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So I did it…

I did a costest for Zarra from @this-iswhywefight OAO

I really had wanted to get this out before the last chapter of So Come To Me and holy hell I managed. *screams*

I know it’s not perfect, but a girl without an endless amount of toupees can only get this close to fur with makeup :’) And I’m not a professional soooo >.> I hope you two like it anyway!!!! 

I love your fanfiction (piece of art) SO MUCH! And Zarra is such a great character, her bond with Matt is truly unique <3 She opened my eyes, that there could be a love beyond friendship that does not necessarily have to be romantic.

For me as a cosplayer (and not an artist) there aren’t that many ways to contribute to a work so I tried the only way I could <3

Shoutout to my tumblrless partner in crime for lending me her scarf for this :’) Bless you.

Photo/Edit/Makeup/”Cosplay” -> me

(Also this is @there-only-is-hitsuzen with greetings from her cosplay side account if you remember me from your inbox xD)

((The clothing I’m wearing are pieces of my (un)finished (have to rework it now bc the amor and pants are pretty different from what I thought before season 4) Matt Rebel uniform.))


Goneril and her girlfriend, Zuzana, singing kpop hits in their new apartment  ☀

I don’t understand why people are getting so butthurt over this?

Justice League was freaking awesome!  I’ll be going back to see it at least two more times in the next few weeks.  Batman was <3 Wonder Woman was <3 Flash was <3 <3 Cyborg <3 Aquaman <3  Just everyone.  They are all my children and I love them all.  It just kept getting better and better and I loved it!

They even had some sneak peeks at some future characters that just made me super hype! 

Just…please go see it.  Don’t let people’s hatred and negativity get you down and keep you from seeing this (or just basically anything in general)

anonymous asked:

Why all the Mona hate? He's a talking cat who is literally less than a year old His "verbal abuse" are playground insults at their most offensive He doesn't understand human social rules, as evidenced by his fawning over Ann, how he literally doesn't know how to treat people like friends. He has no filter, which is exactly why Ryuji just gets mad at him for like 10 seconds. Neither of them take it to heart, that's just the sort of bond they have; Mona's leaving the team is a different situation.

okay so this entire ask is ridiculous in the first place because he’s literally an anthropomorphic cat with human characteristics but the main thing that sticks out to me is “as evidenced by his fawning over Ann, how he literally doesn’t know how to treat people like friends” like is this how you justify that kind of behavior in real life?

Hey guys, I hate to do this for the millionth time, but I won’t be able to update Greyscale this weekend because I won’t have access to all of my traditional art supplies for most of the week. I’m going to visit my sister from Tuesday to Sunday for break, so… yeah.

But don’t think that this means I won’t be active–feel free to send questions and stuff!