does anyone else have like. weird. personal relationships with their ocs like

some ocs u never draw bc its like they’re hiding somewhere and you cant think of anything to do with them and they dont really make themselves available to you like you dont quite know them yet 

and some ocs are all up in your face like “what should i draw” “me” “i already drew you like six times this week” “too bad. me again” “fine B( “ 

and some ocs used to be like that but somehow its like you’ve lost contact with them over time and its like a friendship that died out and you want to be close again but you just


men will be like “a woman should be able to sleep with any one she wants. anyone she wants as often as she wants. like maybe me. but anyone. and she should feel free to post nude pictures and send nude pictures to who ever she wants. to any one. maybe like to me. but you know, to anyone. women should be able to express their sexuality like men do. like they should express that sexuality with anyone, like me. but anyone really. and i’m here. to let them know they can be as sexually free as they want. with me.”

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bara prata: to just talk
fortsätta prata: to go on
prata dumheter: to babble
prata med: to chat with
prata om: to talk about
prata oupphörligt: to go on
prata bredvid mun: to let the cat out of the bag
prata förbi varandra: to talk past each other
prata gamla minnen: to reminisce
kommunicera med: to communicate with
också säga: to continue
plötsligt säga: to come out with
säga emot: to object
säga ja: to agree
säga nej: to refuse
säga sig: to speak for itself
säga upp: to discharge
säga åt: to tell
det vill säga: that is,
säga namnet på: to name
säga nej till: to nix, to say no to
säga sanningen om: to debunk
säga upp abonnemang: to unsubscribe
säga upp sig: to quit
så att säga: so to say, like
som man brukar säga: as the saying goes
som vi brukar säga: as we say
säga upp ett konto: to close an account
säga sin mening tydligt och klart: to speak out
berätta om: to portray
berätta något i förtroende: to confide
tala för: to promote
tala högre: to speak up
tala klarspråk: to be blunt
tala om: to mention
tala tydligt: to articulate
tala ut om: to have it out
plötsligt börja tala: to pipe up
tala förstånd med: to reason with
tala nedlåtande till: to talk down to

I’m really fucking sick of the whole idea that all mentally ill people have to recover like

Some of us literally cannot get better. We will not. 

And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Just because we’re going to be medicated/in therapy/dealing with this shit our whole lives doesn’t mean our lives are worth any less?

The whole idea that all mentally ill people Must Recover really just devalues the state that our lives are in right now, telling me that I have to be more neurotypical is telling me that the way I am right now is not good and not worth existing as. Well this is how I’m existing and it’s worth just as much as if I were recovered. 

And honestly, if you’re a neurotypical telling someone who’s neurodivergent that they have to get better, you are passing a judgement on that person’s quality of life without knowing jack shit about it. There are good things that come with my mental illnesses (hyper empathy, creativity) just like there are bad things, and you cannot simply by knowing the name of my diagnosis say whether or not my life is worth living as is.

So more love to people who might not or cannot recover from our mental illnesses. Y’all are wicked, I hope the good things come in big waves and the bad things give you a break. You’re strong and lovely and I won’t let anyone tell you your life is worth less because of how your brain works


