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“with you” - 5SOS visual smut+imagine

just a lil thing because i’m too lazy to write anything and you guys deserve a little something extra :) thanks for all of you who have stuck around with this blog aha so keep reading and enjoy!!

its not the best work/writing i’ve done but the gifs are hella cute


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I see a bunch of posts telling people not to hate on Crystal or Michael and that’s important, but honestly I’m dealing with a lot of self hate right now. I don’t know if I’m alone or not, but to the rest of my fellow Michael girls just know that Michael would be such a lucky man to have any of you, and that he would absolutely adore you. You’re are all such beautiful and kind souls that Mikey just hasn’t gotten the pleasure of getting to know yet. Love yourself because Mikey would sure as hell adore you.


=Moon in Aquarius=

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