things that will happen to you:

  • you will find a new song that you can play on repeat when you can’t sleep
  • new people will come into your life unexpectedly and make everything better
  • you will get good grades, graduate and find a job that you like
  • your heart will heal and you’ll slowly learn to manage the pain
  • good things that will make you v happy to be alive
sugar daddy! Jeonghan

notes: im sorry if this is bad ,,, i suddenly got inspired while eating chocolate, not requested or anything but i hope you like it :)

  • probably start out as fuck buddies 
  • this hoe too busy lazy to start a relationship
  • hence you
  • you guys meet at some dinner fancy dinner party and had some mutual friends
  • one glass of wine or champagne leads to like ,,, ten
  • and shit happens like people have needs okay
  • your both okay with it like
  • your busy , he’s busy why not relieve some stress
  • flash forward two/three months
  • he’s out shopping with like mingyu or something
  • they somehow wander into this watch store and damn
  • he sees this watch that just suits you so perfectly
  • and like your last watch is broken bc he may or may not have smashed your wrists against the headboard too hard ,,,
  • next time you guys ‘meet up’ he’s like “wait i got you something”
  • pulls out the watch and your eyes are about to fall out of their sockets
  • “jeonghan what the fuck. is that a fucking rolex”
  • forces you to keep it by saying some bullshit
  • “babe i cant return it i like lost the receipt” “i will smash it if you dont take it and all the money will go to waste because of you” 
  • you keep it but think how the hell are you supposed to go from a two hundred dollar watch to that
  • he suddenly develops this shopping addiction
  • but like just. for. you. 
  • like you might as well invest in some gucci stocks because they arent going outta business anytime soon
  • realizes after your 7 month ‘relationship’ that he actually likes loves you a lot 
  • takes you out on your first date after he finally gets the hint that you like love him a lot too
  • gets you a dozen of gourmet chocolate roses that he got from switzerland
  • so of course you guys date, out of love of course
  • definitely not bc of the chocolate
  • all jokes not really aside you guys now have the benefit of love too, the sugar and the spice
  • “the amount i love you is greater than anything ive ever bought you”
  • “well damn babe, thats a shit ton”

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~ admin seri

Series: Soulmate au bts and svt
Member: J-Hope (bts)
Prompt: Your world is viewed in black and white until you and your soulmate meet for the first time//Non-idol au
Genre: Fluff
Find the tag for this series here: x

