lil fattie

Ok but why isn’t there a lot more feedism pet play stuff? Fattening up your lil pet with fatty treats. Collars digging into chubby necks, bellies getting closer and closer to the floor…

Eventually it getting hard to take your precious lil pet out for walks bc of all the blubber in the way. uwu

anonymous asked:

My dogs have been barking for 30 mins straight and I got up to let them out and they ran into my kitchen and barked their heads off and I had a panic attack because I thought I was getting robbed and since my house has two people who are; me, a 6ft 16 y/o, and my 4ft 64 y/o mum, I was pretty fucking scared. Which brings me to a better point in this story; we are getting a big doggo since our chihuahuas weigh probably 1kg each. Except chloe. Lil fatty gurl.

That’s so scary omg. And yay, big doggos will save you.

waiting-for-meaning  asked:

"If we were dating" I would stay up late to listen to how your day went or even if you just needed to vet. I'd bring Damian treats because a happy kitty = a happy Bee. I'd bring you your fav foods (I'm a really good cook!) and read sections of your fav books aloud whenever you were stressed, and basically be a good friend before anything else. < hugs! >

WELL LET’S JUST GET MARRIED RIGHT NOW these all sound so sweet and wonderful and damian is a lil fatty he lOVES TREATS you’d probably steal his love from me and it’d totally be okay. AND YES I’M A NOT GREAT COOK AND I LOVE TRYING PEOPLE’S COOKING!!!!!!! thank you so much now I feel so warm and fuzzy inside this is so nice to think about. :3