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Stay Safe (Damian x Reader)

Request: Please do a Damian x reader where the reader (who is dating Jason) is very close with Damian, like in an older sister/motherly way

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“You’re sure that you have your phone?” Damian asked you. The 11 year old sitting on the couch was probably 10 times more paranoid about you going on a date than you were. “And your house key? What about money in case you need to call a cab?”

“I’m good, Dami.” You slipped on your shoes and gave yourself a once over in the mirror on the wall. “Jason and I have been dating for 4 months now, remember?”

“Text me or call me if you need anything– and by anything, I mean anything. I can hide a body–”

“Damian, I’m going to pretend that I didn’t hear that.” You gave him a stern look before giving him a hug. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Be safe on patrols, okay?”

“I’m not the one you need to worry about.” He grumbled, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist. “Todd better keep it in his pants.” He said lowly enough that he thought that you couldn’t hear him, but you laughed and he went red.

“Don’t worry about Jason.” You stepped back and booped him on the nose, smiling when he scrunched up his nose in distaste. “I’m perfectly capable of handling myself kiddo.”

“Have fun.” He begrudged before the door closed behind you.


“How’s short stack?” Jason asked you as you laid on his chest. “Still a demon?”

“Damian is good. And definitely not a demon. He was very concerned about me dating you though.” You laughed. You had met Jason through Damian– or, rather through Bruce. You were a confidant to Bruce Wayne (yes, you knew his identity) at an early age when you interned under him at Wayne Industries. He let you in on all of his secrets and ended up giving you an executive job there when you were old enough to apply.

Damian was your ‘little brother’ of sorts. Bruce had called you in to watch him on several occasions when he was out on business trips. Since then, he had grown very attached to you. And when you and Jason started dating, he’d become even more protective of you.

“Of course. He cares about you.” Jason said, trailing a finger down your back. Your date had eventually led back to his apartment; well, it was more like it had led back to one of the walls of his apartment, then the couch, and lastly his bed. It was a great date.

“He’s just always worried about me.” You sighed. “I wish he wouldn’t worry so much. He’s going to have an ulcer at 16 at the rate he’s going.”

“He doesn’t need to worry about you.” Jason smiled down at you. “That’s my job, remember?”

“Sure.” You rolled your eyes. “Fine– you can worry about me, but it’s pointless, because I can take care of myself.”

“Of course you can.” He kissed you softly, and you relaxed at his touch.


You were walking back to your apartment when someone crept up behind you. You didn’t have time to react before there was a gun pressed to your back, and a voice in your ear.

“Give me your wallet.” A man growled in your ear. You handed your wallet over wordlessly. “And your pho–”

He collapsed in the middle of his sentence. You whirled around, bewildered, when you saw Damian standing there. “Y/F/N? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” You looked down at the guy on the ground. “Can’t say the same for him.” Damian retrieved your wallet and handed it to you.

“From now on, you should have someone walking with you when it’s dark out.” He sighed. “I thought Jason was giving you a ride back after dinner?”

“I was just walking back from his apartment.” You said. Damian looked up at you questioningly. “It’s only a couple of blocks. I would have had the situation under control, but unfortunately there was a gun barrel pressed to my back.”

“Yeah, well, we’re going to have to fix that.” He started walking you back to your apartment. “What were you doing at Jason’s?”

“Hanging out. Talking.” You said, not necessarily lying per se. He was 11, he didn’t need to know that the two of you were having se–

“What did you talk about?”

“Taxes. Life. College. Grown up stuff.” You said. He nodded in agreement, and you smiled internally. When you got back to your apartment, Damian waited until you were inside and the door was locked before beginning to climb out the window. However, he turned around at the last minute.

“Stay safe, Y/F/N.”

You walked up to him and kissed his forehead endearingly. “Bye, Dami. See you.” With that, he left your apartment. You chuckled as you closed the window behind him, making sure it was unlocked in case he needed in. You loved him– in a fraternal sense.

Damian Wayne: your overprotective, adorable, brave ‘little brother’.

My Lil brother really loves my mother
  • Him: mom when I get a really big house you're coming to live with me
  • Mom: well what if your wife doesn't want me there
  • Him: then she can leave

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BittyBones -Pap Adoptables 

Papy (Undertale) 😊Loving 😊Determined 😊Busy 😊Needs Attention 😊Loves you so much  😊 Asexual 

Boss (Underfell) 💀 Is Rude 💀Has a weak spot for Meek 💀Is actually pretty kind 💀loves being in charge 💀bosses the others around 💀They all call him Batman, and he hates it.

Meek ★Deaf ★Doesn’t talk a lot ★Very shy ★Very cute ★loves quiet activities ★Clings to Batman ★cries sometimes  ★ high maintenance ★ Not good at sign language ★ likes writing notes and drawing 

Lil Bro (Underswap) ✌Chill ✌Friendly ✌ Lazy ✌Hates bullies ✌Is like a big bro  ✌wants to get high with you

Poppy ▲Very caring ▲Very smart ▲Low energy ▲Good at most things ▲Is calm but talkative ▲Nurses the other adoptables ▲Can get strict 

Teacup ✿Loves cuddles and pets ✿Loves everyone ✿wants to follow you around ✿Naps in weird places ✿wants to be dressed up pretty ✿dont yell at him

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Remember to always wake up early and never be late for school mostly when you have that strict and creepy big sister XDDD

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Trivias :

*Just like his mother, JD kinda puns and sometimes irritated/angry when someone makes puns.

*When Dina is mad she smiles/grins very creepy and makes puns/jokes relating to any sorts of (probably) dark humor

Dina & JD belongs to me @sakuraegg (and their mother my persona/me too)

(Their father CTK belongs to @perfectshadow06)


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