  • You lived your life like it was some movie from ages ago: completely black and white
  • It was kind of,, lame let’s be real here 
  • You didn’t really mind the whole black and white thing- though you were a bit curious about what colors looked like, you didn’t find yourself “longing” to see them or anything like that 
  • It’s just that why did something like this depend on you finding your soulmate?? You understand love and all that jazz was great and everything but you just,, didn’t get the hype
  • Like what if you didn’t want to get married? What if you just wanted to adopt a dog and get a high-paying job and chill in a high-rise apartment for the rest of your life? What if you cared more about your friends than you did about this so-called “other half?”
  • Why was the whole damn world obsessed with soulmates??
  • Part of you wanted to meet them, yeah, but part of you also… didn’t… and when you perused some internet forums you found you weren’t the only one who felt this way
  • So while all your friends were talking about finding their soulmate during your teenage years, you chose to simply not care
  • You didn’t care when you found them, what color the sky was, who they were, none of it
  • I mean of course you were curious about all those things, who wouldn’t be, but you just weren’t motivated to spend your energy on it
  • Instead you focused on hobbies and schoolwork
  • You were a very motivated student, having mapped out your future for yourself that well… didn’t really factor in a soulmate into it 
  • You figured if they came along you would figure it out 
  • But you weren’t about to plan your future around a person that a) you’ve never even met and b) didn’t even know if you would meet and c) if you did meet, may or may not get along with 
  • Because you had read the stories, and however rare it was, it was entirely possible that someone could never meet their soulmate in their present life, although it was typically because the soulmate had died or something along those lines
  • And if they did, sometimes in this lifetime the soulmate was with someone else who they loved more, or they just flat out didn’t get along 
  • You’d heard of broken timers, compasses that led people to someone who was already married, necklaces that stayed dull and lifeless around necks forever, red strings of fate that were suddenly snipped, people who remembered their past lives while their soulmate didn’t,,,
  • Most relatably, you’d heard of lives lived in peace, the world a sea of white and black and shades of gray 
  • Some of these stories scared you on a more instinctive level, but at the end of the day, you were fine with your life and focused on the future 
  • When college rolled around, you were working and studying almost 24/7
  • Your friends always nagged you to get out more or to think about finding your soulmate because this was the prime age that people found them?? Especially on campus??? Like at least 50% of people found their soulmate during college why shouldn’t you??
  • But you were just “Nope. Too busy. Have a literature test tomorrow. Try again next week.”
  • You were,,, very focused to say the least,,,
  • You just wanted to set up a stable future for yourself,,, so you studied hard to get your degree and dream job and worked hard to keep yourself out of debt and start a little squirrel fund for the high rise you were dreaming of 
  • In your mind, guaranteed excellent future > finding your soulmate 
  • But when your cousin found her soulmate and invited you to her birthday party only a couple months afterwards, you found the topic was getting trickier and trickier to avoid 
  • It was a fun party at first!! You got mobbed by all your baby cousins and older cousin’s babies lol
  • And it was nice to catch up with all your extended family given that you hadn’t really seen them in a while,,, or talked to them because you had had your nose in books or working towards your next paycheck
  • Finally you all settled down to eat and you found yourself watching your cousin’s soulmate making a birthday toast while she smiled up at him so fondly,,,
  • You really couldn’t deny that they seemed insanely happy together
  • From what you had read, it seemed like a lot of people went head over heels puppy dog love for their soulmate the first like five years 
  • Which was just another thing that turned you off to finding your soulmate like that seems so distracting and annoying??? 
  • But your cousin and her boyfriend just seemed so,, comfortable
  • Yes they were a little gooey because of the whole new relationship phase that everyone has but for the most part,, they just seemed to compliment each other perfectly
  • They weren’t the same, but they weren’t totally different either,,, it was just a nice balance 
  • You could really see why people would want that sort of relationship
  • As the night wore on and you finally got a chance to talk to said cousin, you found yourself asking her about her relationship with her soulmate
  • And her eyes lit up in the best of ways as a joyful smile found itself stretching across her lips as she started to tell you about how they met and their whole story so far 
  • You asked her how he made you feel and she looked over at him with that same loving look she had given him earlier and said “He just makes me feel whole, like the fact that we’re together is enough to make everything okay, even when it’s not. I know I met him only a couple months ago, but I can already tell I love him, and that it must not be the first time I loved him, that I must have loved him in past lives too”
  • Before you can say anything else, she gets called over to open presents
  • You go home in a bit of a daze, her words bouncing around in your head 
  • Part of you tells you to think about all the horror stories you had heard,,, but the only thing in your mind is her story,,, and the fact that your best friend met their soulmate a couple weeks ago and they’ve been walking on cloud nine ever since 
  • And for the first time, you find yourself burning with interest and yearning to know what colors looked like 
  • Your hand brushed against the desk in your room as you bit your lip, wondering what the color “brown” looked like
  • Your friends had helped you decorate your tiny studio apartment so that you wouldn’t wind up having it look like a clown threw up in there
  • And for a long time you hadn’t cared, so long as it was comfortable and the decorations weren’t tacky, because it was all just a haze of gray and black and white to you
  • But now,,, you wanted nothing more than to see what it all looked like
  • For the first time ever,, you really wanted to meet your soulmate 
  • The weeks following this revelation were the WORST because thoughts of your soulmate never plagued you before 
  • But all of the sudden you’d be doing work and then you’d just be completely distracted by thoughts like “I wonder what they look like?” and “Will they be okay with living in a high-rise or are they going to live in a more lowkey place?”
