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Warnings: Mentions of drugs, underage drinking, drunk sex.

  • Okay, so. College!Mark could go one of two ways in my opinion. He could either be a frat guy that’s kind of a dick but, like, has a heart underneath it all or he could be kind of a shy puppy that just kind of does his own thing and only gets involved with anyone else when Jackson is pushing him.
  • For the purposes of this headcanon, we will go with the former.
  • So, Mark is a brother of Gamma Omega Tau (he probably wouldn’t hold office unless Jaebum asked him to or something and even then, he probably wouldn’t be super into it).
  • He honestly wasn’t totally sold on rushing but, well, he’s one of those kids.
  • You know, the rich asshole guys that think they own the university because their parents will buy their way out trouble and they drive around in cars that cost more than most people’s rent?
  • Yeah, that’s Mark.

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Ikon x Mistletoe pt. 2

(Bobby, Chanwoo, Yunhyeong, Junhoe)

Part 1: Hanbin, Jinhwan, Donghyuk

This is so late. I apologize but it’s been so hectic because I got jury duty -____-

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  • Totally looking forward to Christmas party
    • She has to let me kiss her in front of people now.
    • *Sudden realization* Wait, do people even do mistletoe in Korea?
    • No matter, I’ll bring it myself
    • Laugh like a maniac at his evil plan
  • Proceed to get 10 different bundles of mistletoe
    • Just for safe measure, let’s leave this everywhere.
  • The day of, he calls you over early on purpose to help prepping the party.
  • Smugly giggles at you but refuses to say why
    • Baby, can you come here for a second?
    • What is it Jiwon? Why are you standing so still? You never stand still.
    • Come here!
    • Plant the biggest kiss on your lips the second you’re within reach.
    • What the hell?
    • Mistletoe. *giggle like a mad person, point at mistletoe precariously hang on the door frame.*
  • I need help with the cake!
    • Don’t mess it up Jiwon. I’m not going to get you another one if you do, the line is murder right now.
    • I know, that’s why I need you *Trying so hard not to laugh*
    • What are you doing Jiwon, where’s the cake?
    • Cupping your face so you can’t run away. Lands the biggest peck on your lips then cheeks.
    • Bunny smile beams at you brightly afterward when you roll your eyes.
    • Hehe, mistletoe *points at mistletoe, then run away.*
  • Honey, where did you leave my phone?
    • It’s in the living room
    • Where is it? *Snickering because he’s holding it in his hand*
    • Ugh, Jiwon i swear you’re 3 years old. What the hell, you’re holding it.
    • Envelopes your whole body while machine gun pecking the crap out of you.
    • Stop fighting and let me love you. MISTLETOE, you have to let me kiss you.
  • Totally overdressed for the party
  • Watches your every step in case your within 1 foot vicinity of a mistletoe
  • Rocket over the second you are. Kiss you on your lips, doesn’t even care about who you’re with. Or that you were in the middle of drinking your soda.
    • JIWON!
    • hehe, mistletoe!
    • Runs away before you can hit him
  • Finally the party end and you both retreat back to his room to rest.
  • You were so done with his crazy antics but at the same time happy because face it, who wouldn’t be when he’s so loving and cute.
  • You were in the middle of lecturing him after finding out about his crazy plan when he stood there, grinning like an idiot, Bunny teeth, eye smile, the whole shebang.
    • Oh my god. Don’t tell me. In here too?
    • Still smiling, nodding gently.
    • Damn it, Jiwon. Fine, go ahead.
  • Pulls you onto the bed, arms caging your head, features soften back alluringly. No more playful Jiwon.
  • You know I only did that because I’m completely head over heel for you right? *sultrily whispers*
  • Making you blush and fluster like the first time he asked you on a date from his intense gaze.
  • Leaning into a passionate, gentle French kiss. Doesn’t let you go for another hour before both of you falling asleep, you safely in his arms.

