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My Baby's Got a Secret, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Summary: Right after Kurt goes to New York, Blaine finds out some interesting news. However, thinking that it’s for the best, he keeps the life-changing secret from everybody, especially after he makes a giant mistake and he and Kurt break-up. Months down the line, he realizes that perhaps he should have just told someone. Because it’s hard doing everything alone. S4 MPREG AU. TWO SHOT.


This fic wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the amazing plot idea by likesboyswholikeboys. All credit goes to her! :)

Fic: Klaine Drabble

I literally wrote this in about 15 minutes, in response to the tags on this post. So here, have a non-beta'ed drabble about Blaine mis-counting his steps on stage, and falling on his ass. pure fluff and ridiculousness. 

Please ignore any grammar issues, I apologize for this.

It’s not unusual..” Blaine’s voice trailed off as he danced to the instrumental track being played by the jazz band behind him.

This performance was important. All of the elite members of the art world were at this benefit, Blaine had almost passed out when June told him he would be the headliner.

And now he was jiving, as best he could, to the upbeat melody. Blaine is counting his steps. He can’t fall on his ass after all, unfortunately he was unaware that the dimensions of the stage had been changed to allow for another table, a table situated just to the right of the stage.

The exact same direction that Blaine’s shimmying was leading him. 16, 17.. one more, then spin..Shit!

That was Blaine’s internal monologue as he prepared to launch back into the song. Instead of there being that one extra bit of stage – Blaine’s feet met dead air and he toppled backwards.

Unable to stop himself, Blaine unceremoniously landed right on his ass.

Clenching his eyes shut, preparing for the sting of the impact on his tailbone, Blaine was momentarily stunned. Why wasn’t he sprawled on his backside? And where was that expected dull ache in his lower back?

He wiggled around. This is not the floor.

A light giggle sounded right by his ear, “No. no it’s not.” Did he say that out loud?

Opening his eyes, Blaine’s shocked gaze met the blue irises of a stranger. A very beautiful stranger. Blaine blinked a couple of times before he was fully cognizant of his situation.

OMG! I am in his lap! Blaine internally panicked. He immediately got up, apologizing profusely. “I am so so sorry, Mr. … uhmm..uhmm.”

“Hummel,” the beautiful blue-eye man uttered. “Kurt. Kurt Hummel, and you are Blaine Anderson.”

Blaine could feel himself blush, “Yes. That’s me, I am so sorry again Mr. Hummel,” Blaine began to ramble, losing track of time in his embarrassment.

Kurt’s melodic laugh reached his ears, causing him to stop his tirade, “It’s fine Blaine, but don’t you have a song to finish?”  Blaine could have sworn he saw a teasing glint in Kurt’s eyes.

Oh right, Blaine thought, he raised his head and glanced around the room – everybody had their eyes trained on him.

“I guess I better go do that,” Blaine mumbled, backing up and pointing with his thumb behind him, towards the stage.

The last he heard as he turned around, to get back to his performance, was Kurt’s voice, “And be more careful this time. I can’t always be here to catch you when you fall.” Kurt’s voice trailed off with a light chuckle. And when Blaine glance back at him, he could see Kurt smiling.

Blaine returned the smile, and continued to grin to himself as one of the band members pulled him back on stage, Blaine couldn’t stop the thought that he wouldn’t mind if Kurt was there, especially if it was for more than just tonight.

The thought didn’t leave Blaine, as he jumped right back into the song, “It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone,…”

queensoverwatch  asked:

So, pray tell, what are you up to this fine evening? (Or not fine, depending on the weather in your current location)

It’s too dark to tell what the weather is, but since there’s no rain on the windows I assume that it’s clear… maybe cloudy, I can’t see. I’m supposed to be doing some media work that was due today, but I managed to wrangle it so that I give it in on Wednesday :P But I’m desperately searching for gifs of ‘Amy’s in another haunted house’ from Ellen. If you haven’t watched, DO IT NOW. Well, that and tumblring and talking to you. And what are you up to darlin’? 

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