“What do you mean Bethesda should do more QA? Their glitches are hilarious!”

Right, hilarious glitches like

  • Your settlement’s resources in FO4 being set to 0 with no way to fix it, randomly, which has persisted over multiple patches.
  • Enemy loot randomly having the ‘owned’ tag so picking it up makes companions hate you and some totally unrelated NPCs hostile
  • DLC having a tendency to just not be recognized. Which is an issue on every platform.
  • Having to slaughter all your settlers if Raiders take over your settlement despite killing the Raiders and their leader
  • Collision issues with Nuka World rides making you get stuck in geometry
  • Your character randomly turning invisible which necessitates a game restart on PC and a CONSOLE REBOOT on console.
  • Blurring effects from head injuries persisting permanently with no fix, an issue that has been present since the launch of FO4

Or like all those funny glitches in Skyrim like.

  • NPCs breaking during quests, making them incompletable on console and requiring console commands to fix on PC
  • Clearing out locations during EXPLORING breaking some quests

  • Alduin becoming invincible sometimes when you use THE ANTI-DRAGON SHOUT

  • PS3 Save files becoming so bloated due to a bug they’d eventually break

  • Outright broken quests which will hard-lock the game randomly

this is not about a girl
and it’s not about drinking
or youth or
good times or bad times

it’s about
how the haircuts and the
oil changes stack up
on each other,
about how it seems like
your nails need to be trimmed every other day,
how it’s impossible to keep the apartment clean,
about how those that you swore you’d keep with you
haven’t called in years
and you haven’t called them
you have no desire to
call them

it’s about not having time
to fucking stand still,
to at least laugh a little
as it all gets away from you

anonymous asked:

Hello, guess who? Pixie anon! How about a HC were MC is quiet, until someone mentions something she's passionate about :)



  • such a sweetheart
  • doesn’t mind that you’re shy
  • he says it suits you
  • that it’s cute
  • of course this just make you blush
  • but once he mentions something you like
  • your eyes seem to sparkle
  • and words flow out of your mouth at an incredible speed
  • but he doesn’t mind
  • he finds you fascinating
  • he loves listening to you ramble about the things you love
  • and, either way
  • he does the same thing when he talks about LOLOL


  • he loves everything about you
  • so why would he mind a shy MC that likes talking about certain things?
  • he just loves the fact that you know you can talk to him about anything
  • and he’ll listen
  • Whenever you talk about a subject you both enjoy
  • you’ll both be like
  • screaming at each other in excitement
  • it’s pretty hilarious


  • she loves when you get excited about something
  • seeing you happy makes her happy
  • she’ll nod along
  • adding a few things in here or there
  • making sure you know she’s listening
  • she loves talking with you about things she loves too
  • she’s the same as you, really
  • y’know
  • Zen
  • Zen’s musicals
  • coffee
  • etcetera


  • he thinks you’re so cute when you get excited
  • he could listen to you for hours
  • not very much can be said about this with Jumin
  • he loves you
  • nuff said


  • whatever you get excited about
  • he knows everything about
  • he is sure to look up everything regarding your interests
  • just so you get like that
  • and get really excited
  • he loves your shyness
  • don’t get me wrong
  • but he likes to know about things that get you excited

It’s like
your mind is falling apart
into one thousand splinters.

And each splinter
becomes a single mind itself
thinking the thoughts
of one thousand thinkers.

Thoughts become incoherent,
causal chains become broken and messy;
There’s no rationality anymore
in thinking that’s supposed to be logical.

And the constant feeling
that the thoughts you have
aren’t even yours
is more than just confusing.

Disturbing is the perfect word
to describe the feeling
of your thoughts being stolen
or even be read by your surroundings.

Some say you’re crazy,
but that’s not true,
it’s just your brain
playing the games of insanity.

“Is this true what I see?
Is this real what I hear?
Is this reality
or is it just my insanity?”

That’s the questions
you’ve always in your mind.
But do you know
that it’s draining to live like that?

Turning into some kind of hyper-introvert
you avoid to socially interact,
holy solitude turns into cruel loneliness.

But do you know
that loneliness itself
can make you insane,
causing everything to worsen?

Becoming avoidant to life;
That’s not what life is supposed to be
to be at war with reality.

03/19/2015 Dywiann Xyara (I hope to bring a glimpse of understanding schizophrenia to the world)

No, you cannot heal
if healing means leaving me here
alone. I won’t allow it.

Stay close to me, hold
chaos’s hand. Tie your ship
to mine and
we’ll both
go down

No, please don’t heal, don’t
get better if better means
away from me. Don’t do it,
you should stay
and play with
my fire.

I started to heal once,
rehab for ghost hearts and
fragile bones, I patched myself up
with forgiveness and rope.

It came lose over time and the knots
were all frayed and life
undid the healing
I worked so hard for.
Time opens
all wounds.

So it’s better to not try,
accept there is no bandaid that will fix you, you like
your broken parts and
grinding gears, you can’t be
held together with sutures
or forgiveness or rope.

Don’t heal.
Don’t leave me here, broken.
Don’t make me fall in love
as you’re walking away.



Another Guy Is Flirting With You

You’re Dating Rap Monster

You’re Dating Yoongi

You Bend Over In Front Of Them

Their Younger Sister Dancing Sexily With Another Member

You’re Dating JHope

Seeing You Play With Kids

You’re Dating Jimin

Their Ideal Types

You’re Dating Jungkook

Their Idol Girlfriend Wakes Up After Collapsing On Stage

A Pretty Girl Needs Help Reaching Something

Their Child Wants A Hairless Cat

You Telling Them You Want Kids

Seeing Their Newborn Baby For The First Time

You’re Dating Jin


Their Girlfriend Is Short

Woozi Being Kidnapped

You’re Afraid Of The Dark

They Get A New Girl Member That They Like

Your An Idol And He’s Your Ideal Type

They Meet Someone Outgoing, Hyper, And Crazy

You Slap Their Butt

First Kiss

Their Girlfriend Eating A Lollipop


You’re Famous And You Meet Each Other

Another Member Flirts With You

It’s Too Hot To Cuddle

After You Have Great Sex

Their Girlfriend Freaks Out After Seeing A Centipede

Going Clubbing With Their Girlfriend

You Want Kids

Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda

G O T 7

You’re Dating Jackson

You’re Dating Bam Bam

A BTS Member Flirts With You


You Want To Break Up


You Fangirl Over A BTS Member

You’re Dating Ken

You Bottle Up Your Emotions


You’re Going Abroad To Study

Tao Proposed To You

You’re Dating Chanyeol

You Pretend To Feed Them An Oreo, But Eat It Instead

Going Clubbing With Their Girlfriend




Dan & Phil Preferences 

How You Both Cuddle

You Let Him Dye/ Dip Dye Your Hair

How You Guys Kiss

He Hates It When You…

Fans Favorite Picture of You Two

Your Trip To DisneyLand With Him

Your Date (Outfit)

Couple Tattoos

You Two Do A Livestream 

Kiss In The Rain

The Background On His Phone

He Finds A Picture Of You & Your Best Friend

The Background On Your Phone

Matching Outfits

Cute Couple Moments

Your Meeting His Parents For The First Time

First Kiss

Forehead Kisses

His Favorite Thing About You

He Picks Out Your New Tattoo

The Pet He Gets You

What He Sends You When Your Traveling

Your Favorite Gif Of Him

The Video You Film With Him

Gaming Video You Do Together

Your Wedding Dress

The Drawing You Make Of Him

You React To Hate

How You Guys Sleep

When You/He Wake Up

He Tweets A Picture Of You Sleeping

You Wear Something Of His

What Show You Make Him Watch

The Prince & Princess You Two Are Like

Your Job

Passionate Kiss

Your Favorite Video Of His

Underwater Kiss

You & Your Daughter/Son

How They Cheer You Up

Dancing Together

The Movie Characters Your Like

He Falls Asleep At Your House

Horror Game You Play Together

How He Proposals To You

Your Youtuber Best Friend

Your Baby

You Spend Christmas Together

He Takes You With Him When He Travels

Your On Your Period…

Halloween Costumes

Ice Skating

Your Texts

Your Song

Him And Your Child

¥ou Two At The Carnival

He Tweets A Picture Of  You Playing Sports

The Game He Teaches You To Play

He Tweets A Picture Of You Cooking

Your First Vacation Together


Picture In His Wallet Of You

Stuffed Animal He Gets You

He Takes You To The Zoo

Your Child In A Pokemon Onesie

¥ou Pick Him Up From The Airport

Best Moment Together

Lazy Days

At Playlist Live

The First Time He Sees You Cry (Slightly Depressing)

