likes long walks on the beach and chewing gum and touching her hair

“Whole Foods” - One Shot

The family vacation with Harry becomes…. delicious.

Rating: M ( Smut)

           “You’re coming with me” was all he said when he announced his annual family summer trip. Before you could even say no, he stopped you, one finger up in the air. You reminded him that you were not family, but then he fired right back saying that you talk to his sister more than he does and that his mum always asks how you are. So yeah, you were going.

           The beach he selected wasn’t the normal harry beach. It wasn’t in the middle of nowhere, there were more people around and he wasn’t afraid of getting noticed, you guess. So on TOP of being with his family, there were going to be cameras. Everywhere. He REALLY wanted the world to know who you were. And you weren’t sure if you were ready for that.

           Lying on the beach seemed to be what you needed, though. And you didn’t see any paps, mainly people noticing Harry and like the gentleman he was, stopped to take a picture with them and say hello, and then they had wandered off back to their own lives. Harry was a heart of gold and such a people person, a goofball and someone who wrecked you in the sheets as much as he could. And you couldn’t believe you were here, with him, on this beach, with his family.

           “Water?” Gemma piped up and the both of you rolled over from you stomach to your back, elbows propped as you started tanning the other half of your body.

           “Yeah, sure”, you thanked her and took a long swig, your eyes glancing around for Harry. You heard him before you saw him, your eyes focusing in the direction of his happy yells, and you couldn’t help but smile. He was in his element, tanned and toned, those yellow shorts making another appearance as you watched him laugh, pushing one of his cousins because he made the wrong call during beach volleyball.

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