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I just got out of a Russell Howard comedy show and he did this bit there talking about the differences of romance from when he was younger to now. The fucking comparison he made was to mix tapes. I wish I got it on camera. He said something along the lines of “remember when we used to make mixtapes?!!??? That was our idea of romance!!!” And all I could fucking think about was

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The Gang All Grown Up Headcanons


-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeee 37. 

-found himself a really nice girl and settled down

-he had 5 children

-yES i said that correctly, 5

-4 girls and 1 boy

-Jade, Emily, Cameron, Regina, and Alexander

-And he is just so much happier and is always smiling

-He has a steady job as an accountant

-And is married to a middle-class, brown lady, who neither classifies as a soc nor greaser


-gets drafted and dies doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeeeeee 25

-he still works at the DX, but in a higher position

-has a fiancée

-she is also a middle-class girl

-when asking her to marry him, he told her that she would be marrying Steve in a way also but that’s okay because one day’s Steve will have his own girl and they will all be a happy, messed up family

-he still has a good relationship with his two brothers

-he and his girl babysit for Darry a lot

-still the same giddy boy he was when he was 16


-let’s say these headcanons take place when he is likeeeeeeeeeeee 21

-isn’t dating anyone at the moment

-goes out drinking a lot but doesn’t abuse it

-he is in community college and saving up money to transition to real one

-he is so dang close and just giddy with excitement

-he tutors kids and works at camps 

-has his own little apartment and it is very comfy and cozy in there

-he still reads a ton

-he always loves to hang out with the gang and still remains close with them

-has met up a few times with Cherry, but it was totally platonic

-although Cherry has a little crush on Ponyboy now, she would never admit it



-dead doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-one day a very old man sees him get beat up by socs

-turns out, that very old man knows karate, so he teaches him to fight for himself 

-it starts out slow, but then he sees what he needs to do in order to be a real karate kid

-ends up winning money at competitions and gets a scholarship to college for his supreme karate skills

-finds a really nice, talkative, and quirky girl at college just basically think of Jessica day from new girl

-falls in love with her

-it is the happiest time of his life


-dead doesn’t know who S.E. Hinton is and frankly, does not care for her

-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeeeeeee 26

-stays at Ponyboy’s apartment sometimes, Johnny’s sometimes, Sodapop’s sometimes, he is just moving from place to place

-becomes more content with his life

-isn’t even bothering with girls anymore tbh

-the last time he saw his dad he punched him hard in the face 

-works as a bartender and is currently saving up money so he can buy his own apartment

-honestly, has had one night stands with both boys and girls

-eats more ice cream, exercise, and laughs a little more these days

-whenever he passes a police car he screams out of his car window, “FUCK YOU, PIGS!”

-I mean, he’s still Dallas Winston


-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeeee 23

-is still living at home because he needs to help his mom look over his baby sister

-really wants to be a comedian one day 

-spoiler alert: he becomes one

-but now he is working at the town’s local diner

-a lot of sleepless nights

-and a lot of crying

-but things get so much better, I promise

-his name is going to be known for hundreds of people and he would be throwing sold out comedy shows

-he is getting more opinionated for human rights now more then ever these days


-let’s say in these headcanons he is likeeeeeee 25

-does not work at the DX anymore

-just got out of college with loads of student debt

-but let’s be honest, still has a really sick car

-he is a  junior high teacher

-the kid’s favorite of course

-he just really seems to get along with children

-and he treats all of them fairly, no matter their background

-is still inseparable with Sodapop

-he is really content with his life

-oh and yeah,,, he still loves cars don’t even try to fight me on that

Implexium Vitae Pt 3

A/N; Oooooooooooo how long until Lucy unlocks the Tragic Backstory™ ? WEll you’ll just have to wait and see! Spoiler; she’s a major part of it :3

It is said that some people have old souls, reborn every couple centuries to find their loved ones again and continue on their never ending journey. But what happens to these intersecting lives when one is immortal and the other is ripped from them?

Vampire AU.

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 2783

Rating: M

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, SixSeven

“It is.”

Lucy was shocked at the sureness in her own voice, steady and quick to answer. She held his gaze, shuffling closer so she could tuck her head into the crook of his neck and shoulder again. She burrowed deep into the scaled scarf, fabric surprisingly soft and pillowy against her cheek, warm scents of dusk and cinnamon lulling her to a comfortable relaxation.

“I think…” Lucy murmured softly into his shoulder, her arms winding around his middle as she spoke, “I think I’ve missed you too Natsu. There’s nothing left for me in this town to hold onto, and I can’t help but find myself oddly thankful for it now. I just… I just want to be happy. And right now, all I think I need is to have the chance to fall in love with you again.”

She stayed where she was as she finished her quiet thoughts, Natsu slow as he settled his arms around her. His embrace tightened after a few seconds, pulling her so Lucy shifted into his lap in order to relieve the strained position her body was forced into.

“I’d like that.” Natsu mouthed into her hair, Lucy humming at his raspy tone and rubbing her thumb along the side of his neck in tight and soothing circles.

Lucy squeaked when she felt him move again, pouting at Natsu’s low chuckle as he slipped an arm under her knees and pulled her into a bridal position. He kept her tucked tight against his chest, so much that Lucy could feel his heavy heartbeat when she rested her palm against it, fingers spread wide under the tattered cape. He flitted through the trees, pausing to sniff the air periodically. It was only a fraction of the time it would have taken Lucy to walk before they were standing at the edge of the forest, looking at the dim lights of the town close by.

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The old days - Kagerou project Drama CD


This took 15 DAYS to finish UGH I hope you guys like it~~

Thank you @squigstuff for the translation!!

I hope I didn’t get too biased with the drawings… UGH This drama CD SCREAMS shinaya so much … it hurts me a lot. It hurts even more when you remember what will happen to them in the future “ I’m sure there will be lots and lots of happy things to come for you” AYANO DON’T SAY THAT SO EARLY MY BABY

I never got why sugilite is so violent and angry? Likeeeeee amethyst and garnet aren’t violent or angry people? They’re kinda rough in fighting style but not angry? I’ve seen Pearl become angry more often and easier than either Garnet or Amethyst so why is sugilite the only angry fusion?

On that note
- why is Opal so quiet and like “soft” when Pearl and Amethyst are so loud and (used to be) expressive

- why is Sardonyx so loud and talkative when Garnet is the most quiet/least talkative gem?

Like don’t get me wrong I love the fusions but I always think abt this wrt sugilite and now just? The fusion personalities don’t add up?

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"it was 4am. I'd been... y'know... well-hydrated that evening... but I decided when I got back that I needed another drink" ok dan... ok... we get it...

aahahhaa in this case i think he was just talking about being drunk though! im more concerned about that comment he made after recapping the story, when he was like ‘normally this would be awakening some kink in me’ talking about a dude in tiny underwear chopping up a chicken in the middle of the night. likeeeeee for the 2934029348th time dan takes any and all opportunity to underscore that he could/does feel [sexual] attraction to basically any boy in any situation, as long as he’s a BOY ahahaha he reminds me a lot of myself when i was finally out to some of my friends and i could freely talk about girls being hot. i would just talk about how attracted i was to EVERY GIRL I EVER INTERACTED WITH like, girl: *makes eye contact w me* me turning to my friend: did u see that, we’re definitely soulmates holy fuck should i go ask her out and also just in case you forgot im Gay,