Your Favorite Thing About Him

What Kind Of Boyfriend He Is

You When Your Drunk

You Go Camping

The Romantic Movie You See Together

What He Does For Your Birthday

Eskimo Kiss

What He Gets You For Your Anniversary

Messing Around With Each Other

Kiss On Camera

You Go To Starbucks Together


You Make A Fort Together


Your Hobby

Breakfast In Bed

You And Your Dog

Cupcakes You Make Together

Amusement Park You Go Together

Your Swimming Suit

Horror Movie You See Together


Your Favorite Novel


You Have Scene Hair

Your Style Is Grunge

Concert He Takes You To

Matching Beanies

Christmas Stockings

Play Fighting


His Reaction Of You Telling Him Your Pregnant

What You Do When He’s Upset/Having A Bad Day

Your Wedding Cake

His Favorite Outfit On You

Your Childs Room

Your Kitchen

Your Bedroom

He Tweets A Picture Of You And Your Best Friend

How He Is In Fights

He Tweets A Picture Of Your Children

Your Child Riding A Bike

Your First Home Together

Your Laptop And Keyword Stickers

You Two Having Lunch

Tweets A Picture Of You At Lunch

You Have A Night In

His Favorite Picture Of You As A Child

His Favorite Part Of Your Body

He Tweets A Gif Of You And Him

Your Winter House

Visiting Paris

Your Workout Outfit

Going To A Fall Out Boy Concert

Visiting Toronto

You Tweet A Picture Of You Kids

Disney World Outfit

Family Photo

You On Vacation

Your Suitcases

You And Your Teddy Bear

One Direction Concert

Your Nursery

Your Favorite Picture Of Your Child

Going On A Lunch Date


You And Your Dog

You Visit New York

Picture Of You In New York

How You/He Is When Each Other Is Crying

You Move To London

He Takes A Picture Of You Getting Ready In The Morning

You Guys As A TV Couple

Car Rides

Drive In Movie Date

Your A Dancer

Piggyback Rides

Where You Meet

Your In The Hospital



First Move

Rainy Days

The Sweetest Thing He Has Ever Given You

Winter/Snowy Days

When Your Sick

Surprise Kiss

Proposal Spot

The Christmas Present You Get Him

What Quote He Says To Make You Feel Better

The Song You Catch Them Dancing To When They Think They’re Alone

Your Pregnancy Announcement

His Favorite Piercing On You

Favorite Movie To Watch Together

His Favorite Outfit On You

The Necklace He Gets You To Remind You Of Him

What Youtuber You Watch Together

The Set Of Beanies He Gets You

Your Ponytail

Matching Pajamas

The Onesie He Buys You

The First Meal You Make For Him

Picture Of You On Your Honeymoon

Your Wedding Garter

How He Gives You Your Engagement Ring

Family Halloween Costumes

His Favorite Gif Of You Two Kissing

The Celebrity He’s Jealous Of

Your Bedroom In Your Parents House

Your Closet

You And Your Sister

You Have Glasses

Romantic Text Messages

The Note He Leaves For You While He’s Away

His Favorite Way You Do Your Eye Makeup

Your Dan & Phil Related Phone Case

You Scare Him

Gaming Series You Start Together

You Come Home While They’re Filming…

What He Makes The First Time He Cooks For You

Anime You Watch Together

Your Kids Through The Years {Requested}

His Favorite Cut Out Dress On You

His Favorite Hairstyle On You

Vans He Buys You

Your Favorite Book

You Fall Asleep

What Fans Catch You Doing

Your Guy Celebrity Best Friend

Your Favorite Show To Watch Together

Your Guy Youtuber Best Friend

Fan Favorite Picture Of You (kiandra)

