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Guess who both suck at taking selfies now

Zeus is a blind Western screech owl whose eyes look like the night sky. 

He was diagnosed with conjunctivitis, corneal degeneration, endotheliopathy, and anterior uveitis, most likely caused by a traumatic event like flying into something or being attacked by a predator.  

His general condition is a capsular cataract and the white flecks that glisten in his eyes are the result of fibrin and blood pigment clots. These pigments cause a unique appearance that some have described as a “view of the Universe” quality in his eyes, which he is now well known for. 

Zeus’s condition does not cause him pain and he’s otherwise completely healthy.



“I have a friend who doesn’t get football. He always asks me, ‘Why are countries so proud of their football team? Especially when they score; it sounds like a third world war with all the cheering and yelling.’ I admit, it can be dangerous mixing football and nationalism together. Yet somehow, they go together perfectly. That feeling of pride when your country scores. There’s nothing better, my friend. Absolutely nothing.”