you apologizing? I wanna come over there and punch that d-bag dad of yours!

Laurens let out a small laugh. How’d he get so lucky to get somebody as protective and amazing as Alexander?

Laurens: My secret boyfriend punching my homophobic father might not be the best idea…

Alexander: Well I think it’s a great one. Nobody is allowed to be mean to my Laurens.

Laurens’ freckled face began to turn red.

Laurens: I wish you were here right now to kiss me because I really wanna kiss you.

Alexander: Tomorrow morning you are in for the best kiss of your life, my dear Laurens. It would make your father explode with rage. Oh, just you wait, babe <3

Part 4-Playing the player. young!sirius x reader...?

Request:  Would you think about making ‘playing the player’ a series? I love it so much.

Part one Part two Part three

A/N: It’s finally here you guys! Enjoy :). Also it starts exactly where part three left off.

“Jesus, (Y/N). That was incredible.”

“I know.” I winked at him and he laughed as he stretched his arms. “So, if you’ve had a crush on me since third year, how come it took you until now to talk to me?”

Sirius looked alarmed. “What? Who told you I had a crush on you? I mean, what crush?”

“You told me. Last night. Don’t you remember?”

He shook his head. “Damn it, drunk Sirius. I’m going to have to have a serious talk with him.”

I giggled as I stood up, fetching my clothes that were strewn all over the room.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“I gotta go fill Cynthia and Leah in on all the dirty details,” I replied with a smile.

He groaned in protest. “You could just stay here with me. All day. We could, you know, just hang out and stuff.”

I walked over to him, silencing him with a quick kiss.

“Walk me out?”

“Anything for you, (Y/N).”

And so we walked, hand in hand, through the tunnel and away from the crazy-looking tree.

Sirius walked me all the way back to the Ravenclaw tower, stopping at the entrance to engulf me in a tight hug. He kissed the top of my head and released me, disappearing as I answered the riddle to gain entrance.

The common room was empty, but I was met with two over-excited girls as soon as I walked into my dorm.

After a full hour of gossip about Sirius and everything else that happened at the Three Broomsticks, Leah left to eat lunch with Joshua and Cynthia wanted to take a nap. 

I turned off the lights and closed the door to let Cynthia sleep in peace. Bored and well-rested, I decided to go to the library to get a head start on the research paper due next week for Slughorn.

After gathering an armful of books from the shelves, I sat at a table and dove in, losing myself in the bound texts.

I was so focused on my research that I didn’t notice someone had sat next to me until he cleared his throat.

“Mind if I look at some of these? I have to write that stupid paper too.”

“Of course, Remus. Help yourself!” I slid some books over to him, and he smiled weakly.

Remus read silently for a few minutes before inhaling deeply and looking at me.

“Actually, (Y/N). I didn’t come here to work on the paper. I came to talk to you.”

This piqued my interest, and I met his gaze.

“I know that you have a thing for Sirius now or whatever, but I need to get this off my chest.” I raised an eyebrow and Remus continued.  He spoke quickly as if he’d rehearsed these words before. “I really like you. And I have for a long time. I know that I’m probably not your type and this is stupid and now everything’s gonna be weird between us for forever and if Sirius finds out he’ll probably hate me. But really I feel like it’s now or never and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t at least try.”

Remus took another deep breath and leaned in. I froze, not sure what to do. Briefly, he touched his lips to mine, more of a peck than a kiss, and pulled back.

I was still confused, looking at him intensely, trying to comprehend what was going on.

Remus’s face contorted into an unreadable expression, and he stood up.

“I shouldn’t have done that. (Y/N) I’m so sorry.” With that, I was alone again in the library, wondering if I had just imagined everything that transpired.


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Poor little Tommy trying to get on uncle Danny's knee and he pretended he doesn't like him!!

Tommy went home and cried, Ryan spent hours comforting that lil guy