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Woes of a hufflepuff: feeling like you care more about all of your friends than they do about you. It's not just me, right?

unfortunately I’m pretty sure it’s not just you who feels like this.
sometimes you have to take a moment to try to look at it from a different point of view and then you either realize you are being to harsh or you have to ask yourself if those ppl really are worthy of your friendship.
sorry you’re feeling like this lil badger 🌻

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i don't know if you've answered this but what hogwarts houses would all of katie's character's be? and for morgana before and after she turned evil?


Alrighty for the record, I am excluding minor characters (Bess, Rachel, Vixen, Dessie’s Girlfriend) and Lady Thelma and Princess Margaret.

The Rambling Thinky Thoughts of Brittane Presents: Hogwarts Houses - Katie McGrath Edition

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Alright ladies, Sorting Hat on! Let’s do this.

Lena Luthor

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Some may remember that Lena has already been placed by this Sorting Hat but I can’t leave out our love, so I shall revisit and elaborate. I still believe that placing Lena in Slytherin is not the way to go. I know some just associate her with that notion because Slytherin is known for its baddies and SOME PEOPLE still think my cupcake is evil. Don’t make me cut you. On the other hand, speaking more precisely, she does fit the bill in some terms. She is very smart and ambitious. She is cunning and puts maximum effort into achieving her goals. However, Slytherins have an all-or-nothing appeal and aren’t afraid to step on the little guys to get what they want. Slytherins are often in it for the glory of the achievement. That’s just not Lena.

The Hat Dictates: As previously mentioned, Lena is intelligent, creative and very intuitive. She wants to be judged on her own merits and be recognized as independent of the darkness that the Luthor name implies, expressing her will to be recognized as an individual. She is an excellent go-to friend offering meaningful advice and help when needed. She’s also a bit extra and has a slight lick of eccentricity. All traits very commonly celebrated by none other than RAVENCLAW. She says with surprise in her voice, for some reason… Yay Lena!

Hey you! Yeah you! Keep reading for the Sorting Hat’s decision on the rest of our lovely Katie ladies (if you want that is).

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We Don't Talk Anymore - Chapter 2
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[Text to: Lil Sis 9/25/16 11:49 AM] We miss you already, Kara!! Marcus says he loves you!

[Text to: Aly Cat 9/25/16 11:51 AM] Aw!! Tell lil Badger I’ll call him tonight before bed. Miss you both. Love you!

Kara tucked her phone back in her pocket and hoisted her backpack onto her shoulder. She adjusted the yellow and black scarf around her neck, smiling as she thought of her son. He insisted she take it on her trip because “it might be cold in Star City, Momma!”

Marcus was already coming up on six years old and Kara loved her little badger more than anything in the world. His resemblance to his father was uncanny, but it didn’t hurt Kara as much as it used to… Besides, without James she would have never had had her little boy.

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When I was 7-8 I was a Slytherin (I was a lil shit), then at 11 I got Gryffindor, at 15 I got Ravenclaw and now that I am 18 I am a Hufflepuff. Honestly, I think my house changed so much because when I was younger I didn't really understand what each house meant. Now that I do, I am proud to be a badger.

nothing wrong abt changing, actually it’s quite good to know you’re not the same person you were when you were 7.
welcome to the family lil badger 🌻