lil bank

Dear Bi Heroes and Villains,

I don’t know who you are, buy I’m aware of your existance. You are not gay. You are not straight. And let me remind you, you are not bi yourself.

Hugs and kisses,


P.S. When I rule the world you won’t need a bi awareness day. LGBTQs are here to stay. I don’t care about who you like or who you are, you are my future subject and I respect you. Now go rob a bank you lil cuties.


playlist for february [listen]

i. don’t leave - shakeships, mø / ii. not afraid anymore - halsey / iii. drew barrymore - sza / iv. I wanna be - kehlani / v. sunset lover - petit bescuit / vi. love me now - john legend / vii. right for you - lil silva, banks / viii. crush - yuna, usher / ix. between us - elenne, mothica / x. bordersz - zayn / xi. beggin for a thread - banks / xii. crazy in love remix - beyoncé / xiii. she’s mine pt. 1 - j. cole / xiv. strange fruit - elijah blake / xv. rather be with you - sinead harnett / xvi. white ferrari - frank ocean

Signs as female rappers

Aries: Nicki Minaj

Taurus: Princess Nokia

Gemini: Azealia Banks

Cancer: Lil’ Kim

Leo: Missy Elliott

Virgo: M.I.A.

Libra: Lil’ Debbie

Scorpio: Foxy Brown

Sagittarius: Angel Haze

Capricorn: Fergie

Aquarius: Junglepussy

Pisces: Lisa ‘Left Eye’