how i describe gay ships with male rwby characters, a nustshell:

Jaune/Ren: two boys hugging it out and much comfort in this ship

Sun/Neptune: bluenette finds out he’s gay for his best bro-friend-buddy-partner

Any Ship involving CRDL: ….moving on….

Sage/Scarlet: spicy and that is literally all i can say about it

Fox/Yatsuhashi: he has a friendly giant boyfriend and that is important

Bolin/Nadir: just let these two be in a cute relationship

Brawnz/Nolan/Roy: he gets two boyfriends figh t me

Oscar/Whitley: “oscar use the cane to hit this idiot”

Porter/Oobleck: it just kind of happened i don’t know where this came from

Ozpin/Qrow: “qrow no” “qrow yes”

feel free to add more descriptions of other ships with the boys

scouts-mockingbird  asked:

I don't ship them (I'm pretty securely in the JDonica category) but as a writer I almost see the appeal of there being nothing at all from cannon to base it on. It's totally unlimited and you could do whatever the hell you wanted. Not my personal cup of tea, but I see why people might get into it

(talking about jdmac) Yah ig I get that and since it’s supposedly a crack ship ig it just doesnt rlly matter lmao tbh im too tired to care rn oops

when you start shipping something out of nowhere

Yuuri’s English

So in my mind, Yuuri speaks ridiculously good English. And although his accent would probably never fade entirely, it’s likely very faint and neutral. This comes about from Yuuri just being, well, Yuuri. Yuuri hates standing out too much, right, so I firmly believe that he would practice his pronunciation as much as possible, until people could almost mistake him from actually originating from Detroit. 

That boy has probably swallowed a grammar text book too, embarrassed when people giggled his first week when he made a little mistake here and there. Of course over speaking it solidly for four years, in a less natural way, he knows his grammar rules better than some native speakers. International reporters love him because of this (none of the language barrier awkwardness). 

He’s also 100% better at the language than Viktor is. Although we know he’s fluent, there’s clearly going to be a difference between somebody who has lived in an English speaking country for years, and someone who isn’t using it constantly. I can totally see Viktor forgetting really weird words every now and then like ‘elephant’ or something, and trying to describe it with odd terms such as ‘giant horse with long nose’ until Yuuri supplies what he was trying to say.

Although this doesn’t say that much, I will note that Yuuri is dubbed with an American accent whereas pretty much everyone else who doesn’t live abroad carries their native ones, so it kind of confirms my thinking a little? 

So when isn’t Yuuri so great? 

  • When he’s sleepy 

If Viktor ever tries to ask him something when he’s on the verge of sleep/just waking up, Yuuri will respond with either a mumble, or very fast Japanese because he hasn’t registered where exactly he is. Viktor finds this adorable and just tucks him back in.  

  • When he’s nervous 

AKA why not so many people internationally know that Yuuri is so great with the language. When his anxiety peaks before competitions, Yuuri kind of forgets all the pronunciation notes he’s forced himself to remember and such, and on occasion gets mixed up. Sometimes he has to talk very slowly to remember the next words so everyone kind of assumes he’s very serious. 

  • Essentially when he’s emotionally overwhelmed 

I believe this to essentially be canon. Remember this in episode five?

A lot of the time I noticed that Yuuri pronounces Viktor’s name with a hard ‘r’, but in this scene he says it with more of a ‘ru’ sound which is closer to how you’d write it in Japanese (at least, I’m mostly sure about that. I’m not Japanese.). And whilst I’m pretty sure he also says it like this a few other times, I find happy Yuuri not controlling his pronunciation very sweet. 

Also sad and angry Yuuri. Angry Yuuri can hardly even be understood when he’s ranting (he’s also too angry to care about this anyway).

  • When he’s drunk 

This is actually canon! Reports from the museum all say that Yuuri gets very Kyushu accent when he’s intoxicate. Also, may I remind you of “BE MY COACH, VIKTORRRRRRRRRRRR!” 

  • during sex   

On a totally relevant side note, we know that Yuuri can dance hip hop well, so humour me in my headcanon that this boy can rap. Maybe not freestyle, but he can certainly recite some popular verses. It’s probably Phichit’s fault.