likkity split

Alright guys, listen up! When Vanellope wheels out the Likkity Split, it’s covered in a blanket, right? (Bonus: that is one of the most adorable blankets out there, and it has little hand prints all over it!) Later in Diet Cola Mountain, she wraps herself up in candy wrappers.
Let that sink in.
That little girl uses her only blanket for her cart. She takes better care of her cart than herself.

"Do You Want To Build A Go-Kart?" A WIR one-shot

Merry Christmas, glitched–princess! ‘Tis I, your Secret Santa! I have to give this to you early, since my folks and I are leaving for Cuba tomorrow and will be gone all week. In case you didn’t already guess, there was a good reason why I asked you as an anon if you’d seen Frozen. This Ralph and Vanellope AU story I wrote for you wouldn’t make much sense if you hadn’t seen it. ;) I hope you like it. It was a lot of fun to write! 

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