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Modpone goes in to take care of a lil nuisance ask.

Please guys, don’t try to push your characters into my universe. No offense, but your characters do not belong within these families. Noticed how only the kids are OCs? It’s cause I try to stay with characters from the show! To keep it somewhat canon.
So please don’t try to toss your own OCs into this, cause I will toss them off of a darn cliff or into a bottomless pit. I don’t even care if it’s a Dragonequus or a lil baby pony, it’s going down the hill.

This is a callout to ALL OF YOU. Not just this particular individual, as I have gotten RP-ish asks from people, trying to push their characters into my story/families.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ detailed blogrates + fancasts !!

well guess who just hit her follower milestone!! :D thank you guys for 750 followers! i’m so happy that so many of you like my brand of garbage enough to stick around - it really means the world to me ♥

in celebration of this milestone, i’m gonna do some more blogrates, and this time they’re gonna be a lil more detailed! let’s get to it! c: 


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how do you even get just two of each insect on board an ark? just two, no more no less. do you set out fruit to attract ants, and when a whole troop of them appear gather up a pair of them and toss the rind away from the ark with the rest on it? how can you be sure the little ant couple you’re left with consists of a mate-able pair? it would be a shame to get to the end of those 40 days and nights only to find you brought two male ants with you – whoops, guess they won’t be having ant babies, looks like i’ve just sent a whole species to the brink of extinction. and how do you keep track of those lil guys, do you let them amble freely around the ship, just hoping you don’t accidentally smoosh one and that they don’t wander into the aardvark pen, or do you have cages for each species of bug? if that’s the case better keep an eye on those cannibalistic types. and what would such a cage be made of back in the Bronze Age, anyway? solid wood would suffocate them, they’d escape something with bars, but maybe wood and a thin fabric screen would do? okay so that’s figured out but then you have to consider the stowaway bugs – do you conduct pest control on all the critters that slipped onto the ark of their own accord, the spiders and termites and moths and fleas and flies (oh lord so many flies) that hide in the floorboards and panels and barrels and animals’ fur? i have a lot of questions and basically i’m just relieved that i’m not noah

do you guys have any plans for valentines..? i know its a little early to talk of but i’m excited! im going to up to seattle to celebrate with mope, it is our 2 year engagement anniversary ( ‘ v’ ) he is really excited about the deadpool movie so we are going to have ‘dinner and movie’ type date that day! i dont know anything about deadpool but he seems like a really wild lil guy 

also i would like to draw a bunch of cute art!! i dont know if that will happen because i think i have a lot of stuff due for classes that week, but i will try my best! valentines is one of my favourite holidays and i feel bad i usually dont draw anything for it..! oh, and i want to draw f/o surprises for pals…he he he x)c

anonymous asked:

the first shiny i encountered was on a randomized pokemon black two, it was an anorith! When I saw it i litterally screamed and my god was the lil guy hard to catch, down to one hp and it still won't get in the pokeball but at the end of the day i caught it.

honestly when pokemon take ages to get into a pokeball its literally the most stressful and frustrating thing ever no joke