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Dazatsu Week 2017- Day Four: Free Day

So I made this for the Dazatsu Week: Sleeping Atsushi with Dazai, and I’m super late T-T but here is my entry anyway.

Oh and a bonus!!


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I kinda hope the cult ending is just an Easter egg and not actually canon caus I like joseph, and the idea of him being this evil cult leader kinda makes me physically sick.

A lot of people are thinking the same thing as you. It looks like there might be a bug preventing you from getting Joseph’s good ending, and I assume that the cult ending is a standalone thing? The cult symbols really do look like ship steering wheels, Robert and Joseph probably just had a rocky past—Rob’s “Johnnyboy” could’ve been Joseph, and they could have matching tattoos—and I highly doubt there’s a room underneath the cul de sac dedicated to blood sacrifices.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the cult ending and overall plot twist, but I’m not a fan of Joseph being a completely undatable sentient garbage can. Hopefully, the good route will be debugged and we’ll have a satisfying ending. With Mary and Joseph getting a divorce, her getting help for her alcoholism, the kids not being effected by the split, and, y'know, Joseph not being a crazy fucking nutjob.

Hey YJ Fandom, you know I love you all but let’s try to keep the discourse at a minimum? We’re all very happy with the Season 3 news! Let’s try to be civil and keep the whole fandom happy!


Shouri was with his home troupe, Gekidan Patch West and also promoting the WE (Watanabe Entertainment) Shop, which sells original bromides of their signed talent, which of course includes Shouri.  He recommends people get the bromide he’s holding: It’s so refreshing, he has to wonder who it actually is.

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I mentioned this yesterday on Twitter, but wanted to say something here as well…

I love the Colin O’Donoghue fandom. The people who are invested in Colin as an actor and as a person, separate from any character or ship. The people who are happy to just see him happy and proud to see him getting recognition.

Such a chill and supportive group simply here to enjoy and appreciate our favorite Irish nerd. It never feels like work, or a competition, with this fandom. And when some drama pops up, it always circles back to spreading positivity and love with and for and to Colin. And I love that.

Colin is such a chill, kind, genuinely unproblematic guy and, for the most part, those out there supporting him as an individual fall into that same category. 

Shout out, Colin fandom, for being epic and awesome. (And shout out to @rollyjogerjones and @captainodonoghue for their similar threads on Twitter!!)

First of all, thank you all for 600 followers! I honestly appreciate y’all so much, being on tumblr these last couple of months in particular has really helped me through some tough times. Y’all should be proud of the kind, beautiful human beings you are. Now that’s out the way, some of my favourite blogs:

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I totally 100% recommend all of these lovely lovely people go check their blogs out!! I hope you all have a lovely day ^-^

No, [Paul] is really picky, actually, funnily enough. He knows the level of care and attention we put into these things. And I’ll tell you what a pleasure it is. He loves that it takes him back to when he actually played it, and when he played it with his friends. Because that’s what [Sgt. Pepper] is — it’s four friends making an album and saying “Screw you” to the world. And he loved the clarity that we got. Because it’s all physical. It’s not programmed. Every noise is someone hitting something, or scraping something.
—  Giles Martin (x)