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and when i say the community is better off without you, i mean it. your blog isnt even important and theres a ton of people that would probably be happy that you packed up and left them. im surprised that somehow people tolerate you and your nosense and your shitty ass blog


i originally kept quiet several days ago when you send me that first unpleasant ask, and here I was hoping I’d have a good return here, but well, you’ve seen to that with THREE MORE of these anon hatin’ asks. Honestly, I can’t keep quiet anymore, so CONGRATULATIONS !!!  I hope this is the response you were looking for.

Let me clarify the few major contention points over your asks so that you can keep your pants on.

  • I am a 4th year college student. People in my discipline normally do not have time for tumblr, but I have been able to manage school, extracurriculars, career-related conventions / fairs, a youth organization that spans all over northern atlanta, a job at Subway AND i have multiple rp accounts to boot. If you’re going to lynch me over never being here, then know that I have a lot on my plate all collectively ranks at a higher priority than tumblr right now.
  • Whether my blog is important or not, I have kept this blog because this is how i interact and keep track of so many people that are all important to me. I can say with equal certainty that there’s “tons of people” that are happy that I am still here in this fandom, and for my sake, I hope you’re terribly wrong.
  • I personally DO NOT follow the “Qrow is Ruby’s father” fan theory, for reasons ONE and TWO. I will respect blogs that follow that fan theory, but I will not bend over for your shit, and your bashing me for not thinking that way. We all have our opinions, but don’t force yours on me, that’s all I ask.
  • MY TAIYANG MUSE IS NOT CONSTANT. I write when I have inspiration, and I wok on other tasks when I do not have the muse. Add to that my busy schedule which keeps eating away my free time, and you’ll have the reason why I haven’t been able to do anything here recently. 

There’s like 5 more things I want to address but I’m tired from jogging 10K, so I’ll cut this short for now.

Please love yourself so you don’t send people disturbing asks and make it uncomfortable for others.

  • Me looking at Okieriete Onaodowan: There it is! The best smile in the world!
  • Me looking at Jasmine Cephas Jones: There it is! The best smile in the world!
  • Me looking at Philippa Soo: There it is! The best smile in the world!
  • Me looking at Daveed Diggs: There it is! The best smile in the world!
  • Me looking at Javier Muñoz: There it is! The best smile in the world!
  • Me looking at Reneé Elise Goldsberry: There it is! The best smile in th

I created the ayakashi and taught them words. I wanted to talk to them.


this is a sea angel (clione limacina), photographed by alexander semenov swimming with its wing like fins in russia’s white sea. these translucent pteropods, measuring only a few centimeters in length, are actually sea snails sans shells. lacking this cumbersome but protective shell, sea angels instead synthesize bad tasting compounds that dissuade predators from eating them. (see also: bobtail squid and josh lambus’ work)