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I wasn’t very nice in this. After being called rude and whatnot my patience went.

I suppose my Teeshirt post which is here: could of took the wrong way. I’m just being honest.

I was just suggesting different ideas and I would of like to see a Spanish version. I love Spainish. Its a lovely language. However I never got a chance to say it.

This is the second time she went off on one. I just can’t support her anymore. I think its horrible how she treats people. I wouldn’t have even bothered showing this if it wasn’t for the fact I was in my own way helping her.

New Theory: Vilde’s parents are gay.

I think there might be more to the “Vilde is a Lesbian” theory. I think Vilde might have two moms. 

Vilde “wouldn’t that be cozy” Hellerud keeps trying to see what her friends think about homosexuality, about two women being together. 

Vilde “can we do it at your place” Hellerud doesn’t want people coming over. She’s probably too scared of what people might think of her when they find out she was raised by two women. 

Vilde “gets horny talking about clothes” Hellerud is overcompensating for her own attraction towards women by throwing herself into hetero romances, because two gay women raising another gay woman - people would say the nastiest stuff about her family…


For some weeks before we see Sherlock in ASiP when he’s looking for a flat mate…HE WAS STAYING AT MOLLY’S FLAT. His motive for finding a new living situation was that he realized he couldn’t keep things 100% platonic while in such close quarters with Molly day in and day out and she was far too much of a distraction. But! Of course he couldn’t quite give her and her flat up completely…

And that’s why for years after that it remained one of his preferred bolt holes!!

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The yuri not acting his age idea is so funny! but what if Otabek was the slightly lowkey childish one. And whenever they're out with victuuri yuri would just take one look at Otabek stealing glances at something and be like, "Otabek no" (we're not buying that cat plushie)* and victuuri would just stare at them confused.

Otabek is childish but he’s super streetwise. He’s also got great intuition and can sense when something is wrong. He knows how to trust his gut instinct and quickly lead Yuri away from a place if he feels unsafe or uncomfortable. HOWEVER, he’s got shit self-control in his impulsive purchases. Like they won’t be expensive or anything but sometimes Otabek just feels drawn towards that ugly zebra magnet or a glow-in-the-dark hat. 

Yuri, on the other hand, is not that streetwise. He has no sense of direction and will get himself in trouble if unsupervised. He’s also the one who talks Otabek out of buying ugly souvenirs and sweatshirts. However, Yuri blows way more money on his impulsive purchases than Otabek (who just stands there unamused and too tired to talk Yuri out of it). 

Yuri will drag Otabek into designer boutiques and leave the shop with three bags full of silk socks or some shit even though a few moments ago Yuri had just lectured Otabek on saving money and not buying unnecessary things. 

Imagine Stiles and Derek feverishly making out on the couch in the loft and Scott keeps calling them because of an emergency in Beacon Hills. After the fifth time he calls, Derek answers, pulling away from Stiles to speak. But Stiles doesn’t stop, he starts kissing and nipping at Derek’s throat, making it really hard for him to talk to Scott.