likes to nickname all her pokemons

Meruem and Komugi Playing A Pokemon Game

- since Komugi can’t see, Meruem plays the game for her by proxy, reading out all the dialogue and describing all the characters, Pokemon and landscapes

-lets her “play” by reading out the choices in dialogue and pkmn moves and she picks what she wants

-they huddle together for hours playing and tittering like lil kids

- Meruem makes the trainer look as close to Moog as he can, and picks out cute outfits for her

-Komugi loves it when Meruem clicks the Pokemon on the Pokedex and it makes their cry and she also loves the thing where you can feed them and pet them

-Komugi is more of a casual type player who picks her Pokemon based on how she likes the “look” of them, and only catches the ones she thinks she will use because she can’t stand the thought of unused Pokemon sitting alone in the PC box!

-Meruem, on the other hand, is 100% a completionist- he must get every Pokemon, every dialogue, every secret route, every item, every legendary. 

- so while they are playing and encounter a Pokemon in the grass and he describes it to her, she goes “Mmmmmm….. nah, I don’t think I’ll use it much, just let it be” and he like silently twitches

-or they will come across a cute one and Moog goes “Ah!! I want that one get that one!”, but Meruem says “…but its a weak one” but she insists.

- he KO’s it by accident and she smacks him like “NOOOOOOOOO FIND ANOTHER ONE FIND ANOTHER ONE” and he has to walk around in the grass till another one pops up

-Meruem wants to give the Pokemon cool nicknames but Komugi names them all things like “Rug”, “Fishy” and “Bagels”

-Komugi picked Pokemon Sun because she liked the description of the bright shiny Lion!!! Meruem liked the Moon legendary, so he has a copy of Moon, but it’s more fun to play with Komugi on Sun so he hasn’t gotten very far on it.

- They chose Popplio as the starter, her because she liked it’s noise and description best, he because it blows snot bubbles just like Komugi

-Meruem names it Komugi and Real Komugi bonks him on the head

-when the Popplio evolves all the way into a beautiful Primarina, Meruem excitedly goes “Komugi…. it’s all beautiful now just like you” (she bonks him on the head again)

- Komugi’s favorite team is: Duosion, Whismur, Spinda, Cubchoo, Popplio and Psyduck, and her fave Legendary is Mew.

((Feel free to add stuff!))

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NEITHER OF US HAVE PLAYED BUT I LOVE POKEMON AND I WANT THESE NERDS TO BE PLAYING IT TOO. pls forgive me for any mistakes, my knowledge is based on hearsay


  • Has been waiting for this day since he was 4. Him and Bakugou used to trek around the woods pretending to be Pokemon trainers and now he’s low-key hoping that this might be an excuse for the pair of them to hang out. 
  • Loves hatching eggs. He actually bought incubators so he could hatch lots of them during his 10k runs.
  • He just wants Lapras so bad. They’re one of his favourite Pokemon and he’s just waiting for the day one pops up on the radar.
  • Team Valour


  • Acts like he doesn’t care but if he sees the notification that there’s an Arcanine or Growlithe anywhere near he will jump out the window and go hunt down the bastard.
    *Kaminari in the bg telling him to love all pokemon*

  • The school is a gym and he’s been trying to become leader since day one but there’s no such luck. 
  • Team Valour (is not happy Deku picked the same team)


  • Loves all her Pokemon dearly and gives them nicknames and tells them how disappointed she is in them when they don’t win her any gym battles.
  • Has a Poliwag named Tsuyu and she refuses to get rid of it or evolve it. 
  • Is really excited for more pokemon to be added to the game because she wants all the eeveelutions. 
  • Boss ass Dragonite might actually win the UA gym for her. 
  • Team Instinct, it felt like the one with the least competitive people in it (yet she’s worse than all of 1A combined)


  • Vroom vroom engine legs were made for hatching eggs and passing pokestops.
  • Likes all aspects of the game but he’s a collector. He wants to have at least one of every Pokemon and wants to train his favourites to decent levels. He doesn’t like having just one op Pokemon. 
  • Takes everyones phones with him when he goes on a pokestop. As class president he must make sure that all people are happy and have enough pokeballs.
  • So so very jealous of Uraraka when she caught her Dratini.
  • Team Mystic


