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helpful lil correspondences masterpost ✨💕🌻🍂

will update if i find more posts that i feel are necessary. all credit goes to the original writers of the posts 💕

โ™ก Witchcraft Masterlist โ™ก

Basic Witchcraft
Spell Writing 101
Energy Work Masterpost
Candle Colour Meanings
Crystal Correspondences
Crystals Masterpost
A Spell Masterpost

Energy Work
Energy Work Masterpost
Cleansing Correspondences and Masterpost
Cleansing Methods  
Enchanting an Item
How to Enchant an Object
Simple Enchantment
How to Enchant
Enchanting Items
How to Enchant Items
Charge items

Another Masterpost
Candle Colours

Healing Crystals
Healing Crystal Masterpost
Crystal Correspondences

Spell Masterposts
Gentle Witchcraft
Wake-Up Spell
Self Care
Room Healing
Household Healing
Everyday School Spells
Finals Week Spells
Pen Enchantment  

Tips and Ideas
Witch’s Morning Routine
College Witchcraft Ideas
Tea Ideas

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Oh so your down? I better fix that. I love you to the moon and back and you're amazing. You have so much talent and deserve so much more recognition then what you already have. You're a kind and sweet person, always accepting of others and I'm so glad to have become your daughter/friend -Kiwi bird