lil cheerleader


“Karasuno volleyball team currently recruiting cheerleader and a certain ash-blond-haired-angel joined the cheer team. Nothing wrong with that seriously, unless the said ash-blond-haired-angel is a guy, their vice-captain, setter, and Daichi’s crush”

“Suga can we talk about this—–”, Daichi trailed off as he throw jacket over Suga’s shoulder and drag him off the court with blush spread on his face.

Cheers!!Suga gonna be the death of our dorky papa /no/
The cheers uniform is just slightly altered by jersey because it will be easier to sneak inside the court bench HEHE

Sebastian's Playlist- Songs he & his girl would dance to

-“Untitled (how does it feel)”- Matt Bomer
-“Let’s Groove”- Earth, Wind, & Fire
-“Pony”- Ginuwine
-“I Gotta Feeling”- Black Eyed Peas
-“Blurred Lines”- Robin Thicke
-“I wanna dance with somebody”- Whitney Houston
-“Party Rock Anthem”- LMFAO
-“Love Shack”- B-52’s
-“Shout”- The Temptations
-“Moves Like Jagger”- Maroon 5
-“Can’t Help falling in love”- Elvis Presley
-“Baby Got Back”- Sir Mix-a-lot
-“Sexyback”- Justin Timberlake
-“Sexy and I know it”- LMFAO
-“You Make me Feel”- Cobra Starships
-“Raise your glass”- P!NK
-“Everybody”- Backstreet boys
-“Get Low”- Lil Jon
-“Cheerleader”- OMI
-“Ice Ice Baby”- Vanilla Ice
-“Old Time Rock N Roll”- Bob Seger
-“Hot in Herre”- Nelly
-“L-O-V-E”- Nat King Cole
-“Kiss”- Prince
-“Love Me Like You Do”- Ellie Goulding
-“I Won’t give up”- Jason Mraz
-“Gold Digger”- Kanye West