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fallenstar27  asked:

So what dog do you like best? I know Seán has always talked about getting a jack russel but they are very hyper so idk if you'll go with that haha. So what is your preference? Maybe a corgi? Pug?

I would definitely prefer a pug, as in a lap dog that is fairly straight forward to train and doesn’t require a whole lot of exercise, but Sean doesn’t like pugs that much. He would much prefer a more energetic dog with pointy ears that he can run and play with haha! We’ll find a compromise one day, I’m sure! :P


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anonymous asked:

Why are you posting photos of unhealthy dogs like pugs and french bulldogs with very obvious stenotic nares and short muzzles? Should a big blog like yours really normalize sick dogs?

My approach is that all dogs are handsome. I’m not trying to indirectly promote unhealthy dogs, I’m trying to showcase great pictures of great dogs.

You gotta look at it from the perspective that not all pups are from breeders or pet stores, lots of people rescue these dogs. Same goes for cropped an docked dogs. Just by simply existing, you don’t think they deserve to be showcased? Be called beautiful? It certainly isn’t their fault they are messed up.

I’ve posted many many educational asks about the unhealthy reality of brachycephalic dogs, so I’m definitely not ignoring their health defects. But I’m not going to not post pictures of dogs on my gosh dang dog blog.

You can easily search this blog and find out all the times I call out pugs for being sad. I feel like I just did that this past weekend actually. But I’d rather educate you about them than ignore them completely.

And people are gonna see pics of pugs whether I post them or not. Same with designer breeds someone had beef with me about that too.

This blog is for every single dog ever.


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