  • Aizawa is the gym leader and his main Pokemon is Persian. 
  • Present Mic keeps coming back to challenge it with his Electrabuzz but he can never win. The one time he came close his battery died. 
  • “KAMINARI DENKI, GET DOWN FROM THERE” - Jiro when Nari starts scaling the dorms to reach an Eevee
  • “NO. I’M GOING TO BE THE VERY BEST! LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS!” - Kaminari before he falls flat on his ass
  • All Might really wants to play but his aim is so bad.
    “PLEASE! Please, Pigeon! I just want to play with you”

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about your sakura headcanon that in the modern au she and takumi play pokemon, takumi would so be a competitive battler, keeping up with the trends in the meta and everything, and sakura would just use her favorites and win about 80% of the time due to a takumi misprediction or something like that

Absolutely! Sakura would just chill with her cute poke team nicknamed after her siblings and her best friends Kazahana and Tsubaki and maybe Takumi would let her win all the time sometimes because he loves his cute little sis.


Round 268 showcases Blue and Silver’s escape.

People say that Blue hasn’t changed and she stays relatively the same even in GSC, but that’s the misconception, everyone is growing up in Pokespe, even Blue who still showed that congirl persona, but even Silver knows that she’s changing.

Blue never nicknamed her Jigglypuff because it was scar in her heart that stayed with her, a reminder of the past she never truly let go of. It was only until she met the Pokedex Holders that she named Jigglypuff, finally.

Out of the original Pokedex Holders, there’s Red and Green. Yellow doesn’t count at this time because she isn’t a Dexholder until the end of this arc where she inherits the last one. So out of those two, who is the one who actually nicknames their Pokemon? It’s actually Red who is known for nicknaming his Pokemon.

By the end of GSC, her Jiggly is actually Level 57, the picture depicted is 53, so this is before GSC because she rarely was in it until the final battle.

I just find it neat that the most likely candidate who influenced her is Red because he’s the one who nicknames all of his Pokemon.

FRLG may be my most hated arc, but geez there’s some small neat details that will make any Luckyshipping fan happy.

Demigod Pokemon Go Headcannons

Percy: Team Mystic. Catches water type Pokemon and only water type Pokemon, with the exception of a Ponyta or two. His favorites are Blastoise, Gyarados, Tentacruel, Omnistar, Cloyster, and a Lapras he nicknamed Rainbow after Tyson begged him too.

Annabeth: Team Mystic. A dedicated trainer. Like seriously dedicated. Pokemon Go is no joke, she’s out there every day. Did her research, so she knows all the tips and tricks. Second highest level trainer of the group, after Reyna. Has a Dodrio and a Dragonite.

Jason: Team Instinct. Hasn’t quite figured out the game yet, so he hasn’t caught much, but he’s trying. Also hasn’t figured out the whole evolution thing, so all he has is a super buff Pidgey.

Thalia: Team Valor. Pretty good at the game, seeing as the Hunters spend most of their time outdoors. Catches lots of electric types. Her top two Pokemon are Jolteon and Hitmonchan.

Frank: Team Instinct. He doesn’t really play the game that much. He does like to transform into animals that best resemble the Pokemon around so that other people can get cool pictures. The best one so far is when Frank turned into a bull and posed so that it looked like he and the Tauros were butting heads. Frank ended up catching that Tauros for himself, just because.

Hazel: Team Instinct. Took some persuading to play the game because she was a bit overwhelmed by the technology, but ended up getting really into it. Likes giving the Pokemon she catches cute nicknames and setting up lures. She has an Onix, Staryu, Rhyhorn, Clefairy, and a Rapidash.

Leo: Team Valor. Catches mainly fire types. Likes giving the Pokemon he catches ridiculous names. His top two Pokemon are Magmar and Arcanine.

Piper: Team Mystic. Joins Leo in coming up with stupid nicknames for Pokemon. Uses incense a lot. Her favorite Pokemon is a Jynx she nicknamed Drew.

Reyna: Team Valor. Gym conqueror extraordinaire, and the highest level trainer of the group. She favors her Rapidash, Fearow, and Persian.