Your Paintings

He Tweets A Picture Of You Riding A Bike

The Song You Dedicate For Each Other

His Tweet About You To Get Married

The Cute Little Things He Loves About You

What Kind Of Couple You Are

He Carries You

Highschool Sweethearts

Matching Outfits Part 2

Sweet Gestures

So Close

Wedding Photo

Birthday Pancakes

His Name In Your Phone

You And Your Cat

Winter Coffee

Dan & Phil Imagines

What kind of girls can you see Dan and Phil with? Personality and looks 

Going Dinner With Them

Dan Howell Imagines

You Teach Each Other Something

He Is On His Book Tour & You Miss Him

He Distracts You While You’re Trying To Cook

Your Cute Texts

Gaming Video You Do Together

You’re Giving Birth

Gif That Describes Your Relationship


Existential Crisis

His/Your Turn On

You & Phil’s Girlfriend

When He First Talks To You

When He’s Trying To Ask You On A Date For The First Time

Him While Your Away

Your Reaction To A Group Of Girls Flirting With Him

You Make Dan Watch Your Favorite Reality TV Show

You Say I Love You Back

Dan Before Your First Date

Dan Talking To Fans About You & Him Being Shipped Together

Facetiming Dan

Dan Asking You To Get Him Maltesers

Dan Waking You Up In The Morning

Dan Seeing Another Guy Flirt With You

You Come Home Early And He’s Filming

Going To The Grocery Store With Dan

Sorry I Don’t Have A Name For This One

Dan When You’re Talking About Your New Boyfriend

You Have A Surprise Party For Dans Birthday

Dan Realizing He Told You He Loves You On Camera

You Have A Fight

Dan Getting Ready For Your First Date

You Ask Dan To Pose For Your Photography Class Picture

Dan Listening To Your Playlist For The First Time

Dan Talking To Fans About The Hate You’ve Been Getting

Him Bragging About Having You As A Girlfriend

Dan Meeting Your Ex Boyfriend For The First Time

Asking Dan What He’s Been Doing All Day

Dan’s Reaction When Someone Says Something Bad About Your Kid

Dan’s Reaction To Your Daughter Getting A Boyfriend For The First Time

Dan Describing What He Felt When He First Kissed You

How You And Dan Celebrate Valentines Day

Dan Having An Existential Crisis While You’re Away

Your Son/Daughter With Dan

Phil Introducing You To Dan For The First Time And His Reaction

Dan’s Impression Of You Being Tickled

Dan Reading A Fanfic About You And Him

You Make Bad Food For Dinner And Dan Pretends To Like It

Dan While Your Sick

Dan Trying To Be Romantic

Dan Being Vlogged Before You’re Wedding

Screen Shoot

Scaring Dan

You’re Having A Baby

Someone Tells That You’ve Been Watching His Liveshow The Whole Time

Dan After You Say You’ll Go Out With Him

Dan Trying To Shop For Your Birthday

Dan When Your Baby Is Born

Dan Trying To Deny That He Has A Crush On You

When Someone Comments Asking If Dan’s Going To Propose To You On Your Birthday

You Say Something Very Suggestive But You Don’t Mean It

Phil Lester Imagines 

You Teach Each Other Something

What He/You Love Doing Together

Part 2 What You Love Doing Together

Your Texts After A Fight

Your Giving Birth

He Tweets A Picture Of Your Child & Dans Child

What He Tells Fans When They’re Hating On You

You Walk In While He’s Filming A Video

Phil On Valentines Day

When You Hug Him

Phil Trying To Cheer You Up

Trying To Teach Phil To Juggle

Giving Phil A Christmas Present

Phil Playing With Your Kid

Playing Youtuber Whispers And You Ask Phil If He’s Ready

Phil Telling Fans He Wants To Marry You One Day

You Make Phil Cupcakes For The First Time

Playing Youtuber Whispers And You Ask Phil If He’s Ready

Phil’s Reaction When People Ask If He Has A Crush On You

On Vacation With Phil

His Reaction When He Finds Out You’re Pregnant

Phil Worrying About What Your Kids Going To Be Like

When Phil’s Mom Start Telling You Embarrassing Stories About Him

Him Giving You A Pep Talk On The First Day Of Work

Phil Coming Home With You For Christmas

Phil’s Reaction When Another Guys Is Flirting With You

Telling Phil You’re Pregnant

Phil Trying To Convince You To Come To The Park With Him

Phil’s Reaction When You Say You’ll Go Out With Him

Phil Picking You Up At The Airport

Phil Being Excited Because You Sent Him A Package When Your In Another Country

Fantastic Foursome Preferences 

First Kiss

Holding Hands

His Favorite Gif Of You

His Favorite Picture Of You

You’re Wedding Dress

He Makes You Breakfast


Cute Texts

Your First Date

His Clothes That You Wear

Your Christmas Tree