but i do remember
what it’s like
to love one quietly
to bite your tongue
in the background
from far away
that your heartbeat
isn’t overheard
by anybody
it’s not unique just to me
everyone out there
knows what it’s like
to love something
that terrifies them
but i keep throwing myself to the water
just to prove that i can swim
i keep letting the current
beat me
from both sides
for so long
that it’s no wonder
i look like
some kind of bridge
to everyone
this year
my life
it even sounds
like a mixtape
about the river
it even feels like a song
that would sweep me up
if i let it
like a mouth
that would spit me out
when it felt like it was done
the playlist
this compilation
let’s call it
The River
let’s call it Merrimack
let’s call it Hudson
call it Connecticut
Delaware / Potomac
Patapsco / Raritan
let’s call it James
call it
French Broad
call it
Black Warrior
let’s call it My Feet Shivering
in the Sacramento
call it
Regretting You Beside Cherry Creek In Denver
call it
No Matter How Far
I Manage To Run
The Mississippi
Keeps Finding Me
it’s like that night
when you asked me why
i am so afraid of you
that i finally realized
you had no idea
how much wrong
you’ve done
it’s the sad
willfully-forgotten truth
that nearly all our rivers
seem to be named after
the people
that we stole them from
nearly all my nightmares
are for a hand
that has barely touched me
while i still carry the knuckles
of so many others on my skin
they dub me
Belle of the Bends
they call me
a mispronounced name
for an island
that used to be free
they sing it’s a long way down
to the bottom of the river
they sing one last time
before leaving
and i stare at the water
between Illinois
and Iowa
for one last time
this summer
i watch these people
and i see this boy
this angry
little boy
i see him catch a fish
how he stares at it
writhing in his hand
and then
how he throws it
straight down
at the sidewalk
as hard as he can
and again
and again
and again


Yes the title might be a bit too forward. I’m working on a project for school revolving around my own personal fears. My teachers thought it would be a good idea to include others in it. And now here I am, quite interested really to see if others have weird or unconventional fears like me.

What i’m going to do

I’m going to draw your fears as monsters based on the story told. They’ll be mostly black to represent the haunting shadow of how fear feels like. I’ll be trying to make as many as possible, it’s mostly a first come first serve basis be quick as i’ll be running this till monday.

What you have to do

Send me an ask,anonymous or not with a story revolving around your fear. It can be how you first started to be scared by it or how you cope with it. Anything that could have any visual triggers for me to use.

What it’ll look like

Some of them might even be animated. They’ll all me presented on a website so you can read and see what others are scared of and how their inner demons might look like.

If I get enough maybe i’ll publish a book who knows. So for everyone participating, thank you in advance! Also i’d be really happy if people could signal boost this ;u;

I’ll also announce the website when i’m done with it aha //sob

I need a peter pan!tooru AU in my life


  • flying tooru
  • very fierce sparkly-pixie-dust spreader tooru
  • tooru with a pan flute!
  • tooru skillfully weilding a sword and calling it ‘playing’
  • that pure, proud smile when he does something awesome
  • like defeating Captain Ushiwaka
  • (Ushiwaka with a hook instead of his right hand. just how cool is that)
  • basically tooru snickering with the fairies
  • “Oh, the cleverness of me!” …THIS
  •  his biting, egomaniacal words, and his childish demeanor
  • “Forget them, Iwa-chan. Forget them all. Come with me where you’ll never, never have to worry about grown up things again.”
  • iwa-chan as the kid who has to grow up and knows it very well
  • the seijou gang as the lost boys
  • and literally everyone else from the show like
  • some are pirates and some are lost boys and others are Indians
  • tooru messing around with the marmaids, or the other way around
  • tooru aggresively stating that he won’t grow up, ever
  • and tobio. tobio is the child that took his place and he’s soo angry with himself
  • he and iwachan living all kinds of wonderful adventures in the Neverland
  • them. dancing with fairies, under the moonlight, but it’s just pretending, right?
  • until iwachan has to go home
  • “Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”
  • “All children, except one, grow up.”


full vivi cosplay (minus the contacts and glasses bc i’m lazy and can’t find them)

here’s what my closet cosplay looked like

some things are off, like the shoe colour, headband colour, and i don’t have the light blue trim on the skirt BUT w/e i have at least one cosplay done for wasabi (which just happens to be next week OTL)

How a daydream seduces the mind inclined
to the undefined and undevised
sides of the seen, like
some stirring in the periphery 
that demands the reflex of attention.

And the slabs of stepping stone
in a white void the threshold between this
separation, a declaration
of choice or poised for
pulling gravity—a collapse in waiting?

This artifice I have watched layer the gloss of itself
over and again, brandishing the
blitz of glitz and grit and
for myself I’ve been looking in these places.
I have polished over and again the
marquise-cut obsidian of myself yielding to me
a gleaming black labyrinth of no-exit.