Nico: Team Valor. Catches the rarest Pokemon of the group. You name it, he can find it. Claims to just run into them wherever. In reality, there is a heavy amount of planning and shadow travel involved. Despite being able to obtain all of these rare Pokemon, he prefers to use Gengar, Golbat, and Marowak, bless his little emo soul.

Will: Team Instinct. Hatches eggs like nobody’s business. Encourages campers to play the app so that they get more exercise. Teamed up with his other Apollo siblings to organize a program that takes campers out on expeditions to nearby Pokestops so they can play the game and still stay pretty safe from monsters. His two favorite Pokemon are his Chansey and Kangaskhan.

Clarisse: Team Valor. Catches mostly fighting types. Challenges gyms a lot, and wins most of the time, but never against Reyna. Has a Primeape she is particularly fond of.

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Is there some kind of Hamilton Pokemon AU? Or the Hamilton charachters and their thoughts on Pokemon or something like that?

Idk if I could do a full-on Hamilton Pokemon AU, since that would require me to be literate in Pokemon fanon as well. But here are the Hamilton characters and their thoughts on Pokemon:

  • Alex played Go! for a couple weeks when it first came out before he got angry that he never held any gyms and gave up. A week later the “Team Valor” t shirt he ordered arrives in the mail. He still plays.
  • John takes Alex’s phone on his morning jogs to hatch eggs for him. Alex also frequently texts him to let him know if a rare Pokemon is in the area, maybe he could catch it for him? John looks up to where Alex is watching from their apartment window and reminds himself that he loves this man.
  • Peggy is the one character who actually plays. It’s holdover from her stoner college days. Her favorite Pokemon is an Inceroar she nicknamed “Yaoi Hands.” It’s fairly typical of her nicknaming scheme. No one likes playing her in link battles.
  • Eliza thinks Pikachu is cute. “He’s like, the most powerful Pokemon, right?” she asks earnestly. Peggy and Philip commiserate over what a #fake fan she is.
  • Hercules says he started playing because of his kids. But considering he completed his Pokedex for 4 consecutive generations of games, people generally don’t believe him. He and Peggy battle sometimes, though he makes her change all her Pokemon’s names first. He would like to give Mimikyu a hug very much.
  • Lafayette mains as Jigglypuff in Super Smash Bros. He has never won a game.
  • Burr actually started playing because of his kids. Theo Jr. just wanted him to help her with Super Training, but he ended up sitting over her shoulder telling her which Pokemon he should add to her team and what moves to use and what fashion items to buy. Theo Sr. eventually just bought him his own copy. If only the rest of his helicopter parenting could be resolved this easily.
  • Angelica wishes everyone would stop talking about this you all are grown ass adults.
Mekakushi Dan Pokemon Go Headcanons

These all take place Post Summertime Record underneath my own headcanons

-Out of the Yuukei Quartet: Ayano and Shintaro both go Team Valor. Takane goes Mystic. As per the usual, Takane and Shintaro end up at each other’s throats. Haruka, unaware of any ongoing feuds, picks Instinct. Both Shintaro and Takane instantly jump to his throat about him “Not supporting them.” Ayano has to singlehandedly stand up for the poor dude

-The Quartet plays a TON. Shintaro and Takane intend to fucking DOMINATE. Haruka generally just gets really excited about Pokemon. And although Ayano kind of sucks at it, she loves hanging out with everyone else while doing it. She has like 100 Pidgeys: But oh God does she try. Shintaro and Takane both have a ton of Eeveelutions and Dragonites and that sort of bullshit. Takane gives hers edgy names and Shintaro doesn’t nickname his at all. Haruka has the Pokemon with the highest CP: Including a 2,000 CP unevolved Pikachu. No-one’s inclined to ask how he got that.

-Haruka, being the lazy bum that he is, tries to ask Takane to carry his phone for him when he’s trying to hatch eggs. He whines and says “It probably uses a pedometer. I might never be able to hatch eggs, Takane!!!” She reluctantly carries it. When she discovers that it, in fact, uses a GPS and not a pedometer, she throws his phone directly at his head as hard as she can.

