lil bryan

Throwback to Paley Fest when Bryan said that a scene in which Will is leaning against a pillar had been giffed and Hugh corrected him and said ‘No, no, no you’re thinking of the ladder scene. Yes I am aware.’ Sooooo. It has been established that Hugh is not only a slut for Hannigram fanfic, he is also aware of the gifs. Jfc he’ll be announcing that he has a tumblr and Ao3 account any day now.

4angel  asked:

37, 65, 70 sjdflsjldl

37. What song are you listening to?
im not listening to anything rn but prince by wjsn is stuck in my head

65. Did anything “cute” happen in the last week?
every dog i saw… youngjae looked beautiful… clc exists….

70. Would you rather listen to Luke Bryan or Lil Wayne?
who the fuck!! is luke bryan

hockeyismyreligon  asked:

70-77 pls and thnx

70. Rather listen to Luke Bryan or Lil Wayne: it’s lil wayne hands down. I’m not a country music fan.
71. Blackberry, android, or iPhone: I have an iPhone so I’ll go with that.
72. Last time I had pizza from Pizza Hut: it’s been too long ago.
73. Opinion on diet soda: eh it’s okay but I’d much rather have the regular soda.
74. The color of my room: it’s a light brown
75.16 or older: yes and my age corresponds to the great song of dancing queen.
76. Do I watch pretty little liars: no
77. Do I have a job: I ref soccer games for a league in the spring and i get paid pretty well from that. And recently i started to “chauffeur” a church member from school to his house for a couple bucks.
Thanks Jan!!!

the Hannibal fandom in a nutshell

-hannigram iS CANON
-bedelia, the drunk sassy therapist
-cannibal puns galore
-murder wives
-murder husbands
-will being salty
-heart eyes Hannibal
-“this is my design”
-sobbing over s3 finale
-sobbing over pretty much anything actually
-patiently waiting and rooting for s4
-bright and happy compared to the show
-Hugh Dancy is a lil cute murder muffin
-Bryan Fuller iS OUR F ATHER
-gr8 artists and writers