lil b wonton soup

Wonton Soup
Lil B "The BasedGod"
Wonton Soup

TRAPAHOLICS OH MY GOD BASED GOD we have a classic on our hands.  Nothing sticks out on Blue Flame like WONTON SOUP.  this some real trap shit.  If you aren’t already listening to WONTON SOUP on repeat, you’re FAKE BASED.

  • “Bitches suck my dick because I cum like 36 ways”
  • “Young Based God dope my bitch like I’m cocaine / Bitches snort my ring that crackpipe like my chain”
  • “30 on my dick on the court like Spalding / Bitches suck my dick because I look like J.K. Rowling”
super smash bros 4: lil b's moveset

neutral B: Cook.  lil b starts cooking which damages opponents and also spawns various food items on the stage

side B: Tiny Shirt. lil b throws a tiny shirt. if it hits an opponent, they take damage as well as shrink in size for a small amount of time

up B: Fuck Kevin Durant. lil b dunks on kevin durant. this is his recovery move

down B: Twitter. this is a counter move. lil b holds out his phone. if someone attacks him, a based fan will come out of the phone and counterattack

final smash: Wonton Soup. lil b’s giant car falls from the sky is is parked (lands) on everyone while wonton soup plays.

grab: Pink Bandana. lil b can use a pink bandana to tether grab