liking eachother

i just don’t fucking understand people who hate on fans and/or actors just because they don’t like someone’s ship? like what the actual fuck man? you aren’t superior to other fans unless they’re being an asshole, in which case be the bigger fucking person?!!

if there can’t be peace in something like a fandom how the hell do we expect to appreciate and respect eachother irl? like, i’ve seen actually super harsh derogatory insults thrown around and it just makes me feel like shit, i wish people could stop being hateful and selfish, nobody deserves to feel inferior for something that makes their fandom experience better

and saying all this actually makes me feel like a fucking idiot, because who would expect such mean shit to come out of something as seemingly innocent as fangirling/boying

another thing that makes me mad is that some assholes would probably reblog this dissing some ship/shippers saying “this is you” like no man, let’s not start pointing blame and just move forward being positive and empathetic towards eachother yea?

anonymous asked:

ok but can i like vent for a bit bc im internally on fire??? there's this girl i've been talking to for a couple months now n she's really cute (also very gay lol) and we text every day, like we always send eachother goodmorning and goodnight texts. also she calls me all these cute nicknames like princess, honey and cutie pie and im pretty sure my heart can't handle it???? she also said that i made her year better and honestly im a gay mess help

whoooaaa,, sounds like a serious Goals type relationship to me. damn,, i hope you two start dating or something :))). i honestly don’t have any advice because, yeah, i’d definitely be a gay mess in that situation too haha. keep me updated on her!!

this is la vie en rose

@re-unknown and I finally got around to doing a collab; he linearted (very beautifully) chat and i did mari, he coloured (very nicely) mari and i coloured chat and finally i did background and lighting (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 


happy holidays \o/

this was apart of the @christmas-shou exchange for @lilpea !


(ive gotten back into a sniperspy mood after reading choice fanfics again)


Sometimes you just have to scribble some boys

I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…

When you try to subtly plant the idea that your OTP has feelings for each other in the minds of your nonshipper friends and family. 

Astrology couples in a nutshell

The nothing is good besides the sex couple:

Libra  x Scorpio, Virgo x Aries, Taurus x Sagittarius, Cancer x Aquarius, Pisces x Leo, Gemini x Capricorn

The unequal effort distribution couple:

Gemini x Taurus, Aries x Capricorn, Aquarius x Scorpio, Pisces x Libra, Sagittarius x Virgo, Cancer x Leo

The most awkward relationship: 

Taurus x Sagittarius, Virgo x Libra, Pisces x Aries, Aquarius x Capricorn, Scorpio x Gemini, Cancer x Leo

The they only like eachother when they aren’t sober couploe:

Leo x Scorpio, Aries x Capricorn, Pisces x Taurus, Sagittarius x Cancer, Aquarius x Virgo, Libra x Gemini

The everybody thinks they should be together but they are like “nah”:

Pisces x Scorpio, Cancer x Virgo, Capricorn x Taurus, Sagittarius x Leo, Aries x Aquarius, Gemini x Libra

Will accomplish all things with each other couple:

Libra x Sagittarius, Capricorn x Pisces, Aries x Gemini, Taurus x Cancer, Virgo x Scorpio, Aquarius x Leo

Mindblowing sex every time:

Aquarius x Gemini, Virgo x Scorpio, Aries x Sagittarius, Libra x Cancer, Pisces x Taurus, Capricorn x Leo

The I will literally do anything you ask me couple:

Scorpio x Cancer, Leo x Libra, Virgo x Scorpio, Pisces x Gemini, Sagittarius x Aquarius, Aries x Taurus, Capricorn x Virgo