Thoughts on Mars in Virgo

I have often come across descriptions of this placement bordering on the asexual side of things, at worst, either/or not being very sexual itself. Truth be told, mars in virgo loathes direct confrontation, as its battles are carried on the intellectual plane. Its aggression shows through carefully placed words, as opposed to an open battlefield. Yes, they are complainers, but for all the good reasons. This is the one mars sign who cannot stand idiocy and ignorance. Its desire to make this world right will not put up with people who are not even interested in a certain cause.

Sexually speaking, I would say that this placement is most likely to hide taboo fantasies. They make the perfect slaves. Their fetishes run so deep that once you meet them on the same emotional level (we’re talking virgo so you need to impress their check list), you’ll never hit bottom. Not an easy prey, but sure as hell proves to be worthwhile. 

But I lost myself when i lost you,
I lost myself and i lost you too.
—  Lana Del Rey