lil fool


4 Years, 4 Months ago, I met Jeff. Since the first day of school, he and I have been friends and turned into family. I love this lil fool and I’m so proud of him for graduating. There aren’t many people I know that work as hard or care as much as Jeff. Although he may be a tad unorthodox….okay a lot, all who meet him come to love him as well. So proud of you lil bruh, gonna miss you around campus, but I’m right behind you. Love you man and I thank the Lord that I met you! (And you know I don’t say things like this often.)  

The Young Graduate: @thatbuffcarrot


If you mean by ‘no good’ is he trying to steal me away from my fiancé? The answer is yes. It’s not happening.


Lil Gray —”Are You Fooling?”, 1964


… just tired of losing people.

Ok so a few years ago my brother got married on April fools day, and he called my dad and he was all “dad guess what I got married” and my dad was like “haha funny happy April fools day” except my brother had actually gotten married. So a few months later, my brother calls “hey dad, Sara’s pregnant” and my dad’s all “wth who’s sara” and my brothers like “my wife. We got married on April fools day so you didn’t believe me, remember?” And long story short my niece just turned 4 and my dad is still pissed about that


Alex Hisrch is the true Summerween trickster.

“how annoying…” beatrix shielded her eyes from the sun, the parasol she’d brought with her protecting her skin. “the sun wasn’t this bright back home. did we even have the sun back home?” she clicked her tongue as she continued towards the prep school. night time would treat her far better, but apparently they had a thing they called curfew. absurd.