lil ant

Saturday Mixtape.

Denzel Curry ft.Lil Ugly Mane - Twistin’

A$AP Ant & Kane Grocerys - 36 Degrees

Chris Travis - The Godfather Is Here

Pouya x Sir Michael Rocks - FYE

Jazz Cartier - Holy Shit

Sean Price - Garbanzo Beans

Curtis Williams ft.Cam Sheely & J.I.D. – <3

ChillxWill - Warning

Earl Sweatshirt ft.Vince Staples - Wool

Yung Simmie - Dead Beat

Antwon & Wiki ft.Lee Spielman - Squad Deep

Mick Jenkins - Alchemy

A$AP Rocky - M’$

Earl Sweatshirt - Faucet

Bones - TheHealingFields

ChillxWill - The End


A$AP Ant - Runner ft. Lil Uzi Vert

i c  ant believe i actually drew the soriel child…

her name is Caprica, she likes marathonning sitcoms, hiding her entire lunch in her sweater pocket, hanging out with her older sibling, and messing with people who think she’s some kind of evil entity from the depths of heck (besides the usual being a monster teenager and all that)

tobs-17  asked:

All odds aaand 0 too love u lil ant

  • 0. Height -5′3 lol
  • 1.Virgin?- umm yes
  • 3.Do you Smoke?- nope
  • 5.Do you take drugs?- no
  • 7.Have Tattoos?- no but I want some 
  • 9.Got any Piercings?- just my ears
  • 11.Best friend?- @tobs-17 (she the real mvp guys and she means the world to me and i profess my love to her all the time cuz im so grateful for her)
  • 13.Crush?- …it’s complicated
  • 15.Biggest turn ons- y’all idek 
  • 17.Someone you miss- there's a lot 
  • 19.A fact about your personality- im a perfectionist and i hold myself to such a high standard 
  • 21.What I love most about myself- is it bad that its taken me like 5 mins to answer this question and i still dont know what to say so imma just say my eyes ???
  • 23.My relationship with my sibling(s)- we’re very close 
  • 25.My idea of a perfect date- honestly just buy me pizza and cuddle with me and ill be happy 
  • 27.A description of the girl/boy I like- lol 
  • 29.A reason I’ve lied to a friend- probably out of fear of judgment and not wanting to hurt them
  • 31.What your last text message says- it’s me and my friend talking about whether there will be a snow day tomorrow lol
  • 33.What words make me feel the best about myself- this isnt a word but one of my favourite things is when i tell people what i want to do with my life and they actually get super supportive and tell me how good I could be at it and dont shut me down like some people do 
  • 35.What I find attractive in men- tall, nice hair, tattoos, etc etc
  • 37.One of my insecurities- bahahaha everything about me but probs my body
  • 39.My favorite ice cream flavor- mint chocolate chip 
  • 41.Where I want to be right now- texas with my girl Lena 
  • 43.Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately- zayn malik

thanks love <3

Wednesday Mixtape.

Lil Ugly Mane - 1

Earl Sweatshirt - Solace EP

Vince Staples ft.Future - Señorita

Yung Simmie ft.Denzel Curry - Grotto Flow

Preme + J.K. The Reaper - Opponent

Jadakiss & Styles P - Block Work

Antwon & Wiki - Squad Deep

Father & Richposlim - Full Moon

A$AP Ant & Kane Grocerys - 36 Degrees


Clint Norway + J.K. The Reaper - Menthol

Tyler, The Creator ft.Kali Uchis - Yellow