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  • Not particularly feeling up for Christmas.
  • You both agreed to a mutual break up just a few months back.
  • Thought he was over it but something about Christmas brought out the blue in him.
  • Doesn’t know what to do with himself since he always had someone to spend Christmas with.
    • All of Ikon noticed and hatched a plan to get him to feel better.
    • Let’s take him on a Christmas date.
    • Doesn’t want to but agree.
    • At least it’ll distract him.
    • Impossible to say no to 6 relentless guys anyways.
  • Plan totally fails because there’re couples everywhere.
    • It’s okay, hyung. I’ll just go home and clean my room.
    • Spent hours cleaning up since he hasn’t done so in months, not since you left.
    • No reason to clean when there’s no one to impress.
  • Found a box he hasn’t seen in awhile.
  • Open to find his little trinkets from the happy days.
  • Tears breaching, threatening to fall as he go through the contents.
    • The matching bracelets with initials.
      • He had gotten this just before the break up.
    • The necklace and necktie you got for his parents
      • He been holding onto because you were in the process of moving and doesn’t want them to get lost.
    • Plane tickets.
      • He wanted to fly you out for their concert but it never happened for obvious reason.
    • Thick stack of handwritten letters.
      • One for every day he was away from you.
      • Never got a chance to give it to you
    • The mistletoe from a few Christmas ago
      • Bobby taught him what a mistletoe was so he made you one.
      • Used it every chance he get that year.
    • Your couple rings.
      • This done him in as the promise you both had made each other rings out so clearly in his mind.
  • Ran out of the house with the box.
  • Doesn’t care about the cold, he could only think of getting to you.
  • Nearly broke your front door knocking.
  • The second your face appears, he stood there blubbering like a kid while reciting the promise
    • I, Chanwoo, promise to be understanding, to be patient, to always be there, and to always love you…
    • How could we have given up so easily, baby?
    • Please be mine again…
  • A few silent tears fall as the seconds tick by and you still haven’t move one inch.
  • Hands you the box, explaining the letters.
    • Read them, shred them, burn them… whatever you want to do with them.
    • Promise me you’ll take care of yourself.
  • Turn away because he doesn’t want to cry in front of you.
  • Chanwoo ah!
    • Nearly faint when he turns around to see you hold up the mistletoe, smiling.
    • Nearly broke you from his bear hug.
    • Places kiss anywhere and everywhere.
  • Spent the rest of the day inside holding you close, abusing the power of the mistletoe.

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  • Worries to the max about what to do with Christmas.
    • Haven’t been together long enough to do a trip like Donghyuk.
    • Doesn’t know every single details about your interest from being together barely 3 months.
    • Keep doubting himself over every gift he pick out.
    • Do I buy material things or meaningful things?
    • Why is Christmas so hard?
  • Practically dying because he’s scare of letting you down.
  • Found out from your best friend you’re not a big Christmas person
    • How could anyone not like Christmas?
  • On a mission to find out why you dislike Christmas.
    • Pissed you off unintentionally from pressing a touchy issue.
    • Angry at first because you’re being irrational
    • What’s so hard about it huh? What don’t you like about it? The weather? The crowd?
  • When you blew up, he’d feel guilty for making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Hug you super tight despite you putting up a big fight.
  • I’m sorry, baby. I shouldn’t have done that. Tell me when you’re ready.
  • Found out you got cheated on last Christmas.
    • Nearly kill himself over being so insensitive when about your heartbreak.
    • I’m so so so so sorry,baby. I thought it was some silly reason…
    • Feel so guilty he broke down crying because he hurt you, because you got hurt, because he couldn’t protect you.
      • You’re funny, Yunhyeong. I didn’t even know you then.
  • On another mission!
    • Make Christmas as painless for you as possible.
  • Pick you up Christmas eve for the party at the dorm.
  • Stay by your side the whole time
    • I can go to the bathroom by myself, you know.
    • I know… Just in case.
  • Send you home later that night without giving any hint about what he had plan for tomorrow.
    • Don’t worry, we’re not doing anything you’re uncomfortable with.
  • Next morning you woke up from the smell of breakfast.
    • Yunhyeong in an apron cooking for you *hot*
    • Good morning, love!
    • How the hell did you get in?
    • Don’t worry, I have my way. *seductive wink*
    • Force feed you.
  • Set up a countless pillows and blanket on top of a soft fuzzy rug in front of the fire place.
    • I know you’re not overly fond of Christmas so I thought we can spend it inside, just us.
    • I know it’s nothing fancy but I thought as long as we have each other, who care what’s going on with the world.
  • Pulls out a big box of DVDs
    • I didn’t know if you hate Christmas movie too so I got everything.
  • Spent the rest of the day making gingerbread house and Christmas movies marathon.
    • Insisting that he has the better house
    • Sabotage yours
    • You sabotage his
    • Frosting fight
    • Get frosting on your cheeks on purpose ;)
  • Finally clean up and settle down to not really watch movie
    • Sit there with you in his arm
    • Staring at you instead of the movie
    • Yunhyeong, I’m not in the movie.
    • What?
  • Nervous to the max about something
    • super jumpy
    • sweaty palm
    • sweaty in general
    • stutter and stammer whenever you say something
  • Finally fessed up there’s something he wanted to do but since it’s Christmas theme, he got scared.
    • It’s fine, baby. I know you’re not my ex. Just because he messed up doesn’t mean you get all the consequences.
  • Pulls out mistletoe he hid in the corner of the room
    • I never got to do this before and I always wanted to do it with someone that’s special to my heart.
  • Shares with you the most intense, loving kiss of your life.
    • Merry Christmas, baby. I promise you’ll never go through another sad Christmas, ever again.

