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Now Annabeth was holding out for a happy ending. Surely that was possible, no matter what the legends said about tragic heroes. There had to be exceptions, right? If suffering led to reward, then Percy and she deserved the grand prize.

~Fashion Icon Holls~

Ver. 1 | Ver. 2 | Ver.3

Holly is a fashion icon and I won’t accept anyone saying otherwise m’kay? Also there are two other versions of this, a slight nsfw and complete nsfw version so just click the link to check that out!

Also just: Holly is way too much fun to draw, it almost feels like a crime? But hey, it’s worth it.


War and Peace, requested by @maybe-queen-of-numenor

All we can know is that we know nothing. And that’s the height of human wisdom.


My hand :’ you go guys I drew another friends pic having other awesome people I know on tumblr (>y<)

1) Me XD
2) @kawaii-tomato-girl
3) @ohnothatsme
5) @frostbite338