lil first base


[FLIPACLIP TUTORIAL] #1 Bases (Vocal on)

Some peoples asked me to do some tutorials of FlipaClip and after a long time thinking about it, I decided to do a lil one first talking about bases.

Also, sorry about the quality of the audio and my horrible French accent, it’s the first time I record my voice and I hate it. But anything for you all! I also had a lil problem in the beginning of the video, sorry…

Svtfoe ending instrumental
Marble Soda - Shawn Wasabi
Pusher - Clear

FlipaClip on Android device
Edited with FilmoraGO
Recorded with AZRecorder


dat de dah det ta dah det det det dat…. LFB nEwS UpDATE!

YeSTeRDaY i bEGaN muH tHERaPy daWg cArEEr! 

HEre beH HoW uH toP nOtCh thErApY dOg sTarts hEr dAY o therapiZin eN 12 StePs:

1. be suRe teW gEt a grAte niTe’s SLEEP En deLiciOUs bReakFAst.

2. deW NOT waLk (cEpT tew dEw dEr buziNess) inSTEAD: cAtCh dEr cAB.  

3. sLeeP iN CaB tew ChArge uP dEr thePiziN LOvE

4. GO tO assiGneD tAsk.  tUrns Out, coLLege sTudeNTs, lIke mAH bIg bEss CoLLeGe-goiN hUmAN siSter,  nEEd muSh mUsh thEraPy aFtEr eN in bEtween taKin deR fiNAl ExAMs!  i knO diS kEn bEh strtEssFuLL cuZ i tOOk Der tHeraPy doG finAl eXam eN wAS gLad Tew hAve mAh beSS biSH stEfAny tEw pEt aFterWards.

5. At dEr assigNed tAsk- dEr sTUdenT cENtEr,  bEh avaiLabLe fEr gettiN pEts =disPEnSen DEr LoVE eN reDuciN dEr stRess. dEr kEy tEw diS loV diSpensin beh LoOkin iNNoCEnt wiD dEr doE eyeS sEw dEm strEssEd oUt sTudEnts fEEd meh dEr TrEAts —–teW giVe muSh es tEw reCieVe musH bisHEs! 

6. GO oUtSiDe teW RELeaSe dEr STreSs aBSorBEd FrOm TheRApIziN.   hOw dEw i dEw thIs? I gEt oUt aLL dEr studenT stRess abOsoRbeD bY meh thrU riPPin eN AMPUTATIN dAT LEAF ARM O DAT (see aBuV phOtos) stRatigicaLLy plaCed SNOwMAn!!!!  sUmbuDDy muSta buiLt dAt snOwmAn juS fEr meH- uH thErApy thErIPPY snOwmAn fEr mEh LFB.  

7. wHEw! fEEL mUSh beTTEr. thNAk yEw nOw oNe ArmEd sNowmAn.

8. gO bAck iNsiDe

9.LeT More pEepS PEt mEh.

10. get moRe trAde oFf trEatin (Be suRe tEw driNk dEr wAter tew)

11. cAtcH cAb tEw hOme

!2. SLeEp =zZzzZzzZZzzz fOr nExT 18 HOuRs (eXcEpT wHEn it bEh dinNer tiMe eN bReakfAst) 

mOre tEW cOm abOut mAh thErapiZin advEntUreS!


IT nOT oNLY bE dEr daY (nOw niTE) bEFoR thaNksYeWsgiViN, iT bEH dER fIrsT daY o hanNNuccaHaHaha!

seW many HOLLaHdaYs!

onE tHinG on diS fiRsT niTe o hunnUkahaha daT I leArneD bEH diS:

DraYDULLs ARe tiNY (likE meh) tOY tOPs en are nOt eDible.

boY sEw gLad ThaNksYeWsgiViN bEH teWmOrrOW! IM hUngRy!

PS soRrY dEr pictUrEs bEh sew bLurry! i LF bEh sEW dizZy fRom tRyiN tEw cAtch (eN eAt) dAt dRAyduLL dAt maH brAin spiNNiN goT cAught oN dEr cAMeRa.