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Calling the Dragon Network!

Well, thanks to some rather good questions being thrown around on the discord, we have our first question for the Network!

Do Furred Dragons still lay eggs, or are they more mammalian in that respect?

Below the cut is going to be a wall of tags, so if you aren’t tagged, or would prefer not to be tagged, then let either myself or @dovewithscales know, and we’ll try and fix it!

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Have I ever talked about my...

…Hugh Jackman’s obsession ?

No ? You’re lucky. As my brother often says, ever since I turned six years old and became a fan of the best Aussie ever, there hasn’t been A DAY where I didn’t pronounced his name. I’m a MASSIVE fan of him, like he’s my role model and oh my God, as I want to become a filmmaker one day, I hope I’ll be able to work with him…Wishful thinking ^^’

Anyway, all of that to say that I’ve been a huge fan of him for over three quarters of my life, and today, a friend of mine that knows I’m just in love with that man gave me a “Logan” poster that’s as tall as me (I’m on my tip-toe on this picture)…A 5″4 his poster. It’s perfect. PERFECT. Hum. Anyway.  Useless post, literally, I just wanted to brag about my cool poster, and to ramble just for the billionth time about how much I love Hugh Jackman. 

The post @auro-cyanide made about ONE pretty much doing all the previous arcs again (Dimple arc, Teru arc) made me suddenly think… This isn’t the first time Dimple vanishes. Teru had exorcised him during their fight and he had supposedly disappeared. But he came back.
What i’m saying is, if ONE really is doing all these callbacks and redoing the past arcs, there’s a chance that Dimple might pull a Big Cleanup arc and come back again.
It’s not the first time he disappears without a trace, and he managed to come back the first time when no one expected him to.

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how did u get into bnha??

asdsfdsfassda ok this sounds so stupid but let me tell u

I was such a hxh stan back then (I still am orz) there was this bakugou black and white fanart of him here on tumblr, and I 100% thought he was killua (like dude they even had the same expression lol) so I tagged the fanart as ‘hxh’ until some1 mssged me lel,,, so yeah this is how I got into bnha thanks to that bakugou fanart

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It's me, previous anon. Sorry I sounded rude, I'm not trying to imply you were erasing Vanessa. I too ship for content that represents my sexuality so I completely understand. I was more confused on how Johsnavi came to be given they are unrelated characters, and just what you thought about Vanessa. I'm terribly sorry if I offended you, that was not the intent at all. You are a wonderful man

oh my god I’m so sorry, this topic makes me a bit defensive. I see a of hate directed at mlm pairs and especially this one and it kinda hurts? Especially because we are either “fetish” or “erasing female characters” like I feel like I can’t express myself without hurting others and that sucks. 

my opinion on Vanessa: Shes super fucking cool and I always draw her as this “too cool for school” vibe. Like idk I feel like I can see her as wearing a baseball cap and chewing gum. She would def make all the moves with Usnavi. She would be really protective of Nina and she would go to craft nights with Carla.

I have no clue how Johsnavi happened? I actually had no clue who Johan was until after I was way too invested. I thought he might have been a workshop character or I missed something. I fucking combed the musical but I couldn’t find anything but I was already like “this is my life now” (thanks beans). I love it. Fucking hippy with a hardworking man is like the perfect romantic comedy omg.
I don’t think I’m the best to ask as to how it happened but it happened HAHAHA

It’s okay, thanks for explaining. Sorry for being grumpy with you ;;;