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  • Totally not liking the hoard of people the holiday brings out
    • why are there so many people, don’t they have work or something?
    • Annoys you to the max complaining about leaving the house because he doesn’t wanna deal with the crowd.
    • Can we not leave the house till like after Christmas?
    • We don’t need to eat.
    • You want me to go outside, like the snowing, storming outside?
  • Turn down all the plan you made for Christmas
    • Presents are over rated
    • Nah, they won’t miss us at the party
    • You want me to go shopping in a zombie apocalypse… uh how about no.
  • Totally doesn’t notice your struggle with getting everyone presents.
  • Absolutely no help at home either because he’s still jet lagged from coming back from the tour recently.
  • Spent most of the week in bed, on the couch, then in bed again.
  • You don’t blame him, touring is hard in general but you were getting frustrated.
  • Nagged you for not cleaning up the kitchen because now he can’t make himself food.
    • You know what, June?
    • What? *retorts sassily, oblivious of your rage*
    • You clean the damn house yourself.
    • You buy then wrap the presents for everyone yourself.
    • I’m done.
  • Doesn’t understand why you got mad then stormed off.
    • Whatever, she’ll come back in a bit.
    • Got worry as dusk settles in and you weren’t back.
    • Oh no, it’s really starting to snow out.
  • Wander around the house to find his phone.
    • Notices the ginormous piles of presents, neatly labeled for both his and yours friends and family.
    • Notices the Christmas tree beaming brilliantly in the corner of the living room.
    • Notices the fridge is full of food prepped for the party tomorrow night.
  • Sudden guilt washes over
  • Blames himself
    • You’re an ass June, your lazy ass left her to do all the holiday shit on her own
    • No wonder she’s angry.
  • Went to get change to go find you
  • Notices the pair of ticket you got for the winter festival for 2 days ago.
    • Feels even more guilty because he turned you down for sleep.
  • You came back late that night to find the house completely dark.
    • Baby, come here. *Calls you from the dinning room*
  • You jaw drop in awe.
  • Table decked out in decoration for a romantic dinner.
    • Candles, flowers, wine, the whole shebang.
    • He walks out from the other room, in a suit, holding a big bouquet of roses.
  • Give you no time to react before walking over, holding something above your head then presses a big kiss onto your lips.
    • I’m so sorry for being a jerk.
    • Forgive me. If only I had known you planned a date for us. I’m so stupid.
    • This totally doesn’t make up for anything but I hope it makes you feel even just a tiny bit better.
  • Totally swoons you.
    • Is that a mistletoe you got there, Koo Junhoe?
    • Don’t tease me, I can get the dinner together I can take it away just as fast.
    • Ugh, you sassy ass.
  • No, YOUR sassy ass. Love you.

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What I Love About - Dimple

As far as I’m concerned he’s alive until proven (double) dead. So here’s what I love about him. Definite spoilers for anyone who hasn’t gotten up-to-date with the manga.

  • He’s seriously had a bunch of character development.
    • Okay, so he never really gave up his ambition of being God.
    • But he used to throw people around and take total control of them to get his way.
    • Lately with his mind power he only took control of one specific aspect of people to get his way.
    • Somehow that was even creepier.
  • He’s a little troublemaker (I have a different word in mind, but it’s Polish and I don’t know how to spell it).
    • A true sassmaster like a lot of MP100′s characters.
    • Loves messing with people.
    • If it was revealed that he purposely moved furniture in the office like a few millimeters over just so Reigen would trip or stumble into it I would believe it
  • His design is pretty cool. It’s unique to say the least.
  • Totally called Reigen out upon first seeing him (despite Reigen not being able to hear/see him) but was still insulted when Reigen called him a lower level spirit
  • He’s like one of those guys in anime that sees someone stronger and says, “Yeah, well, if I was at full power I could totally do that.” (Doesn’t mean he actually could because even with the Diving Tree arc we don’t get to see him at his height of power)
  • Dimple’s a good friend
    • *Cries forever*
  • Despite acting cowardly and wanting to save his own skin he still sticks by Mob and Reigen
    • In the Mogami arc, he was scared almost senseless but he didn’t try to leave when Mob and Reigen got trapped with the other psychics
    • He’s a spirit he could have easily left
    • Stayed with them, kept Mob’s body safe, and then went after him
    • Protected Mob’s body by possessing it and then possessing Gouda in the World Domination arc
    • Stayed with Mob until he got his butt kicked by Suzuki Touichirou
  • Still has not possessed Reigen
    • Reigen is like the easiest target, he’s not psychic and he’s always right there
    • Probably hasn’t done it because he knows Mob will slapped him right out but still
  • He keeps on possessing different people (except Reigen)
    • I don’t know, I kinda find it funny
    • What is he up to now, like 6-7 people that he’s possessed if you include the Kageyama bros
  • He did help Ritsu, kinda, with developing his powers
    • And he went to get help when he saw things were going too far
  • The way he keeps trying to shake psychic’s hands only to get kicked or slammed around
    • I’m looking at you, Mob and Ritsu
    • No wonder he avoided Reigen’s hand when he went to touch him after he gained the ability to see spirits
  • Dimple does actually help Reigen when Mob’s not available
    • Not during the Separation arc obviously, but otherwise yes
    • Actually during the Separation arc, way to rub salt in the wound, you jerk
    • Hey, it’s free food when he helps Reigen
  • He is totally Mob’s parent along with Reigen
    • Only other person besides Reigen who went up to an esper and asked them to stop fighting Mob because they both know he doesn’t want to fight anyone
    • During the World Domination arc he calmed Mob down enough so he didn’t completely explode in a way that would kill everyone
    • Then he and Reigen had multiple powwows during the arc on how to help Mob (like when he and Mob first got to the hide-out and when they were tracked down by the Claw espers)
    • He and Reigen looked after Mob together
  • He realized that it wasn’t necessarily that he wanted to be God
    • The real thing he wanted was friends
  • He always comes back
    • Every time he’s gotten trounced and/or it looks like he was finally killed, he pops back up

