lil bit trashy

So my moms loner car got really dirty and of course, seeing it as a perfect opportunity to share snowbaz with the world, I wrote it on the hood of the car. However, I did not know my mother was taking the car back to the rental place that day, so the lady who took the loner car was very confused. Apparently she would not stop asking my mom about who the hell ‘snowbaz’ was.

Aren’t I great?

Peter Parker - Lyrics Prank

Peter: Hey Y/N what’s up?
Y/N: Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you.
Peter: Um what do you mean?
Y/N: I drink too much and that’s an issue.
Peter: You are drinking?!
Y/N: But Im OK!
Peter: You are OK?!
Y/N: Hey, you tell your friends it was nice to meet them.
Peter: Yeah?
Y/N: But I hope I never see them again..
Peter: But I thought you liked them?
Y/N: I know it breaks your heart.
Peter: Y/N what is going on?
Y/N: Moved to the city in a broke-down car.
Peter: Wait, what? You don’t even have a car?
Y/N: And four years, no calls.
Peter: Are you drunk rn? I called you yesterday?
Y/N: Now you are looking pretty in a hotel bar..
Peter: Im not in a hotel bar?
Peter: Y/N tell me what’s wrong!
Peter: Wait you think I look pretty?
Y/N: And I, I, I, I cant stop.
Y/N: No I, I, I, I cant stop.
Peter: Why you typed I four times?
Peter: And what is it that you can’t and won’t stop?
Y/N: So, baby, pull me closer.
Peter: You want us to be closer?
Y/N: In the back seat of your rover.
Peter: You want us to be THAT CLOSE?
Peter: Um but I don’t have a rover..
Y/N: That I know you can’t afford.
Peter: …
Y/N: Bite that tattoo on your shoulder.
Peter: I don’t have a tattoo but you can bite me if you want.
Y/N: Pull the sheets right off the corner.
Peter: I think the both of us are thinking of different things..
Y/N: Of the mattress that you stole.
Peter: May bought them?
Y/N: From your roommate back in Boulder.
Peter: I never had a roommate. Okay this is getting strange.
Y/N: We ain’t getting older.
Peter: Don’t listen to Wade.. He may not, but we are.
Y/N: You look as good as the day I met you.
Peter: Thanks I guess? But Y/N can you please tell me now what’s going on?
Y/N: Peter..
Peter: Yes?
Y/N: Can you please check The Chainsmokers - Closer for me?
Peter: Uh yea sure wait a sec..
Peter: OMG..
Y/N: You have been pranked Parker! HA!
Peter: Haha it was a nice one..
Peter: Im so stupid ..
Y/N: No you are not.
Peter: Actually I am, because I thought that..
Y/N: ?
Peter: You know what it doesn’t matter.. Just leave it.
Y/N: Tell me.
Peter: Its nothing..
Y/N: Tell me or I will stop talking to you..
Peter: Okay I just..
Y/N: Well?
Peter: I thought that you liked me..
Y/N: I do.
Peter: No Y/N. Not like a friend..
Y/N: What if I like you more than a friend but Im just to afraid to tell you? Peter: What?
Y/N: I like you Parker. I like you more than a friend.
Peter: Wow.
Peter: I cant believe it.
Peter: Am I dreaming?
Y/N: No..
Peter: Can I come to your place so we can talk, you know, about us?
Peter: Be there in 10 minutes.
Y/N: I cant wait!
Peter: See ya.
Y/N: Cya.

Okay so first sorry if there are any mistakes. English is not my main language so yeah. And I hope you like it. I know its a lil bit trashy but I had this idea so I thought why not writing it.. I have ideas for lyric pranking Steve and Tony would you like reading them?