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i thought them wearing the bindi was inappropriate until i learned that one of the members is buddhist, it is then her choice and her decision to make; if she agrees with the other members wearing something that symbolizes her own religion, i believe that she is allowed to make that decision.

I’ve discussed this before in some other posts but that’s ok I’ll repeat myself.
yes, I understand that one of the members is Buddhist, and that Buddhism is a fairly popular religion in Korea.
however, I truly do not believe that scene had much to do with Buddhism, or that member wanting to share her religion and inviting the other members to do so.
at that part of the song, there is a clearly south asian beat, and they do this lil faux Indian, prayer hand dance. that, coupled with the bindi, personally proves to me that it’s less bout Buddhism and more poking fun at south asian culture.
I understand that the urna is apart of buddhist culture and looks similar to the bindi. however, the HIGHEST visibility of bindis is south asian culture. the HIGHEST visibility of south asian culture is that lil beat and prayer hand dance.
the buddhism argument is personally a reach for me. paired with their history of racial insensitivity I truly believe that scene was intended to mock south asian culture, a lil 👳🏾‍♀️🙏🏾 hahaha moment in their video.