likeiknewiwould555 replied to your post: Holy crap I found someone who likes Farscape YAY!…

I am rewatching with a friend. It’s her first time. It is making me very happy.

I am totally jealous – I wish I had someone who would watch it with me. Alas, everyone is put off by the puppets, but I’m like SERIOUSLY THOUGH, THE PUPPETS AREN’T A BIG DEAL, THE SHOW IS FUCKING AMAZING.

likeiknewiwould555 replied to your post: Hey so I read your essay about how the Doctor uses guns and I was just wondering about your take on the eleventh doctor. Amy talks him down from using a gun AND it’s been 300 years since he was in the time war. So while I agree with the point, there are about 200 years of time were we know he does not have a steady companion and we miss a lot of character development. IE The Doctor should never travel alone.

Even though there are clearly examples of Classic Doctors using guns, I know of at least one instance where Four states his aversion to them. If I were better versed on all 8 classic doctors I’d go back and find out the context for those examples…

Yeah, I know that pre-Eight Doctors used guns quite often (because in my opinion, he wasn’t above using them, but preferred not to). But pre-Eight Doctors used the guns more willingly because their aversion didn’t stem from the Time War and committing genocide.

So, post-Eight Doctors would have a serious aversion to the guns/heavy weapons because of PTSD/fear of turning into the Destroyer of Worlds instead of an aversion just because they don’t prefer them.

Am I making sense? haha

My point is that just because Classic Who Doctors used guns, doesn’t mean it’s okay for Eleven to use guns because (at least in my opinion) I feel like Nine/Ten canonically established a strong dislike for guns on the basis of Time War flashbacks. Pre-Eight Doctors didn't like using guns, but didn’t like guns just for the sake of them being guns, but were more willing than Nine/Ten to use them. Eleven is sort of in that liminal space…

That’s just my take on it, at least, and my take is pretty worthless in any case :)

silencewhippersnapper replied to your post: I ALWAYS THINK OF REWATCHING QAF. but then I remember how the show ends and I just never really want to go through that again.

As sad as the ending is, I think it makes sense for where they were at the time. And I always felt really hopeful about the way they left things…there’s no doubt in my mind those two ended up together. :’)


Miserable end to the day. Shredded and in dire need to an Ali hug but sadly I know that’s impossible. After such a miserable work day I used to be able to hold it together long enough to go to Ali’s and cry a bit with her. Ali hugs and big brother jokes from Jim. Sometimes schnapps.

Instead I held it together long enough to go home to an empty house (cat is at the folks) and cry in the shower (that ran out of hot water 10 minutes in) and now I’m in bed contemplating just saying fuck it all and going to sleep. Just need to stop the bloody water works :/

Plus side to being so shredded: no appetite means no dinner means jump start on the new years
Weight loss goal! :(