lil buddy

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Yet again, your update came at the most perfect moment to cure me of a terrible mood and very annoying day while I'm at work! Thank you for being great!! *Hugs forever!!* PAPYRUS NEEDS TO GO APOLOGIZE FOR HURTING HIS FEELINGS THOUGH. AAAAH.

DEET <3 c’mere u lil bean <pulls for a hug> no bad moods!

Also lol i love your tags - I snorted on “Papyrus, go apologize to your brother”.

mettatoniic  asked:

Picture this: mtt & Pap cruising in his lamborghini blaring Me Too. MTT's driving w/ shades on, pap has a pair of MTT's shades (or mtt bought shades for him) & they're both dancing in the car. Another image, MTT let's Pap drive & they're still dancing to the song, MTTs p much used to Paps Need For Speed, Gotta Go Fast, Speed Demon driving so they're just having at it on the road, dancing, singing/lip syncing to the hot tunes in MTT's car while on a road trip. Gr8. Bonus: boba tea/iced coffee

ok but picture that their road trip has no destination.
they’re just riding far from town to get away and see
the sights of the world, as much as they can in the
span of a weekend or a good few days. they focus
on the task at hand: being free, living without rules
or worries, and enjoying every minute of it. they’re
blasting their faves and chewing on candy cigs cuz
pap isn’t for the real deal. ( mtt can smoke if he got
to but look pap loves candy cigs. they’re all the cool
without the nasty. )

living without rules, they have no inhibitions, and they
do, drink, and eat whatever their SOULs desire. they
stop for fro-yo and boba before having a nice dinner
at a cute, tiny hole-in-the-wall diner, nothing fancy,
but all good. they find diamonds in the rough, places
most people wouldn’t think to stop. some are indeed
gems, others more relatable to stale plastic, but it’s
okay, because they tried it out. shopping centers, arts
and crafts stores, tiny markets, eateries, you name it,
they’re there. they explore little hidden wonders on top
of huge, historical places, taking silly phone selfies
wherever they go. with luck, they may even find a mall
with a photo booth and take rolls of pictures there,
making a lot of stupid faces. ( that’s the day mtt finds
that papyrus can do a mean cross-eyed face. )

they stop at a different hotel each night, nothing cheap
and infested, of course. they find nice, homely places
with thorough accommodations, and while they aren’t
built with platinum filigree fountains and champagne
on every doorstep, they’re beautiful. one even has a
video gaming console in every room, and they shout
as they play super mario maker and smash brothers
before bed. of course, that isn’t without pre-bed pillow
fights and nibbling on some room service goodies.

finally, they end up with their last night in the last hotel,
and this one has a balcony with their room, and they
just chatter about stuff while they gaze at the town &
stars. in the end of it all, papyrus beams, and he tells
OF THOSE THINGS!” with just the sunniest grin on his
face, he tells mettaton in earnest, “THANK YOU.”

Now that the episode is out I can talk about why I love Lil’ Buddy so much. It’s such a good portrayal of how kids can act out because they don’t know any other way of coping with their feelings. I grew up knowing a lot of kids who would act like Clarence did in this episode. I was always told by adults that those kids were just bad eggs, when in reality there was probably a lot more going on. 

Hats off to Spencer, Steven, and Niki, because they hit it out of the park with this one!

‘Lil Buddy was a really great episode, but it tore my heart apart!

I genuinely started crying at the end of the episode! To see Clarence change from being always happy to being depressed and angry just crushed my heart! The ending was just very sweet and heartwarming!

I love this episode so much! Please don’t hurt this child again! <333