Flizzy Files Pt. 12: Creeping on the low

Aiight so we sitting in the lounge at my dorm like a good 8 of us talking about current events in entertainment and shit… another dude comes through basketball player dude daps us all up

(There’s this gay dude in the group along with his gay best friend one is feminine and one is like a masculine pretty boy)

so the dude that just came down was like im not staying long my girl coming  through the masculine gay dude was like “mmhmm”

dude ignores it and starts talking with us his girl comes in a couple mins later.. and the gay dude his just staring her down

so they stay for like 5 mins and then shes like lets go so he gets up and he goes “yo any of yall got a condom i ran out” so one of the homies slides him one of these

so the gay dude looks at dude like

“nah, he dont fit those those, he likes ultra thin or ecstasy”

his best friend looks down and whispers under his breath “ohhhh god why u being messy”

so his girl like why u acting like u know what my man likes

he’s like “ *our man get it right i know what he loves *grabs crotch*” she was like “fuck you, my man aint into no gay shit”

he’s like “oh word? …. lemme show u some him”, the boyfriend is like “lets go lets go dont listen to this homo”

so he pulls up texts like what this say “i miss daddys dick inside me no homo” “come over i need to feel all of it no homo” “i need to feel that warm nut on my back no homo”

(nigga was begging for dick and nut on his back said no homo at the end of every sentence i was dying)

Boyfriend: Smh thats not even me he just changed the name in the phone to my name

Gay dude: “oh? u gon lie like that?” *calls the number*

the boyfriends phone starts ringing everyone is like

she like “that dont mean nothing u coulda messed with the numbers”

he’s like i just knew u was gon say that

“I already had the receipts ready boo”

“Exhibit A”

dude pulls up footage of the boyfriend sucking his dick in his phone 

she like i cant even see his face 

hes like oh “Exhibit B”

pulls up footage of him giving the boyfriend backshots like “is that not the same forearm tattoo, bitch he even wearing the same shirt right now”

everyone looking at his shirt and looking in the phone like

Gay dude: “Baby girl u see that thats 11 inches he took it all the first night so trust and believe baby girl this wasn’t his first rodeo, bottommmmmmm”



“we’re done, dont contact me again”

Gay dude: I told u stop calling me a f**got in them texts i told you youd regret it

Boyfriend: it wasn’t that serious bruh

then he tried to fight him, but we broke it up then security told us to go to our rooms 

i just seen him and the girl holding hands today smiling and laughing so i guess they back together 

Moral of the story is: