lil bit trashy

Peter Parker - Lyrics Prank

Peter: Hey Y/N what’s up?
Y/N: Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you.
Peter: Um what do you mean?
Y/N: I drink too much and that’s an issue.
Peter: You are drinking?!
Y/N: But Im OK!
Peter: You are OK?!
Y/N: Hey, you tell your friends it was nice to meet them.
Peter: Yeah?
Y/N: But I hope I never see them again..
Peter: But I thought you liked them?
Y/N: I know it breaks your heart.
Peter: Y/N what is going on?
Y/N: Moved to the city in a broke-down car.
Peter: Wait, what? You don’t even have a car?
Y/N: And four years, no calls.
Peter: Are you drunk rn? I called you yesterday?
Y/N: Now you are looking pretty in a hotel bar..
Peter: Im not in a hotel bar?
Peter: Y/N tell me what’s wrong!
Peter: Wait you think I look pretty?
Y/N: And I, I, I, I cant stop.
Y/N: No I, I, I, I cant stop.
Peter: Why you typed I four times?
Peter: And what is it that you can’t and won’t stop?
Y/N: So, baby, pull me closer.
Peter: You want us to be closer?
Y/N: In the back seat of your rover.
Peter: You want us to be THAT CLOSE?
Peter: Um but I don’t have a rover..
Y/N: That I know you can’t afford.
Peter: …
Y/N: Bite that tattoo on your shoulder.
Peter: I don’t have a tattoo but you can bite me if you want.
Y/N: Pull the sheets right off the corner.
Peter: I think the both of us are thinking of different things..
Y/N: Of the mattress that you stole.
Peter: May bought them?
Y/N: From your roommate back in Boulder.
Peter: I never had a roommate. Okay this is getting strange.
Y/N: We ain’t getting older.
Peter: Don’t listen to Wade.. He may not, but we are.
Y/N: You look as good as the day I met you.
Peter: Thanks I guess? But Y/N can you please tell me now what’s going on?
Y/N: Peter..
Peter: Yes?
Y/N: Can you please check The Chainsmokers - Closer for me?
Peter: Uh yea sure wait a sec..
Peter: OMG..
Y/N: You have been pranked Parker! HA!
Peter: Haha it was a nice one..
Peter: Im so stupid ..
Y/N: No you are not.
Peter: Actually I am, because I thought that..
Y/N: ?
Peter: You know what it doesn’t matter.. Just leave it.
Y/N: Tell me.
Peter: Its nothing..
Y/N: Tell me or I will stop talking to you..
Peter: Okay I just..
Y/N: Well?
Peter: I thought that you liked me..
Y/N: I do.
Peter: No Y/N. Not like a friend..
Y/N: What if I like you more than a friend but Im just to afraid to tell you? Peter: What?
Y/N: I like you Parker. I like you more than a friend.
Peter: Wow.
Peter: I cant believe it.
Peter: Am I dreaming?
Y/N: No..
Peter: Can I come to your place so we can talk, you know, about us?
Peter: Be there in 10 minutes.
Y/N: I cant wait!
Peter: See ya.
Y/N: Cya.

Okay so first sorry if there are any mistakes. English is not my main language so yeah. And I hope you like it. I know its a lil bit trashy but I had this idea so I thought why not writing it.. I have ideas for lyric pranking Steve and Tony would you like reading them?