  • You,, were still really set on that high rise lmao,,
  • But,, you didn’t have to be stuck with this thoughts for very long :^)
  • You met Hoseok approximately one month after your cousin’s party, on a rainy Friday evening
  • You had class at seven in the evening and normally you were super diligent to not miss any classes 
  • However, you’d been up late the night before working on this really big project that you had managed to turn in that morning 
  • So when you had gotten home from your morning class and finished up your homework you had settled in for a nap,, and forgot to turn an alarm on,,,
  • You wound up waking up like five minutes before seven and were just OH SHIT 
  • So you quickly threw on a jacket and grabbed your things and raced out the door 
  • The sky was clouded over from the rain earlier, and you could feel mist on your face as you sped across campus
  • You glanced down at your phone to check the time briefly as you ran and as a result, you stopped paying attention to where you were going
  • You yelped and shut your eyes tightly as you whammed into someone’s shoulder and slid on the wet pavement, rapidly falling backwards
  • You heard someone shout “Ah, watch out!!” as they reached out to grab you
  • But only wound up softening your fall a bit as you BOTH went flying across the pavement
  • You didn’t even ponder for a second why your heart was hammering so much in your chest, figuring it was just the shock of the fall
  • You kept your eyes squeezed shut as you heard a two voices call out “Holy shit hyung are you okay??”
  • Slowly you opened your eyes,, only to gasp in shock at the face in front of you, slowly filling in with dull pigments in color
  • The face seemed just as surprised as you, but it quickly gained the brightest smile you had ever seen on anyone before 
  • The boy kept one of his arms around you as he helped you up and waved to his friends (you would later learn were named Jungkook and Jimin), saying that he was okay and to go on ahead of him
  • He turns to you and checks you a bit as he releases his arm from your shoulders, asking if you’re okay and you can only nod, still feeling completely bewildered as you drank in the appearance of the man in front of you and the sudden presence of color in your life, however dull the shades were at the moment
  • “You see it too right?” you ask finally and he smiles even wider, making you relax a bit as he assures you that “Yeah, I see it too, I just wanted to make sure you were okay before I addressed it”
  • He holds out his hand and tells you “My name is Jung Hoseok, it’s nice to meet you, soulmate”
  • And you find yourself smiling back as you place your hand in his, only to gasp and watch his eyes widen like yours do as the colors around the two of you get that much more vivid
  • It’s a beautiful moment really, to watch the colors blossom behind his shining face, to see his hair turn an orange-tinted brown and his eyes shimmer with color and life as his cheeks turn rosy and his pink lips stretch into a soft grin 
  • You tell him your name, and you’re both stuck between staring at each other and staring at the world around you 
  • Suddenly he snapped to attention as he picked up your backpack from the ground and asked if you had a class you needed to get to 
  • But you smiled and shook your head and chimed out that you were sure you could miss it just this once and invited him back to your apartment so you could get to know each other
  • And as you started towards your home with him,, you couldn’t help but think that well,,,
  • You get it now, you get why people loved color, you got why people wanted to find their soulmate, you got why people always said they immediately fell for their other half 
  • The world was endlessly beautiful, filled with millions of shades of countless colors and your eyes were greedy to drink in as much as possible, to see everything it had to offer you in the aspect of colors and hues 
  • And the man standing next to you who laced his hands with yours as you two walked made everything that much better, because you felt something inside of you that you hadn’t noticed before fill itself up even though you had only met him moments ago
  • You could feel your heart swell up in your chest as you looked over at him, only to have him grin at you with a face so affectionate you felt like the only person in the whole world
  • After you guys got there and you found some baggy clothes for him to change into and you were in pajamas of your own, you spent your whole night just,, talking 
  • You ordered takeout at one point and learned which chicken place was his favorite and that he liked it best when it was tossed in soy sauce 
  • But you didn’t just learn about his chicken preferences I swear lmao
  • You learned about his childhood and his six best friends, about the fact that he loved to dance and made a few songs with his friends just for fun, how he was hoping to open his own dance studio with the two people he was walking with earlier someday and work with all kinds of people and hopefully make it a well-known place,,
  • You confessed that up until a month ago, you hadn’t really wanted to meet him and explained why, and he faked being hurt super dramatically until you smacked his chest
  • And then he just laughed and grabbed your hands and said “I’m sure the universe was just waiting to put us together until you were ready,, and while your ideal future sounds great and all, I think it’ll sound much better with me in it” 
  • You can’t help the giddy little smile that stretches across your cheeks as you agree, and you genuinely mean it too
  • You don’t want him to go home that night and frankly he doesn’t want to leave you either so when you invite him to sleepover he readily agrees
  • Before you two go to sleep, he presses a lingering kiss to your cheek and tells you he really is grateful that he finally met you,,, and you can’t help but snuggle close as sleep finally overtakes you 
  • Hoseok is quick to get to know you and vice versa, and you both find yourselves falling into step with one another quickly and easily  
  • You meet all his friends aka the Extra Boys and they all LOVE you 
  • Jhope sometimes says cheesy things to you around them and you just hear them shout from like 3 feet away and Suga throws a pillow at his head 
  • You hear they call him Hope and Hobi and think it’s the CUTEST and do it all the time
  • You guys are just,, so in love and your friends are like shook that the most anti-soulmate person they’ve ever met is acting gooey with their other half so quickly 
  • You, with Hoseok clinging onto you as he thinks about what you guys are going to have for lunch: Hey, love changes people 
  • Your cousin is one of the first people to congratulate you and you find yourself thanking her for opening your mind up to the idea of finding your soulmate and falling in love
  • Because you really do love Hobi,,, he’s just such a positive and supportive ray of light in your life and now,,, you really can’t imagine what your future would be like without him

