Cursed to feel worse

* a curse  from myself that works on an artist. i just needed to write this for a personal reason. 

Intent: to bring someone to the brink of desperation, self hate, and emotional wreckage for days to come. For when those who don’t think must be forced to face their punishment. 

What you need: 

* a pencil

* Permeant black marker

* something the victim drew 

* water

* Nails

* jar that’s safe to throw and destroy

* spicy things

* food they hate

* drinks they hate 

* things ( or picture of things) that person likes

How to:

1) have something the victim drew ( this is the tag lock. it works better if its sad) and poke holes in it with nails as if to tear their insides out.  the things that bring them together. 

2) take the the pencil and scratch out all the ‘nice’ parts of your victims drawing leaving them with nothing but empty sadness now that the nice things in their life are gone.

3) take the water and smear it all over the drawing. making their life hard to make out and confusing.

4)  open the jar and put in the food and the drink. slowly stir and then add in the spices. keep stirring until the inside of the jar makes you sick. 

5) put the drawing inside of the jar make sure the drawing gets destroyed. Add in the things that person likes. As it gets added into their sea of poison, they lose interest and only see misery in what once made them smile. 

6) close the jar and seal it up tight. Get the black market and write their name on the jar. 

7) Shake the Jar and then destroy it (in a safe place). Turn around and do not look back.

spamano fanworks where toni is doing all the work or where it’s pretty much onesided in the relationship are so goddamn boring like

show me spamano where it’s lovi sweeping antonio into dance. the two of them tipsy off wine and laughing together. what about lovino serenading him. lovino cooking him food. taking care of antonio when he’s sick. telling antonio he loves him every once in a while. like??? why do ppl write/draw spamano like lovino doesn’t give half a shit about antonio and just puts him down and acts like a petulant child and all that like im???

it takes effort from both sides to make a healthy relationship work and im tired of this weird overdone trope of toni just grinning and bearing it while lovino treats him like shit for whatever stupid reason like what The Fuck

TV Themed Sleepover Friday!

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