-someone help him
-he’s so innocent
-he’d go completely red at half of the cards
-would set cards down without looking at them, just wanting to get it over with
-mc would try to pick his card, knowing that even for a game like this he can be a bit of a sore loser (cant tell me he wouldn’t be)

-this game is his favourite, especially if he’s playing with Rfa member
-he’d purposely pick the raunchiest answers when it’s Yoosung’s turn to read
-if Yoosung came across a world he didn’t understand he’d give a totally wrong definition
-would get extremely flustered reading out raunchy answers, constantly wondering if mc gave him a dirty answer
-would creat a card saying “does Jumin Han is gay?” And would use it every chance he got (probably made more than one)

-would take pictures of answers he found funny
-wouldn’t be overly good at it at first(trying to keep the beast contained in front of mc)
-would give purely insulting things when Jumin reads the cards
-would makes cards just for Jumin to read (things like “i hate cats” “i am unworthy of being in zen’s presence” ect)
-would probably help Seven sass Jumin by giving Jumin a handmade answer card that says “yes, Jumin Han does is gay”

-good luck getting her to play
-better get your hands on some killer zen swag and bribe her with it
-she diesn’t see the point of the game until she realizes that she can subtly insult her boss right to his face (or make Zen say kinky things cause what true fan wouldn’t want that?)
-is surprusingly good at it. People are sometimes shocked by her answers

- totally wouldn’t get the point of the game
-but he’d do anything mc asked him to
-would totally only play cards that logically answered the question card
-would get overly turned on and possesive when mc would give a raunchy answer (only he should know mc’s perverted side)
-would read answers without getting awkward
-might realize that Seven and Zen are trying to fuck with him so he’d stare at them intently whenever reading answers until they got uncomfortable and stop
-once those two stop messing with him he’d get bored and want to take mc home
-he’d then stare at mc whenever reading raunchy answers, following it by stating that those would be things he’d like to try with mc (oblivious to everyone elses discomfort at his comments)
-his hitting on mc would likely be what ends the game, mc dragging him home to spare everyone hus comments (and to let him try out those things)

-would be seated next to mc, getting them to help him pick his cards
-actually looks forward to this game cause he loves having mc’s body press against him and hearing their vouce whusper in his ear
-might pretend not to hear them first time so that they press closer
-would also get mc to play his cards (has a surprisingly wicked sense of humor once he stops feeling guilty over everything in his life)
-likes to ask mc to pick a card by phrasing it as sexually as possible ei “i want ‘eating out’” or “can you grab my 'biggest cock’….card?”
-loves how mc’s entire body get warmer when he whisper those things in their ear (sometimes feels guilty about it)
-would apologise after giving shocking answers
-would have a hard time choosing between mc and Yoosung as winning cards (knows whose are whose because the noises they make)

-wouldn’t want to play…ever
-would be much like Jumin with only giving logical answers.
-wouldnt understand certain social references
-would likely give some dark answers
- when others would react a little unsurely mc would reasure Searan and tell him it was a perfectly good answer

HWTR to accidentally seeing you masturbating




“Woah—hey, sorry about this—“ he’d immediately say with a large smirk on his face, obviously not surprised to see you in this situation. Or feel sorry for ‘interrupting’ you. In fact, he’s the most prone to enter on you on purpose after he heard your little muffled moans behind a door. He’d enter confidently, acting surprised but totally taking in the whole sight of you unravelling, entangled between the sheets. He’d bask in your form and will most certainly like the way you’re blushing brightly from being discovered. You’d try to cover yourself with a blanket, but he already assessed everything. “Need a help with that?” he’d ask, controlling his jesting smirk and looking as serious as he could, leaning against the door frame.