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boyfriend; jaehwan

a/n: requested by anons / gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owner + stan hwan hwan


  • i can see him writing a song for you tbh
  • hwan would also be busy with making the melody / chords and etc.
  • “this is perfect. or should i adjust this part?”
  • he’d perform the song in front of his member first before letting you hear it
  • after the members told him it was good & jaehwan called you over to his dorm
  • “_____ you should come over today. we’re having your *favorite food*” if you dont have one then favorite drink
  • “oh sure, i’ll be there in a second.”
  • the moment you hung up the phone, this guy jumped and screamed ‘yes’ all over again
  • scaring some of the members that were around him
  • “you scared me. man.”
  • “_____ IS COMING OVER!!”
  • he’d be running around while laughing and yall know this guy’s laugh is creepy
  • since you knew the pass code to their dorm, you were shocked when you saw him like that
  • it was pretty awkward
  • daniel came into the scene and broke off the silence by telling you jaehwan has to tell you something
  • before yall eat
  • “oh? what is it… have you found a label for after wanna one?”
  • “no, no. it’s something that i’ve always wanted to tell you.”
  • “oh. okay.”
  • “but first let me get my guitar.”
  • he’d quickly ran out to get his guitar and then he came back
  • jaehwan sat in front of you as all the member were behind him giggling or filming what was happening
  • he’d start singing his song and you wouldn’t really know what he was singing about until 
  • you closely paid attention to what he was singing about
  • you literally sat down as well and hugged him, even though he was still holding his guitar
  • he was really happy and wouldn’t ever forget that day ever again


  • he loves going on simple dates
  • such as a walk outside at night or even at day and just holding your hand
  • or at parks having a picnic
  • or even just at his dorm 
  • sometimes when you two are on a date, he brings his guitar and plays around
  • while he sings to you
  • “i wanna stay with you until we’re grey and old
  • "just say you won’t let go”
  • i bet he’d even come closer to you
  • to hold your hand and look you in the eyes with love
  • after he’s done singing, he’d give you a quick kiss
  • “i love you ____
  • since jaehwan is the lazy type, i can see him enjoying just bed dates
  • cuddled up as you two talk from ice creams to sewoon’s debut
  • “i like oh! my angel. i almost died when kwanghyun started rapping.”
  • “ahaha, same.”
  • “i’m really proud of sewoon though, he really reminds me of myself.”
  • “i know, he’s like your son.”
  • you two would be talking for hours and hours until one of you falls asleep
  • “sleep well, honey.”
  • i can also see when the two of you wake up 
  • you two would watch dramas, movies and etc. 
  • for hours while eating of course
  • minhyun would be pretty worried about you and jaehwan sometimes because yall are quiet as hell 
  • and he’d be thinking that you two are dead
  • but actually the two of you are just kissing around
  • in silent mode - so that the smol beans dont hear anything


