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Lil Devil. Nab him up at #ECCC 😈

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Funko pops are bringing out Rugrats pops AHHHHH!! 😍 I’ve always worried about room with collecting pops but this is Rugrats and we get new Rugrats stuff once in a blue moon so they’re special 🙏🏻 these guys where a HUGGGEEE part of my childhood and as you can see my collection now shows my love ❤ Points if you can guess who my favourite character is 😉

When Dan attacked Lucifer

Don’t you find it strange that Lucifer was so strangely calm about the whole situation? He said it himself: the blade could easily erase him completely, and yet instead of running or trying to trick Dan, Lucifer is being all quiet and subdued. Now, there are three possible reasons for that:

1) Lucifer was worried that Dan would lash out if he tried something, which is plausible but not completely so, because the blade sould have (in theory) made Dan kill Lucifer sooner or later anyway.

2) Lucifer is stil suffering from post-Uriel-killing-residue-guilt and still wouldn’t mind being killed. That’s sad. Let’s not talk about that.

3) Lucifer knew that crazy-Dan was bound to kill someone eventually because of what the blade was doing to him. Chloe was just a couple of meters away. Lucifer was trying to protect Chloe from Dan through focusing the Douche’s attention on himself. In which case, FHDBVHDGCYSAD;FK because we have yet another situation in which Lucifer is happy to die for Chloe, and would do anything to protect the wifey, and is just generally a more-than-decent person and a completely lovable sweetheart.

So yeah, let’s go with the explanation that Lucifer is a more-than-decent lovable sweethert for shipping purposes. (To be fair, we knew that already. The fandom just needs to get through to God & Co. :P).


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