“No, get the fuck out!” you’d counter, ashamed, even if the idea of him helping you was tempting. Very tempting. It just felt too embarrassing to say anything else.

And he’d just shrug nonchalantly, giving you a “Your loss”, and walk away, not before warning you to keep the door locked next time. He’d tease you afterwards with a smirk and a knowing look that makes your cheeks go red, everywhere you go. Sometimes, he’d even ask if you needed help—and he’ll fuel you with sexual tension in such a way that next time you’re pleasuring yourself, you make sure to leave the door unlocked. This time, maybe you’re going to accept his offer.

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itty bitty rant

okay… I’m kind of off put at the fact that Hobi has little to no lines in Spring Day. He got like four seconds of screen time in total, not even, and it’s bad enough that in other era’s he gets one part to rap and that’s it. Yes I understand it’s for distribution purposes, but how is it fair that Yoongi and Namjoon got to rap huge parts while Hobi was just left. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of them, but this certainly isn’t fair… I also really hope he gets more screen time in Not Today because he deserves it.

Haikyuu!! Request

Requester: N/A (Ask is empty)

Prompt: Cuddling headcanons for Kuroo, Oikawa, Kenma, Asahi and Bokuto


○ Likes to be totally snuggled with you, legs intertwined, arms around each other - the whole bit. Sometimes he’ll cuddle your head into his chest and sometimes he wants to snuggle into your neck

○ His hair tickles your neck so much like goodness, it always makes you giggle. Sometimes you think he does it on purpose (and he does)

○  You talk about everything while you cuddle. Your day, your fears and worries, how much you love each other. Anything that comes to mind

○ Doesn’t like music or movies in the background. He likes to be totally absorbed in you even if just for a little while

○ Cheeky ass likes to tickle you just as you get totally comfortable

○ Lazy neck and cheek kisses from Kuroo always


○ Super snuggly child loves to nuzzle. He nuzzles your neck, chest tummy - always nuzzling. 

○ Likes to be held and melts when you run your hands through his hair

○ Praises you for being so soft and cute like every time

○ When he finally stops being playful and just relaxes it’s one of the few times you see him truly let down his guard

○ Hold you super tight around the middle a lot as if he’s afraid you’ll leave if he lets go

○ Loves to snuggle after practise or long days but always falls asleep on you when he does.


○ Often rests his head on your shoulder while playing a game or scrolling through his phone. You’ll generally have to initiate more than that.

○ Likes to be eye-to-eye with an arm slung around your middle but gets super shy and can’t meet your gaze the first few times

○ Loves to rest his head on your lap and often does when you’re alone

○ He likes it when you kiss his face while you cuddle though he doesn’t often initiate the action himself. Sometimes he’ll kiss your lips if he’s feeling really affectionate.

○ If he thinks you’ve fallen asleep on him he’ll shake his head at you but tell you he loves you.

○ Also really likes snuggling his face into your neck whether you’re laying down or standing up. He finds you comforting.


○ Is a giant teddy bear and loves cuddles to death but generally waits for you to initiate them because he’s also a shy bby

○ Loves to have you sitting on his lap facing him and traces chaste circles on your lower back 

○ Big spoon for sure, and smiles at the back of your head while you cuddle. Loves to feel you pressed snugly against you and knowing that you’re there

○ Often plays with your hair when you cuddle, running his hands through it and twirling it around his fingers if it’s even just long enough

○ Always gentle when he cuddles, never holding you too tightly or moving too much. Generally stays very still

○ Likes to close his eyes and just enjoy your presence


○ Overeager cuddler and often grabs you and pulls you down on top of him for a cuddle session

○ Likes to have you on his chest so he can hug you tightly to him

○ Expect lots of (loud) playful kisses all over your head and face - anywhere he can reach really

○ Bokuto babbles a lot when he cuddles and tells you all about his day and the cool things he did during practise. Just likes to talk to you

○ He’s a human heater. Like honestly this owl bby is so warm all the time

○ Likes to fall asleep with you after a good solid while of cuddling; though not without a good deal of squirming to get you both totally comfortable first


Context: Goku is still in freaky metal thing and healing and the doctor is trying to give him a shot and he is flipping his shit UNTIL CHICHI SPEAKS.



So ChiChi is obviously still mad at her hubs for the whole Gohan fighting thing, but that’s not the point. The FACT that she’s mad is so distracting to Goku that even though SECONDS ago he was pitching a full Saiyan-sized fit about the doctor TRYING to give him a shot, he’s so focused on ChiChi leaving the room the doctor is finally able to actually give him the shot.




also i totally think chichi did that on purpose to distract him lol

hey fam this post is gonna be so #nasty because i don’t even know what i’m doing tbh :^) but anyway i’m sparks and i’m super stoked to be here because i love john wick and i love keanu reeves?? he’s a total dreamboat tbh!! so i’ll be playing john wick and everything expect the end of john wick: chapter two is canon, for plot purposes obviously.  below you’re gonna find my ABSOLUTE NONSENSICAL information about him. this might contain spoilers from john wick: chapter two as well as triggering information like cancer, violence, and your casual grown ass emo man.