  • his kisses are probably really sloppy and wet
  • it’s almost feels as if he’s trying to suck up your skin
  • “babe. don’t kiss me in front of the small ones.”
  • “why??”
  • “i love you so so much but your kisses feel weird.”
  • “should i change how i kiss?”
  • “no, it’s okay.”
  • he’d eventually ask daniel how to kiss and it’d be awkward
  • “hey, daniel can you show me how to kiss like a pro??”
  • “sure.”
  • you’d walk in finding daniel kissing jaehwan his cheek as they sat there
  • you would be so confused like
  • your best friend and boyfriend are literally all over each other
  • “uhm, excuse me. mr daniel kang but that’s my man.”
  • “oh i can explain!”
  • jaehwan would just be sitting there as he has that 'what to do' 
  • he’d stand up and stand in front of you
  • before you knew it, he was kissing you
  • the moment you guys pulled away to catch some air
  • daniel was pretty happy, how his friend learned that fast
  • he’d randomly kiss you
  • like when the two of you are talking to fans or are eating out on a date
  • he’d suddenly kiss you, it’s cute but sometimes it scares you

jisung his face tho


  • he’d love hugging you
  • like most boyfriends
  • because for him, you’re warm and very cuddly
  • even the other members would start hugging you
  • but hwan hwan would get jealous
  • “you all. stop hugging ____!! s/he mine!”
  • when he’s feeling down or especially when it’s cold
  • he hugs you so tight, you wouldn’t be able to breath
  • “jaehwan, can you let go of me for a second?”
  • “but i’m cold.”
  • “you can go sit by the heather or hug someone else, babe.”
  • “no, i want you.”
  • he’d keep hugging you anyways but not that tight anymore
  • of course this guy would hug you when you’re down as well
  • “awww, ____ don’t be sad, don’t cry.”
  • “i’m here, it’s okay.”
  • he’d be hugging you tight as he pats your back
  • it’s pretty cute to see 
  • you two would even be hugging each other after practice / after concert and etc.
  • it doesn’t matter whether he stinks or not
  • you and him still hug
  • i can already see the fans calling you two the hug couple

missing each other:

  • he’d miss you a lot but he wouldn’t really show it
  • jaehwan would keep a smile on his face
  • when people mentions you or when the two of you are face timing
  • “jaehwan, you have a boy/girlfriend right?”
  • “yes, i have.”
  • “you two have been away for months, do you miss her/him?”
  • “i do but i don’t really show it, i don’t want ____ to worry.”
  • after some interviews
  • he sometimes breaks down because he really misses you
  • the members would try to cheer him up but it wouldn’t work out
  • but he tries to cheer himself up too
  • “be happy, everyone wants you to be happy.”
  • “don’t force yourself to be happy, jaehwan. if you’re sad, then you can be. everyone has that sometimes.”
  • “but won’t they all worry about me?”
  • “they will but it’s okay, never force yourself to do anything.”
  • in the end of the day, when you and jaehwan would see each other again
  • he’d be so happy that it tear up some of the members
  • “this feels like an end of a movie.”
  • “i know right, wait, i’m crying.”


