lil guy

I just found this poor lil guy drowning in the loo.. I managed to save him but he looks a bit fucked… Hopefully he wanted to be saved and I didn’t just fuck up he’s suicide attempt… 😕🐜 #insects #spiders #species #cute

Ok so a few years ago my brother got married on April fools day, and he called my dad and he was all “dad guess what I got married” and my dad was like “haha funny happy April fools day” except my brother had actually gotten married. So a few months later, my brother calls “hey dad, Sara’s pregnant” and my dad’s all “wth who’s sara” and my brothers like “my wife. We got married on April fools day so you didn’t believe me, remember?” And long story short my niece just turned 4 and my dad is still pissed about that

‘lol Arin talking about feminism? What a [slur], Suzy must be making him do it’

'Arin’s just become a pussy, catering to those sensitive whiners. He needs stop and go back to being funny’

'wow Arin you changed. You used to be funny, but now you’re acting like a SJW. I can’t watch you anymore, I’m unsubbing. I’ll come back when I get the good Egoraptor back’