A Fiery Star and a Man of Spiders

((Continued RP from last RP chain))

Starfire’s Reply:

Awaiting for the news, Starfire paced in a little circle nervously. She really hoped there was somewhere she could go to clean her injuries and contact the Titans to let them now about her whereabouts. Hearing she was approved, her smile lit up and she began to float in the air with happiness. Yes!

Flying up towards him, Starfire shrugged her shoulders and sighed sadly. “This villain was new to the Titans, but not to me. It was a alien my home planet was not very fond with.“ She stated and the continued. “X’hal knows why that creature was down on Earth and I was not planning on letting it go through with its plan, so I attack first and demanded my teammates to leave me and the creatures to battle.” She winced at the thought of her friends getting her. “The creature is powerful and I was not looking towards my friends battling the monster. It does not stop battling until you are no longer breathing.“

"That is why I would not let my team battle. I refused their help simply because I knew what the creature was capable of. We fought for an extensive amount of time, but I seem to threaten it enough to leave Earth only…” She paused, running her right hand on her left arm, biting her lip. “I was the ‘thrown’ off my guard and he struck me one last time before fleeing the orbit of Earth and his Galaxy.“

(Peter walks as Star floats next to him and continues to talk but he stops at the edge of the building.His heart thuds and he winces at her story of the creature, his eyes catch her touching her left arm. He winces again and turns his whole body towards her.) "Well, it’s good to know big ole nasty won’t be bothering anybody on Earth right now. But are you okay? Are you able to move what hurts? Or, uh, if it hurts it doesn’t hurt too much?” (Peter bites his lip and mentally sighs. He’s only ever had to clean and bandage his own wounds for the most part. He’s never really helped someone else and he doesn’t really know what to do if Starfire was badly hurt. Except to call the Avengers and he already knows what Fury’s going to do to him with this little visit, he can’t imagine having to call in the big man himself because “um, I found a really cool alien lady who’s really nice and she’s cool, really, Fury and she was hurt really badly so I let her into the Stark Tower, Forgive me?” Yeah, after Fury was done with him, that poor spider in Chronicle would have had it easy. He sighs and looks out towards the buildings to see where Stark Tower is. It catches his eye immediately and he gives small blessings for how close they seem to be to it. He points to it.) “That’s where we’re headed, and we’ll go to that little balcony and take the the elevator to one of the living rooms. Um, I should probably open the doors to the balcony first, since Jarvis will scan and because I need to say the verification codes and pick up the papers and stuff.” (He then pulls the webline once more, and turns his head to her and nods. Then he jumps, falling a few seconds before swinging through the air, feeling the wind through his suit and he smiles and calls out.) “Just follow me!”

Banishment || DC Universe AU

The sky over Jump City, which had been bright and clear only a few moments before, now rolled with dark storm clouds that caused lightning to flash between the unnatural formations. Thunderclaps sounded out as the bolts of electricity traveled between the clouds, while at the center of the strange storm system, a bright, multi-colored light seemed to be growing in intensity. The people below the light looked up in awe and pointed as if everyone in the city couldn’t see it, so they were wildly unprepared for what happened next. 

Everything went silent for just a moment, not a thunderclap to be heard nor wind to howl through the spaces between the buildings, before the dam burst and a seven-coloured circular beam of light shot down from the center of the storm. A roar like the sound of a thousand horses galloping filled the air as the beam dug a crater into the block directly beneath it, taking out the corners of four buildings in its wake. If one could stand to look at the brightly colored light show, they would see a dark figure falling down through the center.

It was seconds later that the bright lights ended their display and the clouds began to break apart, leaving a giant, smoking crater in the center of the city. people who hadn’t been caught in the blast, and thus were not rendered unconscious by the force, slowly approached the edge and peered into the smoke, attempting to see if anything had come of all of that. 

Meanwhile, as the inhabitants of the city began to overcome their fear in favor of curiosity, a being that had outlived all of them by several centuries slowly opened its eyes, revealing the brilliantly stunning blue that rested beneath the grey skin. She coughed at the smoke that filled the air and instinctively beat the dark black wings that rested on her back, creating a gale that blew much of it away from her. She slowly rose to her knees and let out a groan of displeasure as she found that every single muscle in her body screamed in protest, causing her to halt her attempts.

