lil bo peeping

Chris Evans helping you through a panic attack would include:

  • Sitting really close to you
  • Putting your head on his shoulder
    • sighing really loud in a sort of pouty way because he hates seeing you like this
  • “hey, babe”
  • rubbing your shoulder
  • “i know. i know.”
    • he just keeps talking in a deep, soothing voice
  • he gets teary-eyed 
  • “i’ve got you. shh. you’re all right, I’m here, okay?”
  • stroking your hair and nuzzling closer to you
  • after you calmed down he would ask what you want
    • doting on you for HOURS
      • “want me to draw you a bath, love?”
      • “I can make you some tea, you want some tea?
      • “We can watch your favorite movie! Does that sound good?”
    • he just wants to make it better
  • kissing all over your face until you start laughing
    • “god, i love that sound”
  • he seriously would not stop kissing you
    • “you” kiss “deserve” kiss “all the happiness”
  • cuddling and talking to you about anything
    • “we should go to iceland and get some sheep. some icelandic sheep, wouldn’t that be nice? and you could wear a Lil Bo Peep outfit!”
  • He just loves you and wants you to be happy

(I take requests)

despite my previous quips i think it’s real nice to see harry feeling bold and comfortable enough to wear whatever the hell he wants and he looks so happy and relaxed in those photos like lil bo peep after herding all her sheep