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okay fun fact Riz Ahmed has been one of my endless Potential Rincewind Fancasts for a couple of years and the fact that he’s now got exponentially more photos and that Bodhi Rook looks quite a lot like I would expect Space AU Rincewind to look is like, such a great fringe benefit to Rogue One’s existence

So, I am 110% here for Dad!Kane. I am 110% NOT HERE for Octavia hate.

@shefollowedfires pointed out that Kane should’ve driven harder at the point of “I can’t have my people going rogue” and I absolutely agree. I think it’s right for Dad!Kane to berate Octavia for essentially being a wildcard. It’s hard to strategize when one of your team members keeps on going rogue, and it’s hard to convey leadership or strength when you literally have no idea what someone is going to do next. I’m less convinced that the choices Octavia made with regards to Grounder politics were outright bad ones. Like, what was Kane’s plan if that Ambassador ended up challenging Roan for the throne? What is the answer, or at least Kane’s answer, to Octavia’s question of, “would you have rather I killed Indra’s daughter?” 

Like, definitely Octavia needed a talking to, but I think the emphasis should’ve been on her “going rogue” rather the morality of her decision making. 

i feel like i really have no trust in people at the moment, like the fact that you’ll never know someone’s true intentions really fucks me up

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1. chrobin (FEA)
2. fruitshipping (Arc V)
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5. hostageshipping (Arc V)

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happy headcanons! kara leaving little folded hearts around the apartment for lena and each one has a little thing inside like "you're beautiful!" or "have a good day!"

need me a freak like that,

can we have more gentle male protagonists….. more chill male protagonists…..male protagonists that start of revenge hungry and angry but slowly realize how to handle it better… calm male protagonists… peaceful male protagonists who can still and will kill but know it’s not always the way…. or just straight up peaceful ones man idc just more chill ones

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I want to prove someone wrong.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this