Your Kids At Christmas

PJ Imagine

PJ Serenading You

PJ After You Say You Will Go Out With Him

Telling You He Likes You

PJ Making Breakfast For You In The Morning

PJ Trying To Act Cool Around You

PJ Hugging The Stuffed Animal You Got Him When He Misses You

Chris Imagine 

Building A Fort With Chris

Chris Trying To Be Romantic
















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in my experience, psychosis feels like

  • your symptoms being catch all phrases for scary things
  • washing your face in the emergency room bathroom, but nothing is clean enough to get off the feeling of what the nurses think of you
  • nonpsychotics telling you they get it, and knowing they don’t
  • the instant look of fear on a nurse’s face when you tell her your diagnosis/es, even though medical practitioners of all people shouldn’t be scared of you
  • wanting to cry whenever you hear someone say “most mentally ill people aren’t like them!” in the wake of a shooting
  • people staring at you in a public place, and not being able to figure out what you’re doing that lets them know you’re not one of them
  • hating the halloween season because of how many people are profiting off your pain

feel free to add yours. wanted to get this out of my system

sometimes i think of you, of who you could be
i wonder what you’ll be like
your voice, your hobbies,
the color of your hair
your mind - what are you thinking about?
your name
i wonder
i know
for sure
that i’ll love you
and you me
and we’ll make something of ourselves
the way we both always imagined it

and so
i wait

in the dark, she tastes like you

Forgive me—
in the dark, her lips feel like
your lips, taste like
cherry chapstick
and the cinnamon on the rim
of your whiskey glass.

I let down her hair
and taught her to dance
with the same hip-rolling gyrations
that drive me crazy—
which you know all too well.

But no,
you two are not the same.
My fingers run through her hair
without getting caught,
and she chews peppermint leaves
before kissing me;
but she forgets I hate kissing,
I forget she hates dancing,
and last night she
scorched my fingertips on the stove:

I’m running cold water
over the scars where I once touched you.
I’m licking her cherry chapstick
off of my back teeth.


HEY GUYS!!!!! 

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after a long while of thinking about it, I’m finally doing commissions!

the prices are listed above but I can be flexible with a few things depending on what you want


  • Your fav characters!
  • OTPs
  • OC’s
  • AU’s
  • all the abbreviations you can think of!!!
  • whatever your little heart can imagine!!!

I can also paint acryilic on canvas or India Ink and watercolor, but that will cost extra for shipping and materials

i won’t draw stuff like lolicon or shota tho so yeah

I accept money through paypal so ask me for my email



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why are some websites like

your password needs: at least one number, one letter, one uppercase letter, one color, one character from harry potter, the name of one us president, your favorite body part, and your favorite garment circa 1600s france 

i’m sorry that you fell in love with a girl who can’t promise
sunshine in her hair and daffodils in between her fingers.
her mornings taste like a day old cup of coffee,
her nights are for fast food take out on the way home.
she leaves the door open in hopes that you will find
your way to her life at 4 in the morning when the world
fails to make you feel alive. she says yes and nods,
says no and shakes her head. she walks like the rain,
carrying a thousand tears kept inside her back pockets.
i’m sorry because you fell in love with a girl with more
bad days than the good ones. her lips taste like
your mom’s home cooked meals and loving her
is a sin your grandfather warned you about.
her love becomes the light that guides you out
of darkness and the very same reason for losing
your sanity once the full moon comes. her body
becomes the graveyard of all your what ifs
and what could have been. her soul becomes the
country you want to conquer and claim as your own.
i’m sorry that you fell in love with a lost child,
always looking for the next adventure
always lost as she makes her way back into your arms.
i’m sorry that you fell in love with a wreckage,
a museum of all the things that hurt,
a mirage of all her monsters.

i’m sorry that you fell in love with me.