lil bub gifs

A note on shooting Bub for her book // Carli Davidson:

Photography is something I love, and something that allows me to connect with some really amazing things in this world. One of those ‘things’ is Lil Bub, and her owner Mike.  Mike and I have a bunch of mutual friends through our love of listening to loud music in basements and tiny venues that smell like stale beer and sweat. Not surprisingly a mutual friend, kimyadawson , saw the potential for us to do something fun together and put us in touch.

There are people you get to work with that have such good intentions, and good energy that it just makes you appreciate your industry more. That is what I found working with Mike, Bub, and their whole big amazing community in Bloomington. I flew out there to shoot a few hero images for the book, but ended up extending my stay to help out with art direction, and hang out with everybody for the wrap party. The whole experience was uplifting, and reminded me of what drew me to the punk scene as a kid… the idea that your friends can come together and make something amazing that builds an alternative community and sometimes like in the case of Bub, really makes a positive contribution to the world. 

Animal art becomes viral because it makes people feel good. It combats the heaviness that mucks up the Internet. It gives us momentary reprise from all the important but overwhelming news of political strife, it reenergizes. Thanks Mike and Bub!