  • mornings with jaehwan
  • i bet, he’d be sound asleep and you wouldn’t be able to wake him up
  • you’d even get the other members or some of his friends to wake him up
  • “dongha, you’re finally here! your friend here, jaehwan doesn’t want to wake up. could you please wake him up?”
  • you and dongha would use trumpets, cold water and etc
  • to try to wake him up but he wouldn't 
  • jaehwan wouldn’t move a bit
  • the moment you two gave up, you decided to kiss him
  • and guess what
  • he woke up
  • “good morning ! oh, hey dongha, what are you doing here?”
  • “morning, we tried to wake you up, since you’re late to work.”
  • and sometimes this happens to you too
  • but he’d do it in a sweeter way
  • jaehwan would kiss you everywhere he can
  • if that doesn’t work he’d take his guitar and start playing
  • he’d even start singing
  • “kiss me in your loving arms”
  • he’d even play around with your shirt 
  • and when you finally wake up, expect this guy to be saying super cute & sweet things to you
  • jaehwan would always be kissing you after he said something like for example
  • “whenever i look at you, i always forget what i’m about to say.” *kiss
  • “you will forever be my always” *kiss

this gif im laughing so hard

Awestruck // Dolan Twins

Summary: Your a well known singer that started on YouTube and now you’re on your headlining tour. On your free day you do an impromptu meet and greet before surprising the fans there with something great. Low and behold you catch the attention of the Dolan Twins, specifically the awestruck Ethan.

Characters: Ethan Dolan x Singer!Reader, Grayson Dolan, and Becky (OC)

Words: 3535

Disclaimer: I do not own any gifs, images, songs or jokes that may make an appearance in this. I also do not own YouTube. The songs involved are Macy Kate’s covers of ‘Closer’ (Chainsmokers and Halsey) and ‘Shape of You’ (Ed Sheeran)

Warnings: Swearing, The Dolan Twins (yes that’s a fucking warning), and FLUFF

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the end.

A/N: I’ve decided to start writing on the YouTubers that originally gained a following on Vine. These are the Dolan Twins whom post on YouTube every Tuesday. I’ve loved this for a long time!  Also we have an announcement on Saturday so stay tuned for that, because it’s exciting! PLEASE REQUEST ANYTHING

Master List

Prompt List


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You had sent out a tweet on twitter to let your fans know that you would be in a specific place with security. It was an impromptu meet and greet on the free day before the concert in L.A. and you were beyond excited. You were known for the multiple covers you did and you had only just gotten your own tour even if it wasn’t all that long.

“Are you going to sing any songs for the fans tonight?” Becky, your manager, asked. You were unpacking your stuff for the three days in the city.

“I’m not sure.” You frowned before shrugging, “I have to leave early to make it to the location without being swamped.”

Becky nodded before going back to checking over the schedule for the tour again. Without her you didn’t know where you would be especially after your other manager fucked everything up.

You only grabbed the necessary things seeing as you had reserved a large building to perform one of your new covers. It was one that was in high demand and you couldn’t resist giving everyone a live viewing as long as they didn’t make noise.

You started off meeting fans and taking the entire morning to do so even with a group of boys far off in the tree line. As the fans met you they would go into the building. It took seven hours before it was a smaller group and you were beyond tired of standing.

“How are you guys today?” You questioned pulling up your camera.

“Good…? Do you know what’s going on right now?”

“You aren’t fans?” You asked looking up to see two boys that look similar to each other. Each of them blinked as if they hadn’t comprehended my question.

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how come when anyone has a pet snake or spider, not even anything venomous, just like, your run of the mill tarantula or common pet snakes people always freak out like OH MY GOD WHY DO YOU HAVE THAT IT CAN BITE YOU?? YOU TRUST THAT THING NOT TO BITE YOU??????

and it’s like
your dog has teeth too, Brenda, and i’m pretty sure you know how to handle your dog so that it doesn’t bite you
snakes is the same

like forreal why do people have this weird bullshit notion that reptiles and arthropods are heartless, cold, unfeeling, violent monsters and are more likely to harm their owners than any mammals?
honestly i’ve been bitten and scratched by dogs and cats and other mammals more times than i can count but i’ve never once in my life been bitten by a snake or spider.

like honestly, every animal has it’s own boundaries and limits and as long as you know how to handle and care for them where you’re not stepping out of that animal’s comfort zone you probably won’t get bit.
(granted some animals’ boundaries are way stricter than others’, but you should always know what you’re getting into before handling any animal)

When a character is aro its because they have no interest in romance, like my biggest pet peeve is when says like their character was raised to be aro ok like

your lack of interest in romance isn’t a fucking plot device

this is something that bugs me so much like i see people do this with ace characters too 

“Hes aro because he’s too busy working!”


