The Three FitzSimmonses

“Okay, Dad. We’ll see you soon. Goodbye.”

Jemma dropped her phone down on the bed and stared at it for a few long moments. She didn’t know why her parents wanted to see her and Leo, but she had her suspicions and it worried her.

Eventually, she got up and went to find him. She stepped into his bunk and closed the door behind her. What she had to say was strictly private.

“Leo, my parents want to see when we land,” she said. “I think it might be about Lea. What if something’s happened to her? I don’t think I could forgive myself if our baby got hurt.”


This team is composed of remarkable people. They are unique in many different ways. They can do the impossible to possible and make the ordinary from extraordinary.

Biochemist. Engineer. PilotLeader. Specialist. Hacktivist.

These are the 6 amazing members of one spectacular team who are talented and gifted. Not all HEROES are SUPER but they are SUPER in their own ways. Simply #AgentsofSHIELD



I dedicate this to: jemmaelizabethsimmons

 Jemma and her 4 year old son, Ezekiel waited for Fitz in the airport’s lounge. The two patiently sat on the metal chairs and had a little conversation. For sure, Ezekiel is really excited to see his Dad and of course, his new toys (Some were actually made by his father)

“Are you excited to see your Daddy, Ezra?” Jemma asked, pulling her son gently close to her. Ezra wraps his arms around his mother’s waist. “Yes, Mommy.” He said softly. Jemma scanned every gate if ever Fitz was there. But he wasn’t. She only saw some cabin crew walking away with their luggages and trolley bags. The other gate was full of tourists and few cabin crews. Jemma rolled her eyes and took a glimpse of the electronic board, posted adjacent her direction.

Fitz’s plane hasn’t arrived yet. Some flights were delayed and cancelled. Jemma felt stomach in her butterflies and thought Fitz wouldn’t make it. But, she thinks that Fitz is safe no matter what.

“Mommy, don’t worry about Dada.” Ezra said, shifting into a better position. He reached up his mother’s face and gave a kiss. “I love you, Mommy.”

Jemma’s cheeks flushed red. She looked at her son and smiled. “Thank you, Ezra. I love you too, my little monkey.” She also kissed his son and he giggled. Jemma set her eyes once again on the board. Fitz’s plane has arrived.

Ezra observed the other gates. One by one, he looked at the people but he couldn’t spot his father. When a man with curly hair had emerged out of that certain gate, Ezra would not believe on what he just saw. That man came up walking, holding a huge stuffed monkey as he carried a huge bag in his arms. He looked from left to right until he found what he needed to search for. The man looked at him and Ezra had realized, that was his father—Leopold Fitz.

“Dada!” He squealed. Jemma began to feel excitement. She knew Fitz already arrived. Hastily, Ezra got himself out of his mother’s arms and ran to his father who came approaching them. Jemma stood up from her seat and ran after Ezra.

“Dada!” Ezra squeaked, running to him. Fitz scooped him up and gave him a short kiss on his cheek. “There’s my little monkey. Where’s Mommy?” Fitz asked as he placed his bag on the floor and placed the stuffed monkey on top.

“I’m here.”

Fitz looked at the direction where he heard a female voice. A woman stood before him, giving Fitz a sweet smile. Her beauty had struck him, putting his mind in a trance. He looked at her from up to down. Her bronde hair was tied in an updo and each side, a single strand fell upon her face. Her face was angelic. Those hazel eyes were shining like diamonds and her smile was like the rising sun of the sky. Her sense of fashion was really posh. She wore a navy blue trench coat and a pair of black pumps. Fitz realized it was his own wife—Jemma Simmons who stood before him.



 Fitz pulled her into a hug and Ezra was included in his parents’ hug. When they pulled back, Ezra moaned. “Dada, I’m sleepy.” He rested his chin on Fitz’s shoulder and had his arms around his father’s neck.

“Okay, Ezekiel.” Fitz replied in a soothing.

Jemma claimed the stuffed monkey while Fitz carried his bag with his other hand.

“I missed you, engineer.”

“I missed you too, biochemist.”


Harry Potter clips were compiled which makes up the lyrics xD

jemskiesimmons  asked:

All of the symbols, sweetheart. Except the last one since I already saw you personally ^^ :)) <3 *hugs*

Here yah go ^^ :)) Yep, you already saw me personally though xD

‼ - real name? Erianthè Abigayle
✺ - eye color? Chocolate brown
✁ - hair? Mid-length and black (But it appears to be brown under the sun)
☿ - zodiac sign? Leopold Fitz Leo 🐯 ♌
☃ - tall/short? Tall
❅ - any sports? (I’m a sporty girl though) Golf⛳, Archery🎯, Swimming🏊, Bowling🎳, Soccer⚽, Skiing🎿, Baseball⚾,Surfing🏄,Volleyball🎌, a bit of Basketball🏀, Tennis🎾
✈ - hobbies? Travelling around the world, playing the Piano 🎹 and Harp🎵, Painting, Writing, BLOGGING 🐧
❤ - single/taken? Single
ツ - any pets? Minstrel (the horse🐎), Midget (Shih Tzu and Spaniel cross breed🐩)
☂ - favorite season? Summer☀ and Winter❄Soldier (Yes! Snowball fight!)
✐ - fave types of movies? Horror, Sci-Fi, Romantic Comedy, Action, Comedy, Drama, I WANT EVERYTHING MARVEL! <3
❣ - how would it be your ideal date? Watch fireworks in a carnival or a movie marathon *whispers* Plus, Starbucks :)
☣ - phobias?  Nyctophobia (Fear of darkness. Yeah, since I was little, I really was)
☠ - fears? Fear of heights (Acrophobia)
✘ - hates? Bullies, annoying people, backstabbers, people backbiting against me, people who you love compares you from other people :(
° - ever were close to death? Yes, since I was born but luckily, I had my own life. (Thank you, Lord! 💙)👶  
♧ -….. on drugs? What the?! NEVER!
♠ -…..smoked? Smoked air? Yes, air—but not TOBACCO o.O
♦ -…..had alcohol? Yes, whenever there are special occasions ONLY (Novellino wine to be specific but I don’t drink that much)
❥ - sexual orientation- hetero
♚ - favorite eye color? Sky blue and electric blue (Anything BLUE!), hazel
♛ - favorite hair color? Blonde, brown, red (Hahaha! Black Widow!)👠
♪ - music you like? Everything except metal and hard rock
✌ - favorite bands/ singers? Imagine Dragons, the Vamps, My Chem. Romance, Ne-Yo, Demi Lovato and many many more :)
♒ - fave animes? (I’ll include characters) Akira from Special A, Mirmo, Katie and Dylan from Mirmo De Pon, Saya and Haji from Blood Plus
❦-.fave characters? Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz (AOS), Lili and Zafina (Tekken), Elika (Prince of Persia), Peach (Super Mario)
✿ - fave kind of clothing? Semi-formal, Forever 21 dresses :)
ღ - mottos? “Judging a person doesn’t define who they are, it defines WHO YOU ARE!”