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University!Joshua: Health Sciences
  • so ur in the library in a nice open room with lots of couches and a few tables to do work on and it’s a rlly nice quiet place and ur there to do some homework and study a bit
  • and like ur lucky enough to be there when there’s not a lot of ppl so u have a table all to urself and 20 minutes later u hear someone sitting down across from u and ur basically thinking wtf dude there’s like 2 other completely empty tables go sit there but then u look up and have a mini panic attack bc its like the prettiest guy uve ever seen
  • like joshua in all his doe eyed perfect gentleman’s upper lip glory u are heart eyes in the first 3 seconds
  • and ur all shit he’s not even looking at me he’s doing his own thing i shouldn’t disturb him so u go back to studying but u occasionally peek up at him once in a while just to like reassure urself that yes pretty boy is still there
  • but acTUALLY joshua totally sat across from u on purpose bc he was like “oh shit this person is hella cute” but he was too shy to actually say anything so he’s trying to be casual abt it but on the inside he’s freaking out
  • so the two of u are like sneaking peeks at each other but always at diff times so u dont catch each other in the action and both of u think the other is super busy but truthfully u can barely concentrate
  • so then the two of u finally accidentally look up at the same time and ur both super embarrassed but u dont want to be rude so u give him like one of those small polite smiles u give to strangers and even that is enough for joshua to be dyING
  • and eventually ur like jfc i’m not studying at all i can’t do this i have to leave pretty boy so u start to pack up and joshua’s just sitting there panicking bc what???ur leaving?? this wasn’t part of his plan what? don’t leave??!!
  • but u do and he’s utterly broken hearted and ur like aw man i wish i at least talked to the guy shit
  • so a few days pass and one of ur friends who’s taking psychology with u is like “hey a bunch of kids from diff faculties that are taking psych are meeting up at the library and we’re going to do the big online midterm quiz together wanna join??” and ur like meh why the hell not i’ll have ppl to help me figure out the answers rather than doing it alone
  • so u go and josHUA IS THERE TOO bc he’s a friend of a friend of a friend or some shit and he had the same idea as u, do it w a bunch of ppl
  • so both of u immediately get all blushy and embarrassed and ur friend sees and is like “??do u know him??” and ur like “nONONONO i dont lets do this ok”
  • so ur too embarrassed to even sit near him so u sit on the other side of the table
  • and u kinda forget about him for a bit when u start the quiz bc u need to concentrate this is like 10% of ur mark and everyone’s asking questions aloud and trying to help other ppl in the group figure out the right answer
  • and u get majorly stuck on question 13 and ur like frantically flipping thru ur notes and asking the question out loud two or three times but no one hears u bc they’re busy helping other ppl and ur like shIT I’M WASTING TIME I ONLY HAVE 40 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THIS QUIZ
  • but then someone moves a chair over and sits next to u and its joshua and he gives u this lil calm, shy smile and is like “it’s ok i’ll figure it out for u go on to the next one”
  • and so the two of u end up working on the quiz together and since both of u are looking at ur laptop screen ur close together and sometimes his knees accidentally bump into yours and each time he blushes and mumbles sorry and ur like oHMY GOD CAN ANYONE BE ANY CUTER THAN THIS
  • finally ur both done the quiz and u turn to look at the others in the group but they totally forgot abt u two so joshua’s like “hey ummm do u wanna get a smoothie together to celebrate??” so u two ditch and u sit in a small cafe on campus and talk for like 2 hours and it’s great ur both a lil awkward but u hit it off straight away
  • and finally he’s like “umm sorry i gotta go i have to catch a bus home but maybe we can study for psych again together?? like for the final even tho the final is still like 2 months away…haha ha ….” and ur like jesus this boy is gonna be the death of me and ur like “yes yes lemme give u my number”
  • so the two of u end up meeting up at least once or twice a week to “””’study for the psych final’’”” and i mean u two actually do study but after each session u go out to get like a coffee or eat dinner together and ur like is this a date?? it feels like a date but u dont wanna say anything in case it’s just u getting these vibes but joshua is totally thinking the same thing
  • a few days before the official start of final exam season there’s always a lil festival on campus, and there’s like games and food and the school even spends a day or two beforehand to set up a couple of rides for ppl to go on and u two go together and ur having fun just like walking around the quad looking at all the rides and games and shit and eventually when it gets dark enough ur like oh man there’s a small ferris wheel here if i could go on w him it would be totally romantic
  • so u tell him u rlly wanna go on and of course gentleman joshua is like “heCK yeah lets wait in this ridiculously long line together in this mid-april chilly weather bc at least i’m waiting w u what haha hahaha”
  • so u wait for a looong ass time bc everyone under the fucking sun wants to go on the ferris wheel apparently and when the two of u finally get on its way too cold to even enjoy it and ur hands are freezing and ur shivering so hard ur teeth are chattering and ur like “uh shit sorry i don’t think this was worth the wait”
  • and he’s like “nonono this is great im having lots of fun u look cold tho” and then “’””casually”’” puts his arm around u and slides u a bit closer to him for “’waRMTh”’”
  • and when u hit the very top of the ride ur like it’s now or never and u say “listen…i’ve known u for a couple months now and i rlly like u…its cool if u dont tho”
  • and he lights uP and he’s like “omg u do?? u srsly do?? bc i rlly like u!!” and he’s just so relieved bc he wanted to confess to u too but u confessed first and made it so much easier for him ahhh joshua u chicken
  • and u kinda wanna do the anime thing where u kiss at the top of the ferris wheel and ur like hmmm maybe it’s too soon so u settle for holding his hand and he’s already a stuttering blushing mess so it’s a good thing u didnt kiss him out of the blue w/ no mental preparation this sweet summer child
  • in the end u two end up getting rlly high marks in the psych final bc of all the fucking study sessions u guys did all semester lololol and u scored a super cute bf in the end so BOOM!!

