I Wrote You A Poem For Your Birthday

I’m glad we are friends
On this internet thing
Fangirling and boying
Listening to fandoms sing

Anna you’re the greatest
And a really cool cat
This sonnet ain’t serious
So suck on that

Happy Birthday bro
From the Great White North
I hope it’s a good one
Wait what the fuck rhymes with north

Well I fucked that bit up up, but my words are still true
You’re a great friend, and I’m glad to know you

my friend anna and i were emailing and she said she had an outer patrick and an inner pete so i said that my inner was half pete and half joe and then she said that that was possibly the scariest thing she’d ever heard. and then  was telling her about my plans for this stuffed animal thing i’m gonna do with my favorite bands and she said that i was “TRULY INTERNALLY PETE WENTZ” and can we tell pete this so he knows i’m his soulmate.