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deerhowl  asked:

For curt- a, b, k, j , z

Curt blows a strand of hair off his forehead, propping his chin up with one arm.
“A…What do I love that starts with the letter A…”
Among the reporters, Arthur rolls his eyes, grinning.
Curt smiles,
“That’s tough. Next question?”

“B?” They’re not even trying to be discreet, fuckers, “Mmm…Black nail polish. Bread. Brand-name items…I like to assert my status of rock god by owning Fruit Loops instead of Colored Sugar Oats.”

“Knickers, to coin a phrase from the person who’s knickers I’m currently wearing.
No! I won’t tell you who he is…”

“Jack Fairy is pretty cool, I guess. Grape jelly, John Lennon…Jimi Hendrix!” He grins, suddenly, “Hey Joe, whatcha gonna do with that gun in your hand…”

“What even starts with Z?” Curt laughs, biting his fingernail,
“I hate horses so not zebras, Zanzibar? I don’t think I remember where that is…zippers are bullshit, but I guess they’re nice to have…There you have it. Zippers.”

((thank you! <3))