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okay so awhile back I had seen a few posts about Monsta X not having good choreography. I was originally not going to discuss this because I figured it was just my biased opinion against that statement, but it has been bothering me so: The comments were along the lines of “yeah shownu could use some extra help with some moves” and “I don’t think most of their dances match the beat” and some were straight up “their dancing isn’t as good as it’s hyped to be”. Okay I’m not sure if I’m just like so biased, but I do know that I’ve danced for 11 years of my life and I couldn’t do half of what they do. Like seriously their footwork is so difficult and their group formations and collaboration as a group is outstanding and I see nothing but pure talent and hard work in my eyes. Idk that’s just me.


On this day in music history: April 22, 1989 - “Like A Prayer” by Madonna hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks. Written and produced by Madonna and Patrick Leonard, it is the seventh chart topping single for the pop music icon from Rochester, MI. With many of the songs on her fourth studio album “Like A Prayer” based on her Catholic upbringing in a large Italian American family, Madonna writes about her own personal faith, and about how religion and sex are intertwined and are often at odds with each other. The title track of the album will reflect all of these things. Co-writing the song with frequent collaborator songwriter and co-producer Pat Leonard, the pair decide during recording that the song to put a gospel choir on it. They meet with famed gospel star Andraé Crouch who agrees to add his choirs’ vocals to the track. “Like A Prayer” is launched by a high profile commercial ad campaign with Pepsi who is to sponsor the singer’s tour in support of the album. The songs music video (directed by Mary Lambert), co starring actor Leon Robinson (aka Leon) playing the role of a saint, contains scenes juxtaposing religious iconography, showing Madonna with stigmata on her hands like Jesus after being crucified, dancing in front of burning crosses, and sexuality (the singer laying down on the alter with the saint), causes the company to withdraw their support of her tour and pull the commercial starring the singer from the airwaves. However, Madonna is allowed to keep the five million dollars she is paid by Pepsi. The controversy fueled by the music video and the falling out with Pepsi does not hurt the songs commercial performance. Quite the opposite in fact. Released as a single on March 3, 1989, it is an instant smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #38 on March 18, 1989, it races to the top of the chart five weeks later. Regarded as one of Madonna’s signature songs, “Like A Prayer” has a long life beyond its run on the charts. In April of 2010, the pop superstars music is the focus of an episode of the hit series “Glee”. Its ratings success revives interest in Madonna’s original recording of “Like A Prayer”, leading to it re-entering the Hot 100 at #47 on May 10, 2010. “Like A Prayer” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

a (somewhat incoherent) list of notable things that happened at senior prom

  • friend 1 and 2 made me a cosrage??? its on my doorhandle right now i love it so much
  • so much dancing with friends
  • FINALLY witnessed friend 1 to dance with her date (as in they held each other) (as in it was v cute)
  • i got 2 eat like 8 strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • i got 2 stab a marshmallow with a stick and dip it in chocolate
  • surprisingly didnt get any chocolate or drink on my dress
  • dancing (for at least 1min) with the girl i like (like chill dancing like we were just grooving)
  • friend 2 and friend 3 abandoning me to “let us dance”
  • friend 3 telling friend 4 “jessie’s getting her gay on”
  • lots of sitting down and still dancing
  • stealing food from the snacks table periodically
  • kicked my shoes off at least 2 (two) times and lived
  • the principal went up to the dj to talk about “the swearing in the songs”
  • no drama from what i experienced (in my friend group of 11)
  • lots and lots of pictures
  • friend 2 and friend 3 yelling @ the girl i like to get a picture with me (which worked)
  • pics of me and my friends in groups and individuals
  • my favorite teacher telling me she was glad i was there
  • my favorite teaching hugging me
  • my favorite teacher giving me a 4 pack of glass-bottle sodas
  • actually had a rly good time & experienced 0 (zero) drama & would not do it again but man im glad i went


“For the fictional anthropomorphic mouse, see Cornflower (Redwall)”


I saw seven birds.

I saw two birds flying in a dance.
Their plumage markings matched,
they had matching plumage on their breasts:
one flew in flickers, in startling jumps,
while the other bore forth, self-assured,
but they dipped and danced like that
and through their separate ways they harmonized.

I saw a bird that pined for another.
It gathered seeds and beads and shiny things
and built a sad, shy hoard of gifts ungiven:
it couldn’t find its wing, poor bird,
it couldn’t find the confidence to call out its need,
but the pined-for bird could tell plenty.

I saw a bird that cared for others.
Its heart felt fullest when it knew
it had done right by another, had rendered aid:
this bird didn’t regret the bending of its own feathers
nor the faltering of its own flight;
it cared for others more than for itself,
but the rest of the flock would bear its sorrows gladly.

I saw a bird that saw itself, too.
It scratched its talons into tree bark,
leaving meaning behind in the notched scars:
This one paid more attention than most
to who it was, to who its friends were, to the passing of time,
to who its friends were, to who its friends were now,
and to who they all, in time, god willing, would be.

I saw a bird that valued rest.
It had lived long and traveled far
and come to lay its hopes on tranquility:
peace and calm were its end goals, its quest,
though it felt these had to be earned,
carved from the world like a statue from stone
or like a god from the faithful.

I saw a bird that made no sound.
The others chirped and cawed, at least,
while this bird only sat in leaden silence:
whether it had nothing to say for itself
or lacked the means with which to make a single noise,
it was quiet, quiet, quiet
but stored within itself a growing roar.

I saw a silver ship that carried a brilliant light against the dark and living storm. I saw a dark and living storm that chased a silver ship that carried a brilliant light. I saw a brilliant light. I saw a brilliant light. I saw all of existence at once. I saw a silver ship.

I saw seven birds.

world-fun-facts  asked:

EngIta for 20, 21 and 25, please!

20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

The UK brothers are a bit surprised that Arthur would go after someone with such a laid back attitude, but they like Feli because of he’s nice to talk to. Lovino is certainly protective, but knows that Arthur would never intentionally hurt his little brother.

21. Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?

Feliciano will be the one to start dancing. Arthur may complain a little if he’s in the middle of something, but thinks it’s endearing.

25. Who needs more assurance?

Feliciano, because people have told him that he’s annoying many times, and worries that he’s too clingy.


“Love actually” + 13 years later