still not over Regina referring to Neal as “this… person”

like she’s just at a total loss as to what he even is or why he’s even here

she’s just there like okay, the Charmings are Emma’s parents and good in a fight, Rumple is Rumple ie annoying but useful, Hook is our sword-wielding mode of transportation and GPS, and Neal’s just kind of… there. Why is he there. Why have we picked up another peasant. This one isn’t even doing any pining or swashbuckling, never mind anything useful. He’s just there sulking in the background. What even is the point.

Give me dark, brooding Raphael who gets completely knocked off his feet by Simon 

Give me emotionless™ Raphael who gets flustered around Simon because he’s talking literally all the time and Raphael doesn’t know how to act

Give me Raphael struggling to find words after Simon addresses him after a long rant about Star Wars and he catches him off guard by saying his name

Give me Raphael growing fond of Simon, even purposely asking him to hang around and talk about the silliest things because he likes the sound of his voice

Give me Raphael realising that, fuck, he cares about this reckless fledgling

Give me Raphael Santiago just totally being in awe with Simon Lewis

DAY6 as Starbucks cashiers

Jae: “gooOOOOOOOooOOood morning” writes your name with a hashtag. also writes things like #haveaniceday #cooltshirtbtw. always gets your order right but not your name. sometimes people wonder if he works there or if he’s just someone random who decided to sneak behind the counter because he looks like the kind of person who would totally do that.

Sungjin: never says “hello what do you want” he has to say something nice like “welcome can you tell me your order please” everybody’s favorite cashier. small talk while writing your name asking you about your day. his smile will bright your day, your year and your future.

Junhyeok: will write your name wrong on purpose. he doesn’t want to work here and makes sure that everyone knows. if he gets mean customers he will just smile and ask Jae to spit on their coffee. “good morning… evening… whatever…. time never passes in hell”

Young-K: handsome cashier. how can he smile during the whole day nobody knows but everybody is glad that he can. if he gets a cute customer he will totally wink at them and say “hope to see you again” Junhyeok’s nemesis. 

Wonpil: the competent one. he’s kind of scary when he’s serious but a lot of people come back because he’s also very cute. the one who will make a little drawing if the customer is nice and also looks like they are going through hell. 

Dowoon: the newbie. he’s so nervous you have to tell him your name three times. his ears turn so red and all the customers are like “nO its fine don’t worry you can just write ‘banana’ please calm down” when he gets used to it he does a pretty good job. internal screaming when he has to work with Junhyeok.

thewindthief replied to your post: There’s been a lot of discussion on my dash lately…

Same. To say he loves the un-elect in hell cheapens his love. To put it mildly.

I agree. And even if one doesn’t believe in saving grace and all that, God is…God. He can do anything He wants. To set up arbitrary rules like, “I love you but you’ve gotta choose me or I can’t help you,” when He has total power over both mankind and hell sounds, frankly, petty. Our God is not petty.
Plus, if all this is to bring Him glory, in what way would that serve His purpose? To say He’s incapable of saving those He wants to save? It’s the equivalent of the comedy dialogue gag: “Sorry, I don’t make the rules.”
And I know, saying all this isn’t worth much without the Scripture to back it up, but I just wanted to throw my thoughts out there. One of these days, I’ll type up something with substance on the subject.

laira348  asked:

3, 7, 18 and 28 for mad whale 8, 17 and 20 for sea monster 5, 10 and 24 for red kansas Thanks :)

Mad Whale

3. Most common argument?

Pre relationship, it’s usually about Jeff distracting Vic from his work. After the curse, it tends to be about Victor refusing to listen to Jefferson’s reasons as to why he isn’t complete trash.