“She’s ace because she’s more interested in flowers”


a persons sexuality doesn’t coincide with how they were raised or their interests. its that simple.


this is not about a girl
and it’s not about drinking
or youth or
good times or bad times

it’s about
how the haircuts and the
oil changes stack up
on each other,
about how it seems like
your nails need to be trimmed every other day,
how it’s impossible to keep the apartment clean,
about how those that you swore you’d keep with you
haven’t called in years
and you haven’t called them
you have no desire to
call them

it’s about not having time
to fucking stand still,
to at least laugh a little
as it all gets away from you


Finally starting up art commissions!! If you’d like more examples of what I can do, here is my art tag.

I will draw:

  • -characters and parings from whatever fandom you’d like
  • your D&D characters (icons, full body, willing to do full page outfit & equipment studies with negotiations to pricing)
  • -OCs (again, just require references or a detailed descriptions)
  • SFW and NSFW (additional charge will be negotiated for NSFW commissions, and I reserve the right to refuse any subject matter that I am uncomfortable with)

I will not draw:

  • Mechas or vehicles
  • heavily detailed backgrounds

Extra characters will cost $10 each

Payment receivable by Paypal only; my apologies

You can contact me in private message or at my email: We can discuss pricing and details there. :3

Don’t hesitate to be very specific about your commission~! If you want a specific colour scheme, pose, dynamic, or any other ideas, feel free to tell me <3


I will only start the commission once payment has been given.

The Paypal fees will be included in the final price.

Thank you~!<3

“What do you mean Bethesda should do more QA? Their glitches are hilarious!”

Right, hilarious glitches like

  • Your settlement’s resources in FO4 being set to 0 with no way to fix it, randomly, which has persisted over multiple patches.
  • Enemy loot randomly having the ‘owned’ tag so picking it up makes companions hate you and some totally unrelated NPCs hostile
  • DLC having a tendency to just not be recognized. Which is an issue on every platform.
  • Having to slaughter all your settlers if Raiders take over your settlement despite killing the Raiders and their leader
  • Collision issues with Nuka World rides making you get stuck in geometry
  • Your character randomly turning invisible which necessitates a game restart on PC and a CONSOLE REBOOT on console.
  • Blurring effects from head injuries persisting permanently with no fix, an issue that has been present since the launch of FO4

Or like all those funny glitches in Skyrim like.

  • NPCs breaking during quests, making them incompletable on console and requiring console commands to fix on PC
  • Clearing out locations during EXPLORING breaking some quests

  • Alduin becoming invincible sometimes when you use THE ANTI-DRAGON SHOUT

  • PS3 Save files becoming so bloated due to a bug they’d eventually break

  • Outright broken quests which will hard-lock the game randomly
as you please:

my eyes are dripping from the well
inside everything, burning my paper skin.
i’ve outstretched my clothes, my bones
& nothing fits my shape.

i’m naked in the dark & i can feel a blade
breathing into me. these diamonds aren’t
lights, pressing into my spine. almost like
your thorned fingertips.

this is not the time to beg & plead for
forgiveness. my shelled heart has nothing
left to offer, except stained napkins with
meaningless words.

worn off lipstick smears on your cheeks
like a blushing sunrise, but i know you’re
a mess, holding onto branches that keep
snapping from the weights on your shoulders.

we collide every night & burst into dust.
we weren’t graced with stars & moonshine.
we never spoke of those midnights.
we never spoke of those midnights.

Music Series: Your Love by Little Mix

I’m going to apologize up front to this Anon. When I saw another request for a Little Mix song, I whined and pouted. I did. Please, don’t get me wrong. I like several of their songs. I’m just not a super fan. So I put this request off for awhile, but I don’t like letting people down, so I want to get it done this morning before I leave for my fitness training. I hope you like it (I actually love this one), sweet Anon, and thank you for asking!

