lil bowl



Well actually I should said belated birthday instead cuz I’m already 10 days late i’m sorr TT_________TT Anyway it’s better late then never right? hahaa….

It took me a lot more time than expected to finish this bc i ran out of idea and all i could think of were comic ideas but y’know to finish a comic takes more time than to finish a drawing OTL so i struggled and drew this finally.. &&& i’ve been slacking off a lot lately help T-T (I’M REALLY SORRY FOR THOSE WHO WAITED!! >___<)

On a side note i have the part 2 sketches of this comic but im too lazy to draw it now lmao (part 2 is probably abt Saeran eating ice cream lol anyone interested)


,,,, he’s back? (maybe)

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What was Gaara's first impression of Lee(sorry I'm asking about Lee again)


I am bad at baking food, so I baked a figurine for Lugh instead.

Its my first Sabbath ever and I fogured at least a tiny altar would be necessary.

Lion and lil offering bowls, bread and fruits made of Supersculpey (i couldnt finish the painting in time)
On the forhead, the Lions has real Citrin
In the bowls are rice, a peridot and honey
Next to the lion is freshly dried rosemary
Dried sunflower pedals in the background

Happy Lughnasadh/Lammas to everybody!