She looked around at her surroundings, though her bleary eyes could only see slight blurs and rapid movements if they were close. She blinked slowly in an attempt to clear her vision and slowly brought one hand up to her eyes to wipe them clear. She pulled it away when she felt wetness stain her pale grey skin and marveled at the sensation of salty water pouring from her eyes for a moment. 

Was this what sadness felt like? She had forgotten.

She sniffled once before letting out a wail that was clearly heard by all those around her, and in that instant they felt her pain, and loss, and regret. They felt something basic in their souls be touched by the cry, and in that moment, even if they were not sure why, they wanted to reach out and comfort the small girl that was sitting in the middle of the smoking ruin.

“CELESTIA~!" she cried out with every ounce of her soul, a cry asking for forgiveness, for revenge, for love and hatred all at the same time. Her wings flared out to their full ten foot glory and she tossed her head back, the black crown that she wore on her head miraculously staying nestled in the flowing mane of stars that made up her hair. She howled at the sun that shone overhead, not truly knowing why she was doing so, until all the energy left in her was expended and she ceased her cry. 

Luna dropped her wings down and lowered her head, tears falling freely from her eyes as she felt a deep, aching sadness for something that was just out of the reach of her memory. She remembered the name that she called, and she remembered that she was her sister, and she also remembered doing something so terrible, so awful that she never wanted to be seen by anypony ever again. 

So she cried, and chose to ignore anyone that approached her unless they spoke to her directly. She didn’t deserve to be anypony’s friend, and nopony should talk to her.

sʟᴇᴇᴘᴏᴠᴇʀ...? || @ʟɪᴋᴇᴀsᴛᴀʀᴀʙᴏᴠᴇ

(-•☾•-):: The day was like the usual. It started off as boring and plain as most, Raven was one whom did enjoy sleeping in, however, such a thing wasn’t always possible. Either she was woken up from loud music, Beast Boy’s shenanigans or whatever it maybe… But, what else is there to expect when you’re living with four other people? Unfortunately for the teen, she just had to suck it up. Most mornings she was up no later than 10:00AM –-Annoying, yes. But this was how it’s been ever since she’s moved in with the Titans. Raven pulled her weight out of bed, her head was already hurting from all the noise… Someone was going to feel the wrath, she was certainly not a morning person, nobody could even so much as look at her with out the teen’s blood boiling with utter annoyance.

    Once in the kitchen, she set on the kettle for her morning tea —It always seemed to help her wake up and get through the normally harsh mornings. Raven didn’t even bother looking around the room upon her entering, but once she set on the kettle, she allowed her eyes to wander; seeing Beast Boy as well as Cyborg play video games.

     The Azarathian got her tea and set herself on the couch; pulling out a book. She was reading one of her personal favourites; Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Even though, such a novel wasn’t one where she could obtain knowledge from, she did enjoy her healthy dose of vampires, besides, she felt that books whom used Old English were helpful… In the mere future of course.

Okay so how the heckdid I even get passed like… two followers? I was very hesitant about this blog at first because even though Marcy may be my favorite  by far, I honestly didn’t think I’d stand a chance. But here I am! The feeling that I actually mean something to someone, and that I can put a smile on someone’s face just by talking to them… It’s a great feeling. I have yet to have a bad experience on here, and it means a lot. Thank you thank you thank you nerds.

*Don’t feel bad if you’re not on here. There’s a LOT of blogs and I’m sure my eyes are gonna hurt by the time I’m done. Hur hur.

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Srsly, special recognition to ask-mordo-dude, and you should have seen this coming, bro, for being there for me through all my bullshit. And I know my bullshit can be hella annoying. Stupd head. ily.」

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thank you so much for being there for me through thick and thin! i know i had my moments, and it was so nice of you to welcome me and feel at home in the roleplay world! i’m sorry if i didn’t add you here. i made so many friends / recommendations that i can’t add every single person on tumblr on this post. (source)

since you guys are literally the best set of buddies i can ever have in the internet, i’ll give you (another) treat! this time it isn’t fanmix-based.

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