A Fiery Star and a Man of Spiders

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Starfire’s Reply:

Awaiting for the news, Starfire paced in a little circle nervously. She really hoped there was somewhere she could go to clean her injuries and contact the Titans to let them now about her whereabouts. Hearing she was approved, her smile lit up and she began to float in the air with happiness. Yes!

Flying up towards him, Starfire shrugged her shoulders and sighed sadly. “This villain was new to the Titans, but not to me. It was a alien my home planet was not very fond with.“ She stated and the continued. “X’hal knows why that creature was down on Earth and I was not planning on letting it go through with its plan, so I attack first and demanded my teammates to leave me and the creatures to battle.” She winced at the thought of her friends getting her. “The creature is powerful and I was not looking towards my friends battling the monster. It does not stop battling until you are no longer breathing.“

"That is why I would not let my team battle. I refused their help simply because I knew what the creature was capable of. We fought for an extensive amount of time, but I seem to threaten it enough to leave Earth only…” She paused, running her right hand on her left arm, biting her lip. “I was the ‘thrown’ off my guard and he struck me one last time before fleeing the orbit of Earth and his Galaxy.“

(Peter walks as Star floats next to him and continues to talk but he stops at the edge of the building.His heart thuds and he winces at her story of the creature, his eyes catch her touching her left arm. He winces again and turns his whole body towards her.) "Well, it’s good to know big ole nasty won’t be bothering anybody on Earth right now. But are you okay? Are you able to move what hurts? Or, uh, if it hurts it doesn’t hurt too much?” (Peter bites his lip and mentally sighs. He’s only ever had to clean and bandage his own wounds for the most part. He’s never really helped someone else and he doesn’t really know what to do if Starfire was badly hurt. Except to call the Avengers and he already knows what Fury’s going to do to him with this little visit, he can’t imagine having to call in the big man himself because “um, I found a really cool alien lady who’s really nice and she’s cool, really, Fury and she was hurt really badly so I let her into the Stark Tower, Forgive me?” Yeah, after Fury was done with him, that poor spider in Chronicle would have had it easy. He sighs and looks out towards the buildings to see where Stark Tower is. It catches his eye immediately and he gives small blessings for how close they seem to be to it. He points to it.) “That’s where we’re headed, and we’ll go to that little balcony and take the the elevator to one of the living rooms. Um, I should probably open the doors to the balcony first, since Jarvis will scan and because I need to say the verification codes and pick up the papers and stuff.” (He then pulls the webline once more, and turns his head to her and nods. Then he jumps, falling a few seconds before swinging through the air, feeling the wind through his suit and he smiles and calls out.) “Just follow me!”

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          The beam of the scooter’s headlight jerked violently to the left as Tadashi swerved, narrowly missing two figures bolting across the otherwise empty street. Two years ago he would have shrugged it off and kept on his path home, but a lot had changed in two years, more than he or anyone else could have ever imagined, and something made him stop. The sharp cry that followed after the pair had vanished cinched it for him.

          Pulling over on the curb and abandoning his helmet, Tadashi bolted into the alley after them. Already his clenched fists were warming with glowing embers. He seriously hoped he wouldn’t have to deal with too much; he’d promised Aunt Cass that he’d be in before dinner.


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places a kiss on his cheek & holds his hand to stop him from working on his files

( her hand is warm to the touch, and so is
his face, due to the blush spreading over
his cheeks. 

he sighs, looking down and smiling at his
feet, before glancing over at starfire with a
raised eyebrow. )

“any chance of me getting my hand back,

( her grip is too strong for him to pull away
from, so he gives up, taking her other hand
in his and kissing the tip of her nose.

“okay – i suppose i can stop working. for

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kisses hand as if he was a prince

( he blinks at the gesture, a slow smile
spreading over his face.

he’s wearing his gloves, but that doesn’t
make a difference; his cheeks are still pink
and he doesn’t know what to say.

still, actions speak louder than words, and
if she was going to treat him like a prince,
he’d just have to treat her like a princess.

(which, technically, she was anyway.)

he picks her up by the waist with a grin and
spins her around like he’s seen characters
do in disney movies. she may be taller than
him, but he has no trouble holding her up;
the fact that she’s nearly always hovering in
the air anyway helps.

he slows down when he starts to get dizzy,
lowering her back down to the floor slowly
and pulling her in close so that their foreheads
touch. and then he leans up and kisses her,
lifting a gloved hand to cup her face and
circling his other arm around her waist gently. )


          ❝ My apologies—-was I being too careless? ❞ 

( she was wondering if that was the case. maybe the girl didn’t know she was strong than she looked? )

         「☆」▬♦ Yeah.. you can’t just rush into
                         battle like that.. it’s dangerous… ‘ 

                         Of course, she really shouldn’t be
                         judging by appearances, considering
                         she also didn’t look as strong as she was.

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“I don’t know, you guys, I think Batman would beat Superman in a fight.”

“I mean, okay, the big guy has laser eyes and freeze breath and practical invulnerability and everything, and Batman just has an expensive utility belt, but Batman doesn’t lose. Ergo, Superman won’t win. End of.”

“He might beat all the other Leaguers, but not Batman. Nuh-uh. Don’t look at me like that– I’m not biased or anything - this is all simple, rational fact.”