lil badasses

Well there goes my fucking life. Out the door. It’s done. It’s finished. Diminished. I JuST FINISHeD THE ALL FOr ThE GAME SERIES and I AM CRyINg FOr SEVERAL HAPPY AND SAD REASONS. My son Neil is finally truly happy. My son Kevin is glorious and victorious. Riko is dead. Andrew is loved by Neil and at peace with the foxes. The brosten bromance is fabulous. Dan is an amazing human. Renee is such a cute lil badass warrior. Allison is fucking goals. Jean is actually me. I relate to Aaron on a spiritual level. Katelyn and Aaron are so damn cute. Nicky is a sweetheart. Jeremy is the sun. Wymack and Kevin make me cry. Abby is like everyone’s wonderful mother. I will forever be tears because everything is wonderful and everything is over. Thank you Nora Sakavic. Bless your soul.

BoB emotional trauma on a scale of 1-10

Currahee: some heart strings pulled but mostly fun times and adorable shenanigans and cute lil badasses running around the screen. Emotional Trauma: 1

Day of Days: lot’s of character feels, a few distressing moments, but over all not too hard on the soul. Emotional Trauma: 2

Carentan: humor and pain mixed into one hour of distraught cries and hysterical laughter. Emotional Trauma: 3 

Replacements: new lil cuties for you to worry about, male-bonding to give you all the feels, and the feeling of absolute defeat and loss in case you thought this was gonna be easy. Emotional Trauma: 5 

Crossroads: hard to pin down, emotional trauma may vary, but just hard to watch things change for the men, and you know shit is coming. Emotional Trauma: 4

Bastogne: pure exhaustion. you are forced to feel the bone-weary resignation of the men, and see lots of soldiers wounded and in pain, not to mention the toll it takes on the medics. I CRY. Emotional Trauma: 10

The Breaking Point: I don’t want to talk about this episode. IT’S CALLED THE BREAKING POINT Y’ALL I THINK THE TRAUMA IS PRETTY HIGH. two words. Convent Scene. Emotional Trauma: 11

The Last Patrol: not as blatantly painful, but subtly kills you. the men are beyond caring (but not really) or expecting good things and it breaks your heart. Emotional Trauma: 10

Why We Fight: this is the episode that breaks everyone and everything. worth every minute but will drain you and make you feel things you didn’t want to feel. Emotional Trauma: 10 

Points: gets better but the feels are too much and there’s a few things that make you cry and scream. Emotional Trauma: 10

i just wanna take a moment and apologize to anyone who’s noticed the sad and angsty turn my blog has taken for a while now. i’ve been going through a ton of shit that’s keeping me lowkey sad even though i’m still having break through happy moments with my coworkers and friends and siblings. blogging is how i cope, and i am definitely coping. i’ll come around.. eventually. just wanted to throw out a little i’m sorry to anyone who admires my blog for being something it’s not right now. my badass lil positive self is still here. just swimming towards the shore and i still got a long way to go on this journey.