This is “Your Love” by Little Mix, which can be found on Spotify, HERE.




Luxurious lovin’ like Egyptian cotton

If I ain’t got nothin’, least I got you

I wait with the top down, a milli in the bank account

It ain’t what I got but, it’s what you do

You and Harry looked at each other, lying in bed, hearing the birds and occasional passing car through the bedroom windows. You saw his smile light up his face, and everything just felt…right. You felt his fingers lightly trail along your arm then find your waist as he pulled closer toward you, kissing your lips lightly.

“Mornin’,” his raspy morning voice rang.

“Good morning,” you answered, tracing his lip with your finger.

“Wonderful morning,” he smiled.

In that moment, there was nothing else…no one else…but the two of you…and it was…perfect.

Deeper than oceans, as sweet as devotion, it’s all I need

You pull me close and there’s no way that I can describe

What your love make me feel like, oh…

Dirty dancing in the moonlight

That’s what your love make me feel like, oh…

Come and kiss me like the first time

That’s what your love make me feel like

“Last night was amazing, you know,” you said with a giggle.

“Oh yeah? Which part…exactly?” Harry laughed.

You bit your bottom lip, the corners of your mouth turned upward, as you remembered the hours the two of you spent making love.

“You smelled incredible,” you giggled and he laughed.

“Compared to how I normally smell? Or…” he teased.

“You wore my favorite cologne,” you flirted, kissing the tip of his nose.

“I did, yes,” he said, his hand rubbing up and down your side, softly.

You felt his kiss on your lips, gentle but deliberate, slowly tasting you. You leaned up over him, smiling at him before biting playfully at his lower lip, forcing a soft moan from his throat, before kissing his lovely pink lips with your own.

Late up on Sunday, ain’t workin’ on Monday

Let’s pack up and run away, just me and you

Come closer ‘cause I want it all over my body

Boy, there ain’t no heartache you can’t undo

“Maybe we could go away for a couple of days, hm?” Harry asked you, pulling your body on top of his and looking up into your face. “Would you like that?”

“I would love being anywhere with you,” you said as your lips trailed from his to the sweet little freckle near his mouth, soon finding that precision jaw that you swore could cut a loaf of fresh-baked bread, leaving small, sweet pecks that slowly found his neck and collarbone. You felt his hips jet up toward you slightly, as you looked at his face with a smile. His eyes were closed but his smile was large.

And in that moment, you knew you were going nowhere soon….

Like woah, if you know you’re in love and it feel like the one

Then put 'em up, put 'em up in the sky. Make me sing again

Woah, you’re the one that I need. Take my hand baby, please

Then put 'em up, put 'em up in the sky. Make me sing again

You tried to control your breathing as Harry plopped his body heavily behind you, harshly struggling to breath at your ear. He pulled you tightly against his chest, feeling the now-softening of his member resting against your ass.

“Fuck…” he released against your hair, his lips quickly finding your neck. “God, we have an amazing sex life.”

“Yeah,” you said as you released the gulp of air you sucked in earlier.

As both of your breathing began to fall into a slower, rhythmic pattern, you felt Harry’s arm pull you even closer, kisses landing gently against your shoulder and back.

“Still want to go somewhere, love?” you asked him, content in whatever he wanted.

“I think I could stay just like this for the rest of my life,” he replied, his kisses never leaving your skin.

“Is that a no then?” you giggled.

Harry smiled and chuckled lightly. “Just want to stay here and love on you, babe.”

Your love make me feel like

Dirty dancing in the moonlight

That’s what your love make me feel like, oh…

Come and kiss me like the first time

That’s what your love make me feel like

Your love, your love, your love, your love…If you know you’re in love

Your love, your love, your love, your love…And it feels like the world

Your love, your love, your love, your love…Yeah baby, Your love

Your love, your love, your love, your love

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