hello! it’s autumn, a.k.a malfoyeol and for the new years i’m doing a follow forever! so here are my favorite blogs. not all are kpop related. also, a huge shoutout to Jaejee on allkpopforums for making the edit for me. :3














koala tea rite here^

Aw crap, I was tagged!

Rule ONE. always post the rules. RuleTWO. answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
Rule THREE. tag 11 new people and link them to your post.
Rule FOUR.
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1. What’s one thing that you always wear? (accessory wise.)
Do my glasses count? If not, I usually (90% of the time) have a headband of some sort on.

2. CHOOSE: Hot dogs or Ham burgers? Explain why. If youre vegetarian, Tofu or Beans? Explain why.
Um hamburgers? I feel like they’re less… processed?

3. If you had this specific scent, a certain scent that everyone can recognize you by. what would it be and why?
Oh hell. I don’t know. Um… jasmine. Every time I find something jasmine scented I buy the crap out of it.

4. Name 2 foods that you can never get tired of.

5. Post a picture of yourself with a cute or silly face.
Well hell. (From yesterday.)

6. If you got to go to Hogwarts, which house do you think you’ll be in and why?
Hufflepuff. ‘Cause I resemble a badger.

7. What was the most obnoxious thing you’ve ever done? And would you do it again?
I’ve spent most of my life being invisible, so….I’m pretty obnoxious on twitter though. No shame on the internet and all. I’ll probably never stop being obnoxious online, sorry. ):

8. 5 things you love about yourself. BE COCKY.
Um um um

1- I’m shameless on the internet.

2- I’m so funny sometimes, I should be a comedian.

3- My green eyes.

4- I love how, even though I didn’t really have that many friends in school, I’ve been able to open up to people online and haveso many greatand amazingand awesomefriends now!

5- B/c of all the walking I do, I can walk up a hill with barely any panting and weaving! :D

9. If you had a chance to do something so spontaneous that it would change your life forever, would you do it? Explain.
Yes. I would. I would fly somewhere and just live and experience life if only I wasn’t limited by funds and my own constant crippling fear of change and the unknown.

10. Describe yourself in ONE word.

11. Would you give the last person who wronged you, another chance? explain.
I always do. Every time they wrong me.

My questions!

1- How many blogs do you run?

2- Do you have any siblings?

3- Any pets?

4- Are you in school? If so, what grade/field of study?

5- What country would you love to visit?

6- If you could do anything in the world (money, health, reservations aside), what would you be doing right now?

7- Is there a movie coming out soon that you’re looking forward too?

8- Is there an album (kpop or otherwise) coming out soon that you’re looking forward too?

9- What the most beloved piece of kpop merch you own?

10- Would you rather be hot or cold?

11- What’s your favorite season and why?

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