7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realise they have feelings for the other?

Jefferson starts to take Victor to places that he’s sure that he will like, because he loves seeing Victor smile. Victor is really lame, and he tends to blush and get embarrassed a lot when Jefferson teases him.

18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

JEFFERSON. He totally leaves really over the top, sappy notes in Vic’s lunch, for the sole purpose of embarrassing him. Even if the notes are really silly, Victor thinks they’re kind of cute.

28. What do they do when they’re away from each other?

It’s not like either of them are able to leave town, so they’re never away from each other for too long. They just get on with their daily lives, but they’ll occasionally text each other to see how the other is doing <3

Sea Monster

8. Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

I can’t actually think of any nicknames that would work for either of their names?? Idk.

17. Who says I love you first?


20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

Victor and Killian are ecstatic. They’re overjoyed that their beloved brothers are happy.

Red Kansas

5. Who is most likely to carry the other?

In wolf form, Ruby can, of course, carry Dorothy on her back. In human form, Dorothy can carry Ruby. I headcanon Dorothy as being pretty strong.

10. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

Ruby. Thanks to working at Granny’s, she’s got a pretty good memory for that kind of stuff.

24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

Ruby. I kind of think Dorothy would be pretty, idk… not used to sexual talk and stuff like that, and she would be pretty easily flustered. Ruby thinks it’s really cute.

The thing that irritates me the most about this stupid fucking article is that they belittle the female fans. Like they say that we’re Hemmings obsessed and while Luke does get a lot of attention so do the other boys and like here’s a crazy idea maybe we like the music too. They also say that we’re crazy and that we come up with insane theories about Arzaylea and while some of them seem a little off the wall they didn’t have to portray it as some crazy fans trying to keep Luke all to themselves. They also totally discredited all the amazing fanfiction writers out there by only mentioning things involved in them that bother some people like the bondage theme or whatever they said and quoting Calum saying that it scares him and that he doesn’t even bother reading it because of that. Like there’s more to it than that stuff there are some beautiful and amazing fics out there and while it might bug Calum they could have totally left that out of the article it had no purpose but to hurt the fans and the writers of those types of fics. They also mention that 75% of their time as a band is spent proving they’re not a boy band because of their large female following which is bullshit because other bands have large female followings and they are not considered boy bands, it’s not the fans that caused this image and it was rude for them to imply that it was. Your fans are what make you the band that you are, without them you lose everything. Unfortunately this article will cause them to lose a lot of fans if they don’t apologize and actively try to improve their sexism.

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YOU BET HE DID HAHAHAHA but ikr I just love how he can be all suggestive but THE MOMENT YOU SAY SMTH A LITTLE MORE ‘DARING’ HE GETS ALL FLUSTERED LIKE OMG ZEN YOU HUGE DORK xD also totally agree with you about the TV bit, I was so annoyed at the gossip exactly because it’s smth that totally hapens irl! but at least we know we can trust our darling Zen to react to it by being even more sweet to us <3

Alright puck bunnies and buddies, let us gather round the campfire and talk about Gregory “Kinny” Hawkins, John Johnson’s old roommate. 

  • Kinny isn’t super big on hockey, and he is even less big on hockey after he meets Johnson
  • This boy came to Samwell to get an education, kiss dudes, and play a little baseball, in that order. 
    • That being said, Kinny is not on the baseball team. He can’t hit a fucking ball to save his life, and his lungs are kind of shitty, but he totally tries his best as a pitcher on an intramural team.
  • Move in day of his freshman year goes like this. He gets there early, because he always gets everywhere early (not on purpose, but because he literally cannot  be late to save his life. He’s tried, a few times, but some twist of fate always ends up with him showing up at least fifteen minutes early so he’s given up trying not to be at this point) and he finds some dude already moved in, and staring blankly at the wall before him. 
  • “You’re… John, right?” Kinny asks. Johnson glances his way
  • “Woah, no one’s called me that before.” Johnson muses. “Not because it isn’t my name, but because for the purposes of the narrative I haven’t even been introduced. The plot hasn’t even gotten rolling yet; the inciting incident is still two years away. This is all previous action.” 

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A part of me is really in love with the whole “but Aomine totally threw that basketball at Kise’s head on purpose” thing and it’s beautiful and shit.

But another part of me is so hopelessly in love with Aomine pining for Kuroko and Kise pining for Aomine even if he knows Aomine pines for Kuroko and Kuroko is with Kagami because how else could it be and everything’s very painful for everyone because Aomine could’ve had it all with Tetsu and he missed the chance and Kise will never be a worthy opponent in Aomine’s eyes and just give me a lot of pain okay and then Aomine falls in love with Kise and realizes all the things he’s been mising all this time, and really, just give me a lot of pain.