-The Mekakushi Trio all goes for different teams. Kido goes for Mystic, citing that Articuno is the prettiest bird. Kano goes for Valor, to be on the same team as his Big Sister Hero, but promptly throws a fit when he finds out Shintaro is also on the same team. Seto goes for Instinct in an attempt to be unique, and also because hatching eggs is a nice ideal.

-Seto hatches TONS of eggs. In between having a thousand part-time jobs and generally being a pretty fit guy. He doesn’t play the game religiously, but he figures he might as well keep it out. He never transfers Pokemon. He has like twenty-five Growlithes and he loves each and every one of them with every bit of his heart.

-Kano makes a game out of stealing every Gym right back under her nose immediately after Kido gets it. She is just about ready to strangle the poor boy.

-All of them probably get heat stroke in their huge ass hoodies walking around town for long periods of time.

-Hiyori drags Hibiya out to play with her. She pays for his cellular and everything. He gets! Very excited! But also kinda scared. He’s never played an actual Pokemon game in his life. They catch lots of Weedles and Pidgeys. Eventually, Hiyori realizes playing the game in the middle of nowhere is utter bullshit, and arranges for the two of them to actually be taken into the Big City again for more Pokestops and Pokemon

-He expects her to leave him behind to get lost while she’s chasing Pokemon or something. But nah. She actually doesn’t go on without him, even if she whines that she “Missed a Charmeleon because he was walking so slow.” They’re chill friends now. He feels very Cared for. They also watch each other like hawks to make sure each other don’t wander into traffic while trying to catch a Meowth or some bullshit.

-They’re both Team Valor. Hiyori picked it first and of course Hibiya copies her.

-Takane complains and suggests that the Mekakushi Dan should kick them out when she figures it out because she’s so sick of so many people being on Team Valor.

-Marry is very afraid and anxious to play the game outside, as crowds make her nervous. As such, Seto buys her a shitton of Incense with his hard-earned part-time job cash. She plays the game from home. She’s so happy. She’s Instinct like him. Even if she can’t help much, she’s a very needed part of the Team. Both Seto and Haruka can gladly agree the Mekakushi Dan’s Instinct faction wouldn’t be the same without her.

-She has! Lots of Ekans! She really likes Ekans! She thinks they’re super cute. She also has a Bulbasaur named Seto. She loves to name the Pokemon after her friends. There’s also Kano the Meowth, Kido the Eevee, and Momo the Dragonair, among other things.

-Momo gets SUPER into the game, and not in the same way as Shintaro and Takane. While they get into it for the competitive aspect, she genuinely just loves the game. She compulsively checks it like every two minutes and runs all over town trying to find stuff. No-one makes fun of her. Who are they to rain on her parade? She’s having fun with something she enjoys. There’s absolutely no reason to bring her down.

-She’s Team Mystic! Takane roped her in under the premise that she could “Help beat Onii-chan”. Plus, Kido also being on the same team certainly didn’t discourage her. She’s a huge help to the team. She takes lots of gyms, even if it always takes her a few tries ‘cause she’s a bit clumsy with the battling system.

-She gives her Pokemon really absurdist nicknames like “Egg” the Ponyta. Everyone quickly learns not to question her logic, as she genuinely seems to have odd reasonings behind these names.

-Konoha also plays! He’s not very good at it! And he mostly just steals Haruka’s phone, wastes Pokeballs, and catches LOTS of Rattatas. He tries. 

-Hiyori and Hibiya play with him and teach him more of the mechanics. He feels very Loved! He has a good time even if he’s not the best at it and wastes so many Pokeballs. It’s okay because he can run around town with the speed of a truck and stop at all the Pokestops and replenish Haruka’s inventory before he even notices anything is missing. Not that Haruka would actually mind.

-Generally everyone has a really good time but also tries to kill each other. 

