lil buddies



This is so difficult for me but unfortunately since I’m moving to New England in a month I need to find a new home for Maisy and Pippa. They are my seven month old miniature teddy bear rats (Dumbo ear fancy rats) and they’re seriously the sweetest animals I’ve ever had. They’re sisters, their bodies are about 6’ long, and they only weigh a few ounces each. I grew up owning a few hamsters and guinea pigs but I can say without hesitation that rats, if you can get over the tail, make the sweetest, cleanest, most sociable, playful and surprisingly intelligent pets with the least amount of odor. (Seriously, I don’t know how but there’s none.) I’ve trained them to be diurnal (non nocturnal) so they don’t make a ruckus at night, and their cage only needs to be cleaned about once every 10 days or so. They’re actually very tidy animals by nature, I let them explore and play outside of their cage and they always come back because they’re so loyal and love human interaction, but also never have I ever found any droppings outside of the cage. They don’t bite either. From the bottom of my heart these are such, such low maintenance animals and they’ve been so rewarding and sweet, I’d take them with me if I could.

These two are special because if I hadn’t adopted them they would have otherwise been snake food.

Cage, water, food, and everything else you’ll need is included. I’m not asking for any money, just looking for a loving home for them. I built their cage myself and its dimensions are 13 x 26’ plus a spare smaller one to put them in while their larger cage is being cleaned. Please message me for details if you’re interested.

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