Things I Love about Pokemon Moon from my first day playing it:

  1. The whole intro, just everything about it
  2. There’s no “are you a boy or a girl” question, just “which one of these pictures is your passport picture” which is such a more natural way to pick your character
  3. The graphics are GORG
  4. A girl calls her rockruff she instead of it!! Pokemon genders are being acknowledged instead of just being its!
  5. Lillie nicknamed her pokemon omg. Nebby like nebula, I love it. I think this is the first time a character has ever nicknamed their pokemon?? Which I love bc like. We have the option to nickname all our babies, why doesn’t everyone else?
  6. I’m already gay for Lillie
  7. THERE’S A BATHROOM WITH A TOILET IN IT! And a bathtub! And there are Pokemon beds! And your mom has a bedroom too! There are so many little details omg it feels like a legit world now
  8. My beautiful soon-to-be-mermaid daughter is by my side when I go in my house to show her to my mom!
  9. “Pokemon with cool knees are neat”
  10. Pokemon have actions in the pokedex! the little animations are so cute
  11. Let me just lay down on Lillie’s bed even tho i can’t lay down on anyone else’s bed that i’ve seen so far, nbd
  12. Team Skull is. My favorite pokemon team ever. They try so hard to be stone hard thugs but they’re just??? Fucking DORKS????
  13. Grunt B calls Grunt A “my boy“ and they’re gay together

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what pokemon go team would nico be on. tbh I think valor but whats ur opinion

imo valor but i know if i ask the other mods it’ll turn into Discourse Hell just like the Great Hogwarts House Debate Of June 2016™ im sorry jones my boi is a hufflepuff

percy chose team mystic solely because annabeth did and if they were on different teams annabeth would Obliterate His Pokemon Team And Seize His Gyms. (also blue is his color).

Nico chose valor because: a) he refused to side with percy (b) he doesn’t like the color yellow © team valor looks badass af like you got that Badass Mascot and the main color is red. u look at nico an try an tell me he wouldn’t immediately go for the most badass looking team like the nerd he is. his current strongest pokemon is a ghastly 173 cp

hazels on team instinct, but she still doesnt really understand how to play completely. shes just there to catch the cute pokemon. she has a clefairy and it makes her So Happy im cryign ;u;

piper (team valor) is the leader of the athena parthenos gym with a 960 cp jigglypuff nicknamed ‘Nicki Minaj’. there is always a lure module over the aphrodite cabin pokestop

jason is still a level two. all he does is catch pokemon and then look at them because he thinks theyre cute ;u; he and hazel Bond Over It. he loves his psyduck and wants to evolve his magicarp (good luck buddy)

Reyna has a 2160 cp fukcign snorlax guarding the senate pokemon gym in new rome. no one knows where she found her fukin snorlax but everyone is Afraid Of Her Power


Hi~ can I have a selca ship with Monsta X, BAP, BLACKPINK, Twice, and Red Velvet? Thank youuu~

Hi! Thank you for requesting. There are your ships. Hope, you’ll like the results. @thtoneasian

Monsta X:

I ship you with: I.M

Sexy maknae would be your perfect boyfriend who’d never leave you alone.

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I ship you with: Himchan

All his songs would be dedicated to you. You’d be his “Princess Incomparable”

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I ship you with: Jisoo

Jisoo would be a girlfriend who loves giving nicknames to her s.o. Even if you are in public she’d call you like “Jagiseur” or some other sobriquet connected with Pokemons.

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I ship you with: Momo

Who would not fall for her charm and beauty? This girl would get your heart and never give it to someone else.

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Red Velvet:

I ship you with: Seulgi

If Seulgi is in love, she’ll move the mountains to achieve reciprocity. She’d make you hers.

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Haikyuu!! Pokemon Headcanons

For @mothkitten! I hope you don’t mind I put them in a separate post!

send me (a) haikyuu character(s)/pairing(s) + a topic and i’ll give you a fuck ton of headcanons!


-          Hinata can never restart a game – not ever. Once it’s complete, it stays the exact same way forever. He gets way too attached to his team, and to him, erasing and replaying is like murder. He’s the type to favour his starter and level them up loads at the beginning and then have to go back and get the others to the same standard.

-          Kageyama takes ages to get from place to place because he has to level up each member of his team so that they’re on par before moving on. He doesn’t want any of them to hate him so he treats them all amazingly. He’s obsessed with finding out the bonding level of him and his Pokemon, and when he gets told that they love him, he gets the same stupid smile on his face as he does when he looks down at a volleyball.

-          Akiteru jokingly told Tsukki that when Pokemon faint they die when Tsukki was a small bab and Tsukki cried for hours and ran from every fight. Akiteru felt so bad that he traded Tsukki the Mew he’d gotten from an event and told him that Mew would protect his Pokemon and make it so that they would never die. Tsukki still has the Mew – he trades it from game to game, and it’s his favourite Pokemon, even though he knows now that Pokemon don’t die from fights.

-          Noya and Tanaka get all the Pokemon that look dangerous as hell and name them all strong names like Tsunami and Tornado and shit like that.

-          Tanaka, however, has a Celebi permanently on his team and he loves her.

-          Suga is a piece of shit and nicknamed all his Pokemon the same name so that when he and Daichi or Asahi battle they can’t send out a Pokemon that is strong against his own as they don’t know who the fuck he’s sending out.

-          Daichi hates to admit it but he has to use the walkthrough frequently.

-          Asahi is actually really good at Pokemon and is one of the only ones who can battle on par with Akaashi. He always apologises when he wins, though, and he’s 10/10 sure that Akaashi smirks at him whenever a ball comes just a little too close to hitting Asahi during practice matches.

-          Ennoshita stopped playing after the game switched to DS, but he still sometimes replays the old Gameboy versions using Emulators.

-          Yamaguchi and Tsukki get the opposite version to the other so that they can get every Pokemon, trading the ones that are exclusive to their game to the others. They play it together for hours on end in Tsukki’s room, telling the other where items are when they find them, and figuring out where to go together. When they reach the Elite four, they wait for the one who’s slightly behind to catch up before entering. Their rivals are named after each other.

-          Yachi always chooses the ‘ugly’ Pokemon because she feels bad for them, and she gives them cute as heckie nicknames. She dotes on them and they love her unconditionally. She doesn’t really care about strength.

-          Shimizu is a casual player, and she goes for months on end not playing it before picking it up again randomly and having a few hours play before not touching it for months again. She always forgets who’s on her team during her long bouts of being away.


-          Bokuto gives all his Pokemon stupid nicknames and then regrets it later on. He’s constantly going back and forth to the nickname changer to get their names changed. He only remembers the basics of who is strong against who, and sometimes gets them confused causing him to lose in a battle and get annoyed. He won’t play for a while after that. He doesn’t understand the master ball and uses it on weak pokemon.

-          Kuroo is that one guy who thinks he’s fucking hilarious and has a team full of Magikarps. He has a normal team as well, which is pretty strong. He prefers dragon types. Whenever he gets the legendary he names it the Japanese equivalent of Steve, because it entertains him to throw out God and have them named fucking Steve.

-          Kenma is the kind who prepares in advance to the game’s release, plotting his team and his starter from the get-go. His team is always stupidly co-ordinated and stupidly strong.

-          Akaashi is like Kenma, but he prefers to utilise combos such as Hypnosis –> Nightmare –> Dream Eater. Pokemon is one of the two games where Akaashi is better than Kenma, and it low-key pisses Kenma off. Akaashi has a secondary weak team that he uses to when Bokuto wants to play against so that Bokuto wins him because he doesn’t want to upset him.

Old Ultima/Kiwame appears, yep. I smell Ultimate Moves but how about instead of that since I’m sort of tired of seeing Ultimate Moves being used for finishers she teaches the gang about Mega Evolution? I also like how Sapphire is seemingly fanning over Gardevoir I was so sure she would be going gaga over the more masculine Gallade. Character development, eh? Seems she ultimately has gotten comfy with being her tomboyish self while retaining some of her old girly aspects like her love of pretty Pokemon that we saw at the end of the old RuSa chapters with her admiring Ruby’s Pokemon. 

She didn’t want to be a weak girl anymore, so she toughened herself up. Ruby didn’t want to be a hotblooded, violent boy anymore who took away someone’s innocence. So they both went in opposite directions, Ruby getting Gallade and Sapphire Gardevoir I feel is symbolism for them accepting themselves for who they are and showing all their sides in full view. It even has a nickname that Ruby gave it, her Kirlia. She’s wearing her bow with no issue.